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Best Tips and Ideas for Your Scrapbooking Hobby

28 September 2021

As you may or may not know by now, scrapbooking is not just about compiling memorabilia from your past and designing it in such a way that brings you even more joy. Scrapbooking is that, but scrapbooking is also a form of communication, especially for those who don’t necessarily communicate the best through words. It’s a form of self-expression, especially among the highly creative and those who have nifty hands in anything crafts.

Scrapbooking actually started as a way that people use to preserve “scraps” that are valuable to them; hence, the name. These scraps were love letters, poems, paper items, tickets, receipts, etc—things that we find people still collect up to today. 

We like to share with you some tips to beautify that scrapbook even more and ideas for the memories you want to document. 

Create a focal point.

1. Create a focal point.

On a page, you’d want someone flipping to stop and notice something striking. You can achieve this by keeping the overall page design simple and only one element, say a photo, stands out.

There are many who believe that less is more when it comes to scrapbooking. Well, you can experiment but the general rule of thumb is to switch it up and have more pages that are simple than screaming loud. 

2. Look at how your photos will go with the scrapbook background of your choice. Change accordingly. 

The background will fill the page and therefore say a lot about the design direction of that page. You should test what would complement your main photo and/or photos to see what will work best with the background. Most often than not, when the photos are loud, it’s better to use a muted background. But when the photos are simple and plain, then you can play with a louder background. It’s all about balance. 

3. Maximize scrapbooking sketches. 

It takes a lot of time to rearrange photos and if you don’t have a decisive mind and have a full schedule ahead of other tasks to do, then scrapbooking sketches are your friends. Use them and follow layouts. 

Write handwritten notes.

4. Write handwritten notes. 

Inject more personality to your scrapbook by writing some personal notes. Maybe you can share your experience at that time and how it made you feel. 

5. Add something of sentimental value. 

We’re assuming that since you love scrapbooking, you are also into collecting small items that hold a sentimental value for you. For example, you collected every bus ticket you bought on your way to school for your Master’s. Or you have a copy of your kid’s first ultrasound. Or a screenshot of the first-ever text message you’ve had with your significant other. There are many things you can add for it to become more personal. 

6. Get creative: use a variety of patterns and shapes and even create your own embellishments. 

Your scrapbook won’t look like anyone else’s and it will save you a lot of money too if you squeeze those creative juices for a pinch of visual inspiration.

Add sketches.

7. Add sketches.

If you are a gifted doodle artist, make the most out of your talent and draw the background of some pages. Play with shadows and crosshatch techniques. If you want to paint and add more color, then by all means do so for more personality and creativity. 

8. Use magazine cutouts. 

For more inspiration and an overall vintage look, cut out striking images from past magazines and use them as a background for your film photos. It will surely look dope! 

9. Vary your titles. 

Don’t always put the text in the same direction or the same font. Make it interesting and play with font styles, sizes, and placement. 

Ideas for Your Next Scrapbook Page 

Mini Memories

Mini Memories

Put everything in miniature size and show a minisculed view of your memory from the past. Say for example you can’t really remember your childhood in vivid detail which makes it your memory of it skewed in some way.

Tiny Envelopes or Small Pockets 

You can also stick tiny envelopes and have little treats inside such as the first time your teacher complimented your work and in another envelope, the movie ticket of the first movie you watched with your significant other. You can also print mini photos of your first dog. 

Displayed Tapes

A style that has been going on in scrapbook pages is when you don’t hide the adhesives you used to stick the photos on a page. Black or silver tape is used as decor to make it look less polished and less intimidating. 

Photo Page

Fill the page with photos, not leaving any sight of the background. It’s sort of your photo album page for the scrapbook you’ve been working on. 

Letter Stamps

Letter Stamps

Another trend in scrapbooking is using letter stamps for quotes, titles, dates, and other important information. Play around with sizes, font styles while making use of letter stamps you may buy in your local bookstore. 

Map Page

Make a travel-themed page and use a map as your background. Put the red pins on the places you’ve been to on the map. Attach plastic pockets and put your memories inside each pocket for that trip and that country. 

Form a Shape

Collate your photos to form a big shape altogether. For example, your photos taken during last Christmas, maybe placed and cut in such a way that it forms a Christmas tree.

Pressed and Dried Flowers

Make your pages pretty and attuned with nature by pressing and drying flowers onto probably a page about summer and its glory days. 

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