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Best Web Tools for Remote Workers

10 June 2021

Remote working is the new normal thanks to the numerous benefits it offers. Not only does remote work reduce the expenses of running an organization, but it also enhances staff motivation, maximizes chances of employee retention, and enhances productivity. There are plenty of benefits for employees working remotely, including freedom, flexibility, a personalized environment, and a more outstanding work/life balance. Besides, remote working saves time on commuting as well as saves on work-related expenses. 

Despite the benefits, remote working comes with its fair share of challenges. From countless distractions, fragmented team communication, and difficulties with time management, working remotely may not be that efficient. Nonetheless, thanks to advances in technology, there are now numerous tools and software to cater to the needs of remote workers in streamlining their work.

As an avid remote worker, you need to have the right tools to plan your schedule, interact with other employees, meet your targets and generally be productive. Here are the best web tools to consider as a remote worker. 

10 Best Web Tools For Remote Workers 

1.Google Drive 

For Cloud Storage and Document Collaboration 

Google Drive needs no introduction. A product of Google LLC, Google Drive facilitates free file creation and sharing or collaboration of several document types, including Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel Spreadsheets. You can also upload any file, including recordings, videos, and images, by organizing them using folders for a particular team or project. 

On Google Drive, you can create a folder structure and arrange files and assets in an easy-to-find format. Besides, you can grant fellow employees access to a particular file and decide what level of access they have, whether it's simply viewing or editing. 

The web-based tool also allows team members to collaborate on a particular document by making real-time changes, chatting with one another, or leaving comments on what they think about a specific section of the document or the entire file. 

What's more, since it's cloud-based, you can access the files from any device, anywhere, anytime. Besides, you can work offline and save changes once you regain your Internet connection. Google Drive offers the gold standard when it comes to cloud storage and team collaboration. It's free, transparent, and secure.  


Web-Based Video Conferencing 

When it comes to quality video conferencing, no tool does it better than Skype. Launched in 2003, Skype is one of the pioneers of video conferencing and has been used by millions to make video calls, share screens and even share documents. The best part about Skype is that it doesn't require users to either sign up or download the entire tool to have access.

Skype supports group video calling for up to 100 people and has a cool feature that allows call reactions. Better still, users can enable live subtitles to better concentrate on the online meetings. For the most part, it's free of charge and compatible across numerous devices. This tool will allow you to keep in touch with your employer or other employees. 


Project Management 

Trello is another excellent web-based tool for remote workers. The tool comes with outstanding features to facilitate better project management. The tool can be used for individual task management or project management for an entire team. 

On Trello, you can create a dashboard that involves projects or tasks related to the project. Each small task in a large project termed a "card" can be labeled with a colored tag and text. By using colors to code tasks, Trello makes it easier to map out tasks based on their urgency or assigned individuals. You can seamlessly assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor the progress of each assigned task via the Activity area. 

Trello also allows you to upload file attachments, integrate third-party apps, invite individuals to join a particular project, add comments and integrate third-party apps. What's more, you can sync your Trello boards and access them from multiple devices, anywhere. 


Team Communication

Remote working requires a reliable team communication tool. Slack is all about team communication facilitating real-time exchange between teams, irrespective of different time zones. The platform allows users to create several channels unique to a particular team. Admins can add new members to the created channels. 

With Slack, you can send instant messages, start video calls or share instant messages. Slack has a smooth learning curve allowing easy installation and onboarding. Besides, the fact that it can integrate with numerous apps and workflows, including sales and support, confers additional benefits. 


Video Conferencing 

Video conferencing has become a crucial aspect of remote working. Zoom is a collection of video conferencing and communication tools designed for remote workers and corporates to host webinars and virtual business conferences. 

Zoom is both affordable and feature-rich. It facilitates messaging among team members, voice/video meetings, one-to-one video/voice calls, and file-sharing during and outside voice or video calls. Zoom also supports in-video chatting allowing individuals to ask questions in real-time without interrupting the speaker as the meeting progresses. Besides, users can share their screen during Zoom meetings with team members to enable them to get a glimpse of your presentation. Zoom is compatible with a wide range of devices allowing users to attend a meeting via a computer, smartphone, or dial-in phone. 


Remote Access & Support 

Have you ever heard of TeamViewer? It's an innovative tool that allows you to access other computers remotely if it has the same tool installed and you're provided with the necessary login details.   

With the numerous challenges involved when doing a screen share session, primarily attributed to the differences in the machine setup, TeamViewer is a better option in remote access. It facilitates fast, high-performance remote connections with global access. It's an all-in-one solution for remote access, remote support, and online meetings, allowing you to collaborate remotely with other team members or assist customers. 

TeamViewer is easy to use and comes in handy wherever and whenever you need to access a computer remotely. It's compatible across several devices, including computers, servers, smartphones, robots, and IoT devices.


Time Management 

Remote working calls for self-discipline and better time management to complete tasks within the assigned time. TimeDoctor is an outstanding time tracking tool that enables you to minimize time wastage while working remotely. 

With TimeDoctor, you start a clock when starting a new task or project. The tool's dashboard then summarizes how many hours you spent on a particular task or which project you spent the most time on. For employers, TimeDoctor allows you to keep track of attendance and see the time remote workers were actively working. The tool also integrates additional features, including reminders, payroll integration, and web usage, to monitor the use of distracting sites. 

With this remote tool, you'll better manage time and become more productive amidst the numerous distractions in the remote working environment.  


Productivity Tool 

Working remotely, especially from home, can be pretty challenging thanks to the numerous distractions ranging from entertainment to family and kids. Serene is a free productivity tool designed for remote workers to enable them to remain productive while working remotely. The tool primarily focuses on enabling remote workers to maximize productivity by concentrating on a single task per day rather than multitasking which has been established to kill productivity.   

The app, whose underlying principle is "Multi-tasking is a myth. Single-tasking is a superpower", features a suite of tools to maximize productivity. It encompasses a website blocker, app blocker, session-free sessions, to-do lists, day planner, focus music, phone silencer, and distraction-free sessions. 

To effectively use the tool, you'll first be asked to state a single goal you'll like to accomplish at the end of the day. The goal will then be broken into multiple tasks or sessions with regular breaks between each session for maximum efficiency.

Serene will block distractions, keeping you focused on individual tasks and enhance productivity in the long run. 


Interactive Whiteboard/Mind Mapping Tool 

When you're working remotely, you'll also need to brainstorm remotely. One way of doing this is using an online whiteboard to imitate the in-office whiteboarding experience. Micro is an intuitive web-based whiteboard platform that facilitates remote brainstorming. 

Micro brings the whole in-office whiteboarding experience at home with excellent features. It allows you to add virtual sticky notes, draw on them, invite teammates, connect work items or invite teammates or other users to discuss on the board. Micro is fantastic on touchscreen making the whiteboard feel more natural and interactive. 


Online Security  

With the growing popularity of remote working, cybercriminals have changed their tactics. They are now targeting remote workers to access the organization's networks to launch their attacks. As such, a VPN is a vital tool for remote workers facilitating secure connections to the internet and conferring other additional benefits. Besides, a VPN can enhance your productivity as a remote worker by increasing internet speed, enabling you to bypass website filters and blocks and facilitate more secure connections.    

NordVPN is a cost-efficient, secure, and widely popular VPN ensuring your remote network connection is always protected. The VPN is easy to set up, compatible with most devices and operating systems, and provides fast and stable connections.

When it comes to remote working, ensuring your connections are secure, especially when using public Wi-Fi, should not be ignored. Always ensure your internet connections are secured by acquiring a VPN of your choice. 


Remote working comes with numerous benefits and challenges to both the employer and the workers. However, with remote tools, remote working becomes as seamless as it sounds. Thanks to the advancement of technology and the growing popularity of remote working, there are now numerous remote tools ranging from cloud storage, online office suites, team chat apps, focus apps, remote desktop software, project management tools, and so much more.

In addition to remote tools, you'll need to choose a suitable desk for remote working. An ergonomic workstation will not only ensure you're productive but also safeguard your well-being. It's therefore crucial that your remote office setup is up to the standard. If you're spoilt for choice, you can consider the Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top -the perfect solution for working remotely. 

The Comhar is a versatile standing desk that will surely boost your productivity by allowing you to change between sitting and standing intermittently. Better still, the desk packs unique features, including programmable height presets convenient USB charging, and a spacious drawer for all your storage needs. This classy standing desk coupled with the remote tools discussed above will surely revamp your remote working experience and make you more productive.