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Clean Your Desk In Three Easy Steps

26 September 2019

You spend most of your waking hours at the office, so it makes sense that your workspace can get intensely cluttered. Between projects, lunch, and free work stuff, it’s only a matter of time until your desk looks like a hoarder situation. We’re not going to tell you to get rid of everything, because that’s not realistic. We are here to help you maintain a sustainable level of cleanliness and individuality at your desk, while making sure people don’t call you the office slob. Below are quick tips on how to organize your workspace in your downtime.

If your desk is untidy and has been for a while, you probably have all sorts of grime and dust on everything. What we recommend you do first is clear your desk off. Don’t worry about organizing or anything like that. Just gather up all your things into a box or a pile on the floor so you can give your desk a thorough wipe down. This gives you a good base to work off of and it’s an easy win to gain cleaning momentum. Make sure to clean up any spills, crumbs, and smudges off of everything including your mouse, keyboard, and monitor. These things quickly gather up dirt from everyday use. Also, if you have any trash like wrappers or a coffee cup you can return to the kitchen, take care of these items now since they will not be returning to your desk. This step may seem a little intimidating since you now have to put everything back, but trust me, it really helps you get perspective on what you have taking up space on your desk.

The next step you should take in your cleaning journey is to take stock of what is in your box or pile of stuff. Have you been collecting too many sticky notes? How many pens do you have out? Do you have too many figurines or bobble heads? Ask yourself, do I need these things, and do I need them right now? Can you consolidate in any way? Make a list of what you need on a daily basis and what isn’t so essential. Doing this will help you cut down on the things that have been overwhelming your desk. It will also help you judge your items in a more objective way.

The last thing you should do is organize your things. Group same with same. If you decided you had excess sticky notes in the above step, maybe get a memo app on your computer so you can recycle the physical ones. As far as pens go, you only need one out at a time, so put the rest away inside your desk or in a cup. And maybe it’s time you take some of your figurines home or donate them to the Good Will if you don’t want them anymore. With any leftover office toys or picture frames, arrange them neatly and out of your way. Stick to three or four pieces of desk flair at the most. Also, think about right angles when your cleaning and organizing your space. A notebook laying vertically on a desk looks a lot neater than one laying on your desk diagonally. If objects are placed with purpose in your space, it will look cleaner and more professional So, straighten your monitor, stack your daily papers together, and breathe a sigh of relief. You’re done!

Now that your desk is cleaned add this to your computer notes. “The most important thing about cleaning is upkeep.” Keeping up with a mess will always be easier to do than a deep clean. If you let clutter get away from you, it can become overwhelming and add to your stress level. So, reference this article when you have a spare moment. Your productivity and mental health will thank you.