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Corns and Calluses Gone as Desk Foot Hammock Says Hi

16 April 2021

Have you ever been to a spa to have a foot massage and foot scrub? Have you noticed the dry skin falling off the floor as the generous esthetician exfoliates your foot? I know where you’re coming from; I had a first-hand experience on it. It was pretty embarrassing sitting on a couch while your feet are soaked on a tub of foot spa solution then having your soles exfoliated for about ten minutes or more depending on the thickness of the calluses on your soles. Most of the time, it’s not just calluses that an esthetician finds on your foot but also foot corns. Most people think that it’s always the esthetician that gets rid of the corns and calluses but for severe cases, a podiatrist is the expert that handles the work. If you have a strong gut to stand watching videos of podiatrists such as this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1SuJp84JOU  ( be reminded that the video contains graphic images so I recommend you to think twice before clicking), you might as well check the severe foot corn

On this blog, we’ll understand the differences of Corns and Calluses; their causes and the treatment that one can undergo with and the how the desk foot hammock could aid individuals ease the soreness and pain they feel on their feet and how this innovation could help decrease the pressure on the feet which leads to the growth of foot corns and calluses


What are Corns?


These are hardened layers of the skin which are found mostly on the sole of the feet. They come in colors like white to pale yellow. If you touched it, the texture is rough and it tends to be hard and bumpy. It’s round and it hurts as it touches the sole of the feet. They grow in different sides of your toes. They usually grow on the sides of the toes, below the toenail bed and your feet.


The Cause of Foot Corns


Friction is created when the shoes and feet are snugged together for a long time and as you may have noticed, the prolong time of standing also cause the weight to be on your feet, causing more friction thus the growth of foot corn takes place.


The Worst Case of Foot Corns


Following the video link mentioned above, foot corns really grow massively to a point that it affects the tissue on the affected areas. As a result, deep-seeded foot corns develop which would cost a patient an arm and a leg at a podiatrist’s clinic. These foot corns become really hard that simple scraping could not easily remove it. Bleeding also happens when one grows foot corns. On the other hand, you could still avoid visiting a podiatrist for a severe scraping should you decide to switch to some alternatives which will be tackled in this article too.




How to Prevent Foot Corns


One of the recommended ways is to wear shoes that perfectly fit your feet. Make sure as well that you trim the nails as long nails could affect your toes and lead to the growth of foot corns.


The next one that we’re going to tackle down are the calluses. There are moments when we touch the soles of our feet, we feel the rough-like ridges which is also a mass of dry skin. It makes our feet less attractive because of how it looks like. Hence, let’s talk about calluses.


Callus is:


-          flaky

-          wax-like thing underneath the skin

-          usually larger than corns

-          mostly found under the soles of the feet; when you see someone having white and rough dry skin on the feet; it is callus.


Callus could also make:


-          you develop a hammertoe ( a deformity on the foot that grows under the toe)

-          you develop bunions ( the bony bump mostly on the area of the toes)


Doctors recommend the use of proper shoes so the growth of calluses and foot corns can be avoided. They also say that wearing socks especially when in sandals or closed shoes could lessen the friction between the soles of the feet and shoes. But on this last part of the blog, we will also focus on an innovative product that can help one prevent the growth of calluses and foot corns on his feet. This product, when used would help the sole, toes, and sides of the feet breathe easily during the rest time. Letting the feet rest in a comfortable position could help a person relax hence the lesser friction it could get. Plus, our feet deserve a rest as it may increase the blood flow from the sole to the legs. This product could also support the thighs and calves which are the main body parts that are strained when too much pressure on the feet is put on. So let’s take a look at Protable Under Desk Foot Hammock FH01 of Flexispot. A product that you can hang under the desk or table and can also adjust the level which really suits your height. This can elevate your feet and help the blood circulate properly from the legs to the thighs; helping you avoid muscle cramps and the sharp and dull pain we experience after sitting for a long time. With this product as well, your back muscles and your thighs could be supported well, stretching your torso and relaxing the lumbar; slouching could be avoided as well. Imagine having the comfort and safety of during your busy hours. It will help you focus  more on the work and wouldn’t worry that once you stand up, you’ll be suffering from a sudden jolt which usually starts around the feet up to the waist and back, and you’ll even feel a little taller and more fit with Flexispot’s Protable Under Desk Foot Hammock FH01. Installing it as well is not a problem because it’s like just tying the usual hammock around a post. This would be a very effective prevention against the growth of dry skin, calluses, and corn. So the next you will visit the spa, you don’t have to worry of getting embarrassed at all.