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Design an Awesome eSports Room at Home

19 March 2024

Whether gaming is your favorite hobby or your career, you can quickly turn it into an eSports and gaming room if you have an unoccupied space in your house. This will help bring life into your gaming experience and allow the entire family to enjoy gaming. When designed the right way, the gaming room will become the entertainment hub of your house.

The process can be pretty challenging and confusing when designing your room into an eSports and gaming room. Luckily, you don't need an interior designer to do it for you; you just need to know the right tips to transform the space into an interactive and exciting gaming room.

In this guide, we have compiled all the information regarding the process and tips you must remember when designing your gaming room.

What Are the Essential Items for an eSports Room?

So, let's start with the basics. If you are building your eSports room from scratch, you should know about the items you will need to create it. The most basic of these items is your game console, computer, PC, or both. Besides this, you will need furniture to make the space comfortable.

You will need a sturdy gaming desk to place the monitor on. Moreover, a gaming chair from FlexiSpot is essential since it provides armrests and back support. Since you will be spending hours playing eSports, you should have a dedicated chair to help make the experience comfortable. You can start setting up your eSports room when you have all of these essential items.

How to Design an Awesome eSports Room

Whether you use a PC game console or your computer to play eSports, it is essential to design a room that makes the gaming experience exciting and comfortable. After all, you will be spending hours there. Here are some vital tips to remember when setting up the ideal gaming and eSports room in your home:

Consider the Room Size

When setting up your eSports room, you must consider the size of the room first. If a room is too big and spacious, it will feel empty once you set it up. Contrastingly, if it is too small, then everything will look cramped.

The perfect size of the room thus depends on your desk and chair sizes. Whatever size the room may be, it should simply be comfortable for you. Hence, you must choose a room that accommodates your essential items without being too cramped.

Choose the Perfect Lighting

Lighting is another essential consideration when setting up your eSports room since it makes all the difference. They can make or break the experience and personality of the room. You don't need to add general light fixtures in the room; instead, go for task lighting and ambient lighting in specific areas of the room.

For example, you can use LED lights, lava lamps, or even disco lights to illuminate the area. These will help set the right atmosphere as well.

Get a Gaming Chair from FlexiSpot

The gaming chair is perhaps an essential item that will make your eSports gaming experience comfortable and fun. You should consider getting it from FlexiSpot since it is designed to enhance and facilitate the gaming experience.

This chair has an adjustable backrest and comfortable armrests. Moreover, the ergonomic design helps support the back, neck, and arms, so you can play for hours without causing any strain on them.

Opt for a Tall Gaming Desk

Aside from the gaming chair from FlexiSpot, you will need to have a tall desk to keep your monitor or TV screen on. Depending on the size of your room and gaming needs, you should consider whether you need a tall or long gaming desk. A tall desk can offer storage possibilities, while a wide desk will give you more space to keep your accessories.

You should get a gaming desk with built-in cabinets because it can help you store things and reduce clutter. L-shaped desks are also increasingly popular amongst gamers since they provide more room for multiple screens and accessories to enhance their gaming experience. Before buying a gaming desk, you should measure the area in your room first and then get a desk that will fit in that space.

Invest in a Good Sound System

Speakers can considerably enhance the gaming experience and give life to your game, which is why it is recommended that you invest in an excellent sound system. Such a system is helpful for games, and you can play music on it too when you are lounging in the game room with friends.

You should determine whether wireless or wired speakers suit your needs. Wireless systems are convenient, but they might not be as powerful as wired speakers. Most individuals also get headphones, but we recommend getting both to make the most out of your eSports gaming experience.

Soundproof Your Game Room

With such a powerful sound system in your eSports gaming room, you will need to soundproof your room unless you don't mind the sounds blasting out of your room. Hence, you should consider soundproofing it. This is especially true if you plan to crank up the volume while playing games to enhance the experience.

If you have the budget, you should consider soundproofing your gaming room. It will also improve the acoustics of the sounds. Moreover, it will help you play peacefully without disturbing your family members and neighbors. There are various ways to soundproof your room inexpensively as well.

For example, you can seal any gaps and add acoustic foams to the walls. Additionally, you can add bottom draft stoppers and seal the doors and windows with soundproofing curtains and blankets.

Get Blackout Curtains

The last things you want when gaming are distractions and disturbances. This is why you should consider getting blackout curtains for the windows when designing your eSports room. This is especially true if you spend your days playing games.

These will also prevent glare on your screen, which can often lead to eye strain and headaches. They are quite common when you are playing for hours in the daylight, which is why it is essential to get the windows covered with curtains.

Opt for a Display Unit for Your Collectibles

If you love playing games, you probably also have a collection of them. If you are a collector, why not show off your best possessions on a display unit in your eSports room? This would indeed be a worthwhile investment.

If you don't have such a display unit, your accessories, games, comic books, and other items will just be thrown everywhere, accumulating clutter and making your room messy. They should have a special room where they are perfectly displayed for everyone to see. This will help reduce clutter and make your room cleaner and tidier.

Get LED Strip Lighting

If you plan to add blackout curtains, you have the option of illuminating the room with colorful colors through LED strip lighting. Most eSports gaming rooms have such lighting, which is why it is an essential design tip. These can transform your room and amp up the excitement while playing games. Not to mention, you can also change the mood and atmosphere by adjusting the brightness and colors of the LED strip lighting.

Therefore, bring life to your eSports gaming room by adding strips of LED lights on the ceiling, under the gaming desk, and on the walls.

Don't Forget Accessories

Lastly, don't forget to get accessories for your eSports gaming room. These tiny bits and knick-knacks might seem small but are essential for your room. For example, a mouse pad, webcam, and headphones. You will need a webcam if you play interactive games or stream yourself while playing.

Moreover, even if you have a sound system and speakers installed, most of the time, headphones are still essential. You should consider getting headphones with a built-in microphone if you play interactive games, team up, and communicate with other players. Additionally, other accessories that you can incorporate if your budget allows you are hexagonal lights, art pieces for the wall, and awesome toys for the space.

You can slowly build your design room with the help of these things, and they will definitely enhance your gaming experience and improve the appearance of your room.

Final Words

No matter the kind of games you play, if you create a dedicated room that houses all of your gaming essentials and allows you to comfortably play, you can take your gaming experience to the next level!

Consider getting the gaming chair from FlexiSpot since it is designed to keep the needs and comfort of gamers. You can easily adjust the backrest according to your needs and play with comfort and ease. Moreover, if you work from home, you can also use this chair for office work.