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Desk Bikes for Adrenaline Junkies

01 June 2021

The Adrenaline Junkies:

They love actions; running, mountain climbing, and paragliding. Name it and one adrenaline junky would not say no to these adventures. If you are looking for one of these activities, then chances are you are a certified adrenaline junky. However, the reset of 2020 has changed everyone's plans. Every person was forced to stay inside and every adventure seeker was confined inside the four walls of their dwellings. 2020 was a down year for our action seekers. Their spaces were limited and the chance of sweating a lot was gone for a year because everyone was ordered to stay home. Things have shifted this year though. The lockdowns were already lifted as well as some travel bans. Everyone is excited to travel again. However, some adrenaline junkies could not still travel and enjoy their big plans. 

Most of these people experience a sedentary lifestyle now. As a result, they experience health problems such as: 

● obesity

● joint pain

● spine-related problems

This is a growing problem in the US. A lot of office workers are travelers and adventurers. Hence, they might have been greatly affected by the pandemic. As a result, most of them are experiencing changes in their system including body pain and the ailments mentioned above. Hence, as a solution, there are ergonomic products from Flexispot that could help them maintain a healthy lifestyle despite the limited travel and movement that they could do these days. The products that we will discuss in the next part of our discussion are the desk bikes. Desk bikes are the best companions of adrenaline junkies whose lifestyle was altered during the pandemic; from a very active to a sedentary one. Thus, let us talk about how we could make sure that we are choosing the right product. In this part, you will be guided as a reader on: 

What an Ideal Desk Bike is like:

The following are the features of a good desk bike. These characteristics could help one outgoing person choose so he could maintain a healthy lifestyle amidst the limited space now that he has. 

● An ideal desk bike should be

sturdy and could carry weight as heavy as 300lbs. This is because a desk bike could serve as an office chair too. The purpose of the desk bike is to make the worker cycle quietly while working on his paper without disturbing others. This is to help him keep an active time in the office. In a traditional setting, workers could not work out too much because of numerous tasks in the office but with a desk bike, he could enjoy his exercise time as he cycles his at work.

● An ideal desk bike should have

A user-friendly pneumatic adjustment level that would help the user move his seat up without much force but instead with a gentle press. 

● It should support and strengthen the core of the person:

Ideally, a good desk bike could support the person's core cycling on it and working at the same time. This could help him avoid spine strain and leg pain while being busy doing his report.

Now that we already know what an ideal desk bike is, let us talk about the next part of our topic that would focus on the three desk bikes offered by Flexispot. These desk bikes could help an adrenaline junkie maintain a beautiful and healthy physique even at the comfort of his home or office. The following desk bike products from Flexispot are: 

● Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

● Home office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9

● Under Desk Bike V9U 

So, let us know each of these desk bike products that our adventurers could choose from. The first desk bike product is the:

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

● This fitness chair is known for having a breathable mesh. This lets the air flow freely the pressure and compression that take place when one sits on it. 

● It also has a supportive seat cushion that would protect a person from having leg cramps and pain when cycling on the fitness chair. 

● The product dimension of this fitness chair too is 33.6" in length x 20.3" in width x -46.3" in height. Given the ideal dimension, one could say that using this fitness chair is ideal and could make his time cycling with enjoyment. 

● This product has a weight capacity of 220lbs. So anyone who wants to stay fit and in shape could enjoy his time at this fitness chair. 

● Due to its height-adjustability, this product could also be used by our young adventurers who like to use this kind of chair. 

● Using this fitness chair could also help you burn the calories that you take. So if you'd taken 2 cupcakes, would just take you 100 minutes to cycle so you could burn the calories away. 

● This fitness chair has an air spring system that helps one to adjust the height that he desires when using this product. 

Now, after talking about this fitness chair, let us have the second example of a desk bike that adventurers could enjoy using too which is the:

Home office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9

● This product is also known as the Desk Bike V9 could be used in two ways. These are: 

■ with a desktop 

■ without a desktop 

● It comes in two colors:

■ white 

■ black 

● The height-adjustable seat range of this product is from 29.6" to 37.2". this could be ideal for tall people too.

● Speaking of height, this product fits people whose heights range from 5'1 to 6'2.

● This product has a magnetic resistance level of up to level 8. This is ideal because it could let the person control the speed of his cycling. 

Looking at these features, one adrenaline junkie could appreciate this product because it would help him control his level of cycling and would not be difficult for him to adjust because of the lever that this product has; pressing and adjusting this product is as easy as 123. 

Now, for the last part of our topic, we will discuss a desk bike. This one is considered the best standing desk mate. This is what we call: 

Under Desk Bike V9U

● This desk bike is known for its good mobility. 

● This desk bike could be paired with Flexispot's standing desk. 

● Its seat height adjustable range is 29.6"- 37.2" (75.2cm-94.2).

● Its weight capacity is up to 300lbs. This makes it an ideal product for tall people and individuals who have large-framed bodies. 

Final Thoughts:

Keeping our bodies in shape is a challenge but making it active could be easier with Flexispot's desk bike so with this guideline an adrenaline junky could still enjoy an active lifestyle despite

the limitations and travel restrictions.