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Divine Beauty: FlexiSpot’s Most Beautiful Standing Desks

04 June 2021

Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder but it would never stop FlexiSpot from creating beautiful ergonomic standing desks that are worth shelling out your money. Having a beautiful workstation in your home and even office can inspire you to work harder on your daily tasks -- while keeping your back and joints pain-free.

Vici Duplex Standing Desk

FlexiSpot's innovative dual-zone height-adjustable standing desk allows customers to convert between one-tier and two-tier desktop configurations, giving them more options.

The desk offers more uninterrupted desk space in single-tier mode, making it easier to use for projects that demand a bigger area, such as arts and crafts, writing, and so on.

The back of the desk may be raised up in two-tier mode, allowing for more ergonomic monitor arrangements for more comfortable laptop or office work. Photographs, plant species, journals, and other desktop items look fantastic on the second raised shelf.

You can also work from home if you have children. While fulfilling the diverse height requirements of parents and children, studying and working along with a family desk can enhance the quality of parent-child time and nurture children's independence and equality.

This desk was purchased for my spouse. He's been experiencing back and hip problems since he began working from home. Our chiropractor recommended that we invest in a standing desk because they are more beneficial to your health.

The two-tier desk promotes proper standing posture. The first tier is at hand and arm level, while the second is at eye level.

The engine generates. It's straightforward to go from sitting to standing and vice versa.

What's more, this workstation is also visually appealing. It's large enough to accommodate many monitors without feeling as if it's taking over the room.

We love it overall, and my spouse feels ten times better! - Brandon B.

Solid construction; the legs are substantial and secure the unit in place when used with several monitors. I intended to install rolling file cabinets beneath it but discovered that the raising/lowering mechanisms stick down too much, bringing the drawer cabinet closer to the desk's center (making chair use awkward). Motor dangles 6 "4' inside from the right leg, from the underside of the desk. The motor operates smoothly and without jerks. Only 11 horsepower is required to power the lifting mechanism's transfer motor "from the front of the desk, which means that if you're wanting to add an under-desk keyboard tray, your options will be severely limited. They have a few adhesive cable holders, but I found that I required more, particularly if you have many displays and speakers. If your computer tower is not particularly huge, consider installing an under-desk CPU holder to avoid the need for lengthy monitor cords. Laptops equipped with a docking station are optimal.

Had one issue with installation; the threaded holes for the leg on one side were messed up, preventing the bolts from being inserted. Fortunately, I had a 1/4 NF28 tap on hand and was able to rethread the holes and go back to work. If you're going to store anything under the desk, make sure you're ok with the minimum height you'll end up with; it's not a major concern, but I should have planned further ahead. Having said that, the desk is strong and lives up to its description. - KC

Glad that I can work while my child doodles on the other side of the desk. I just tell her to be quiet when I have a meeting. I adore this desk! - April P.

Esben Standing Desk UD5

Esben has a clean, minimalist look that allows you to look at the bigger picture. The unique design lifts your spirits and energizes you for the task at hand. This wonderfully crafted centerpiece will elegantly connect your home office together. Combines a secretary's desk's charming hutch appearance with the healthy aesthetics of a sit-stand desk. 4 roomy hutch sections for storage write tabs, office equipment, and more well arranged. A multipurpose desktop is suitable for more than just work; it's also great for puzzles, sewing, scrapbooking, and playing board games.

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top - 48" W

The Comhar is ideal for many users to save their favorite height configuration in a family or work share scenario, thanks to its four programmable height presets. With a single press of a button, you may simply and gracefully go from sitting to standing. Three convenient Charger ports (2x USB Type-A, 1x USB Type-C) are incorporated in the desk for extensive electrical device compatibility, saving you the mess and stress of tangled cords in your under-desk area and keeping your devices charged throughout the day. For your home office materials, a handy pull-out drawer incorporated in the desk delivers great integrated storage space. The sleek design blends in seamlessly with the rest of the building while keeping your possessions hidden and organized!

I had the opportunity to use this workstation in the near future. I've had this desk for a few weeks and it's fantastic! The great aspect was how simple it was to put together. Most other desks in this price range require a lengthy, time-consuming installation with difficult-to-understand instructions. That is not the case with this one! In terms of features, I particularly like the adjustable height presets and the built-in USB charging. The drawer is also really elegant and practical, which is a wonderful touch! Overall, a fantastic desk at an excellent price, which I would highly suggest. - Aron

I was blown away by how simple it was to put this desk together. With the tools given, it takes 5-10 minutes to put together. Because the desk is hefty, an extra pair of hands may be required to lift it.

This desk has a lot of features that I like: four preset heights that you can customize, a digital screen that shows the current height in inches, USB, and a child lock.

This desk has a sleek, clean look to it and is large enough to accommodate three monitor screens. It's a plus that there's a drawer! It doesn't sit flush, and the left side caves in slightly, so it's not perfectly straight, but the flaw is minor. Overall, this is a desk that I would suggest! - Tiffany C.

The Fed Ex driver placed the box in front of our outward swinging security door, keeping it from being opened, thank goodness there wasn't an emergency. Despite the fact that the box was in poor condition, the goods were well packaged; everything was protected and secured inside the box, and there was no damage. The directions were straightforward and simple to follow, which made assembly a breeze. It took me around 10 minutes to put this together on my own. Simply fasten the feet to the bottom and connect the tabletop to the base...plug it in and you're done! When raising or lowering the tabletop, the motor is quite quiet. - Dennis B.

Beauty may be in the beholder’s eyes but you cannot deny the fact that these desks are all beautiful additions to any home. Aside from an aesthetic table, your spine and joint health are also guaranteed to be far from home thanks to the ergonomic qualities of these desks.