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DIY Standing Desks: Considerations and Ideas

02 June 2021

Standing desks allow you to elevate your computer to a height that allows you to stand while working. This relieves back and neck pain, increases productivity, and a few studies have linked standing to increased calorie burn. Standing desks can be pretty expensive, costing up to $6,000 for top-tier, adjustable models. Even if you consider everything that goes into transferring from your usual workstation, there's no assurance you'll enjoy standing, especially all day.

Even if all standing desks follow the same basic concept – allowing employees to work while standing – there are three different versions to consider when purchasing one for yourself:

● Standing desks that have a fixed height that cannot be adjusted

● Adjustable sit-stand desks can be set to either sitting or standing height

● Standing desk converters: adjustable desk units that can be placed on top of an existing desk or surface to transform it into a standing desk

There are a myriad of reasons to tackle a project on your own, but most do-it-yourselfers will build their standing desk solutions to save money. However, some alternatives will end up costing significantly more than options that you can purchase. If you want to create a standing desk or a height-adjustable desk, for example, you can use custom colors and materials and set a specific height of the desk surface or add a personalized finishing. You will also have an edge if your office or home capacity cannot accommodate a certain size of the product.


You must take a few primary factors into account before getting into the DIY standing desks project. The quality of your DIY desk will further improve, so you need a little time before beginning the project to think about these aspects.


The first thing to remember about a DIY standing desk is that it's intended for people on a tight budget. Buying a standing desk converter is an easy way of getting a DIY standing desk.

If you want to build your own standing desk, it will cost you more than buying a basic standing desk converter. The chief factor for this is that you will need to purchase many supplies to make your DIY standing desk. So, if you want to save money, another option for having a standing desk is to use a standing desk converter.

Height Adjustability

Switching from sitting to standing and back is critical when taking into consideration self-built standing desk projects. While creating a standing work area is the main objective, most people cannot stand for long periods. If you fall into this category, you should create a table that allows you to shift between states. Transitioning from sitting to standing also provides extra movement variability, which is vital for standing.


Keep in mind that expert standing desk makers devote a significant amount of time and resources to developing ergonomic standing desks. They understand how to improve a standing desk user's experience. With their standing desks, it's organic to provide better comfort and ergonomics, resulting in an ideal posture. This is why you must understand the various ergonomics factors that are associated with DIY standing desk creation. If you believe you can live without an ergonomic standing or sitting desk, disregard this component and proceed to the next. It all depends on what type of DIY desk you have and how well it allows you to maintain proper posture while working or playing games on your computer. When used adequately, standing desks, in general, improve overall posture.

Desk Height

You should be aware of the ideal desk height for your standing desk creation, and you should be able to generate a plethora of ideas without difficulty. Your personal preferences and job requirements will determine the height. Make sure you're up to date on workplace ergonomics.


A standing desk is an excellent way to get your work done while staying healthy. These designs will show you how to make a DIY standing desk in just an afternoon. There are numerous designs available here, ranging from transforming the existing furniture to creating an entirely new piece. If you're unsure if you're up for the challenge, check out FlexiSpot for both standing desks and standing desk converters according to your budget, as well as other ergonomic products.

Cardboard box

The concept is simple enough that anyone, regardless of DIY skill level, could use it. This sit-stand converter requires only a couple of cardboard boxes to raise your sitting workspace to standing height. Simply find a box that is large and tall enough for you to work comfortably on. But, as you are aware, cardboard is not a long-lasting material, and the stability of this DIY standing desk is open to question. However, one way to improve it is to include something inside the box to make it heavier and more stable. People also purchase sit-stand converters and standing desks because of their attractive designs. Unless you do some creative finishing, a box will not please anyone's eye.


While a dresser may not appear to be a suitable standing desk, depending on the dresser's height with your height, it can work quite well. Consider your ergonomic typing height and installed boards to elevate the desk surface. This solution may not work if you are short and have a taller dresser or tall and have a shorter dresser. If you have a dresser, it's worth thinking about if you're on a limited budget and want to stand while working.

Buy a standing desk frame

Purchasing a standing desk frame and assembling your desk is an acceptable compromise. You get the advantages of electric adjustment, memory settings, and stability, as well as the possibility of saving money when building or sourcing your tabletop surface. This method also allows you to size the tabletop to fit the space. Making the tabletop yourself consumes most of the cost savings, even when using a cheap wood like pine. If you already have a desktop surface or can find an inexpensive way to get one, this is one of the least costly full-standing desk remedies we've seen.

Tall desk with height-adjustable chair such as drafting chair or stool

When you pair a drafting chair with a tall fixed-height desk, you can simply hop on and off your chair whenever you need to sit or stand. This is one of the best do-it-yourself solutions available, particularly for those with elevated desktop surfaces such as a kitchen island or dresser. This solution has fewer disadvantages than a height-adjustable standing desk or standing desk converter. 

Add height to your existing desk

If you have a way to raise your desk, this can be an excellent way to experiment with standing. This isn't the most elegant solution, but it works and doesn't take up as much desk space as other solutions that sit on top of your desk.

Existing desk modification

Make some changes to a standard desk to turn it into a stand-up desk. The legs are increased so that the top can be elevated to make standing comfier. While those changes are being made, you can add a shelf to provide a place for a printer or office supplies.


If you want to consider making a standing desk without creating anything, this is a great option. You can remove the top shelves to make room for a laptop and workspace.


If you want to boost the height of your existing desk, you can use books to make table frames. You won't have to spend a lot on expensive options, and you can save money by making stable legs for your standing desk out of large books.

Ironing board

If you don't have enough money to buy a converter or materials for your DIY standing desk, you can make do with an ironing board. One advantage of using an ironing board as a standing desk is that you can quickly adjust the height to your liking. You can be imaginative with your ironing board and use it to cover up the desk surface while working on your laptop or monitor. An ironing board is also made to withstand a lot of pressure, so you won't have to worry about damaging your expensive items. Because it folds up, this solution may be helpful if you are short on space.

Wall-mounted surface

If you do not want your standing desk to take up any floor space, you can opt for a wall-mounted stand-up desk. You can easily fold it up and enjoy the extra space. This is a do-it-yourself space-saving solution for people who live in cramped quarters or areas.

If you simply want to save yourself the hassle, go straight to FlexiSpot and get yourself a guaranteed ergonomic standing desk now!