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Does fitness really improve your workday?

06 December 2021

When it comes to working, we all want to do our best. We want to achieve it all, do it all, and make sure that we make a lasting impression enough to climb the corporate ladder. We all want to make more money and get more benefits as well. Doing so of course can take years and years, as well as being a top performer in your industry. Work is in its namesake; it takes work to make sure you reach those career goals that you set for yourself.

One tactic that many people overlook when helping their career path is making sure they are physically and mentally healthy. How you feel can dramatically affect how you work. If you are feeling tired, your work will suffer as you will be a bit slower than what you are capable of. Say you may end up being stressed and not able to focus on your work. This also could be something that your body is trying to tell you. Getting enough sleep and eating better is for sure something that will help but working out and getting exercise will be something that will overall increase your physical/mental health.

Taking time to exercise

Taking time to exercise either before or in the middle of work is a great way for you to improve your life while you work. You most likely will want to work out in the mornings, as that will be the best way to start your day. After a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast, working out will be a nice start to your day. Some people like to do a brief workout in the mornings by doing cardio or lifting weights, while others like their morning workout to be the main workout for the day. Either way, starting your day with a solid 30–45 minute workout can benefit you in many ways.

One of the biggest benefits of working out before your work is the way it will give you energy for the day, as well as help pump up your mental focus. Most people take the morning to drink coffee in order to get their extra boost of energy but working out can do so much more for you. Working out ends up giving you so much more energy than a couple of cups of coffee. Coffee gives you just a momentary boost of energy that needs to be refilled multiple times a day. With working out, you will actually have enough energy to tackle anything during your day.

Your morning workout will not only boost your energy but will provide you with the much-needed multiple focus for you to do your best at work. Mental focus is key when it comes to being successful in your job and even in life. Mental focus does wonders for you no matter what you do. If you are able to focus more, you are able to put your best effort into showing what you are fully capable of.

overall mental focus

Another great benefit of working out before work is the physical health aspects it will have on you. Being more physically healthy not only helps contribute to your overall mental focus but also helps your body stay pristine while you work. Increasing your physical health will help with your circulation, blood pressure, and heart health. If you are at your best with feeling great and being able to provide your best self to your work, as well as in life you will be able to outshine your goals to their fullest potential.

There are times that people may want to do a light workout in the morning, and maybe a light workout on their lunch break. Doing this is helpful because you are adding an extra health boost throughout your day. While doing one great workout in the morning is helpful, splitting it up through the day can help you focus more. This really depends on what works best for you. The goal is to make sure that you are doing what is best for you towards being healthier and feeling better.

Now with doing a light workout in the morning, you will get a bit of an extra boost, take on your day and when your energy starts to get low you can set up a time during your lunch break to finish out the second part of your workout. This extra boost of energy in the middle of the day could also give you a bit of second wind for you to get the extra edge on your work. Whatever way you do this, it is going to improve the way you feel at work and throughout the week.

Working out before work

Combing fitness in your life with the effort you put into your work can change a lot of things for you in the long run. Over time you will feel a sense of relief with work and the stress it might bring, as opposed to dread. Working out before work or splitting up your workouts as mentioned earlier will continue to build healthy benefits more and more as you continue this path.

Most people think that fitness on its own is great but when you use the benefits towards improving your work life. Work can be hard as it is but if you have the right tools to make the best of it you can really see a difference. One of the biggest benefits of working out and being more physically active is the effect it will have on your mental health. There are times your mental health can take a hit at work or slowly dwindle over time. This is even more true while you work.

So, keep in mind that doing this will not only improve your life outside of work but greatly improve how you feel at work. No one wants to feel burnt out on anything they do. Keep your head held high and know that you have what it takes to improve how you feel.