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Does Height Matter?

03 June 2021

Sally, my neighbor has a big family. She’s married with two kids, one is a teenager, Molly and her youngest is James, an elementary school student. Sally, just like her husband Tom, is working from home. She has her own workstation inside their bedroom near the window, so she could focus more on her work. The window is huge enough to let the air pass through the window so that she can feel the fresh air as it permeates the white curtains on the window. She thought it was a perfect work area for her. Her husband, who is the tallest in the family, likes to work at night but not in the bedroom.

Tom thought that the library is an excellent area to do his office work because it is quite spacious and everything that he needs is also within reach and it is a quiet place. The only thing he had to do is to redesign the room to make it more conducive to working. Everything must be rearranged, some pieces of furniture to be moved out from the room and to have the room painted with his favorite color, sea blue. 

Sally’s family had moved into their new home last month so there are still things to do such as sprucing up, more arrangement of furniture, with the old ones needing to be disposed of and to be replaced with new ones. Even the floor carpets need to be replaced with something more appropriate for the living room to complement the color scheme of the entire living area.

The kids wanted to have their own study desk in their own bedrooms, so Tom decided to seek advice on the ideal study desk for Molly as a teenager and for James, the youngest in the family. They also wanted to have their favorite colors for their study desks and wanted to have bigger desks to accommodate their books and other school needs to be within their reach.

I talked to Sally over the phone giving her some unsolicited advice on where to check on the different home office furniture they needed which I also gathered from my research and from my own readings about redecorating home and transforming an area in the home for a home office setting. These are the things I advised her regarding their goal of changing the atmosphere of their new home according to their wants and needs.

● Plan ahead and list down the changes you want to do with any part of your home. In doing so, you will be able to zero in on the most important changes that must be given

priority for the present need. Will it be the pieces of furniture that should be changed or the color and other decorations that must be given more emphasis?

● Having identified that change that must be done, the cost of the changes must be determined based on the inventory of the needed carpet, pieces of furniture, etc. An inventory can help to be able to know the entire cost of the redecorating plan.

● The immediate need must also be identified. If the working area is the top priority to be created and designed, there must also be a list of the home office furniture that possibly be purchased along with the study desks of the children.

● The need and functionality of the furniture must also be considered together with the cost that will go with purchasing the target pieces of furniture. Practicality could help with the cost but functionality and durability must not suffer

● Allot time to check on the prices, to review, and to visit some websites that could help in getting the best furniture or things needed for re-decoration or transformation of any part of the home is also relevant and important

I also suggested Sally to check on FlexiSpot’s website because it is one company that is leading in manufacturing ergonomic home office furniture in the world. I was able to convince her to check it out and finally, she was amazed at the different products that the company sells with the outstanding features of each product with full functionality.

Since Sally and Tom inherited two old classic desks that are still workable and sturdy for a workstation, they are planning to buy the ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters M3B/M3W - 47" for their own use. They love the smart features of this desk converter such as:

● Fits most people's height, that is, it accommodates the user’s height up to 6’1” tall. And placing the ClassicRiser on a 31'' high desk will accommodate users up to 6'5'' tall.

● It has space-saving vertical adjustments that also offers greater stabilization when lifting and lowering it

● With this wonderful product, you can change your posture from sitting to standing which helps to prevent sedentary moments and poor posture. The ergonomic design lets the user work freely without worrying about neck or back pains.

● It can easily be set up and complements your table wherever you want to install or place it at home or even in the company office.

● It is more economical and saves more money than you do not always have to buy a new desk or table to work on

Tom and Sally were very pleased with the remarkable features of the desk converter and they are planning to buy one for Tom’s workspace while Sally agreed to share Tom’s home office when she needs to stand or sit during work. And is happy that his height will never be a problem with the desk converter and everyone for that matter could use it, even their children. However, Molly and James have their own preferences for a study desk. They also want to have a study desk from FlexiSpot. They also have their own choices for a study desk and wished their dad would buy them from this company/ Well, Tom and Sally are still contemplating on buying study desks for their children, but they also agreed that their choice for a study desk from FlexiSpot is the smartest choice they have.