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Effective Cable Management and Equipment Care in the Office

31 May 2021

Now that most workers are going back to the office after a year in quarantine, it would be another adjustment to make. Usually, in preparation for this, we check our equipment and cables so that work would go by seamlessly. It would be really inconvenient to have a machine completely break down, or a printer jammed with paper or a computer out of commission.

It may also be a cable you badly needed to connect machines to be frayed and useless. This is especially true when the work is important and needs to be done as soon as possible. That is why we need to take care of office equipment so that it will last and won't cause inconvenience when we need it most.

Printer and paper care

In order to keep your office printer from jamming, it's a good idea not to overload its tray with paper. Put only half of what is currently needed by the office. Also, you might want to make sure that the paper used was not ever exposed to moisture. That said, the paper used in the office must be kept in a cool, dry environment away from food and drinks. It's also recommended not to use cheap paper. Why? Because it produces dust and a lot more fibers. 

Make sure to lubricate

The next thing is to make sure that the machines are fully lubricated. Similar to one's knees, office machines have parts that grind together while it is working. This could also produce heat and friction inside the machine which could cause it to be out of commission until repaired by a professional. 

That is why machines must be fully lubricated as recommended by the manufacturer. You may opt to check the user's manual online or on the hard copy given when you purchased it, to check for the amount of lubrication your machine needs. This is also one of the needed things to be checked during scheduled maintenance of equipment.

Be wary of machine placement

Also, there are machines that are sensitive to light and heat. These machines then should not be put directly under the sunlight or near things that emit heat, for example, the refrigerator near a break room. 

This would also help to prevent the spillage of liquid on the office machine. That's why it is important to put certain office equipment in the right position or stored away properly. This would also guarantee to increase its usable life.

Fix problems and clean messes quickly

If there are paper jams, it is important to do something about it in a timely manner for copiers and printers. Also if there is any problem with it like spillage of ink or the like, it is best to have it repaired or cleaned up well. That way, we could nip a potentially bigger problem that could arise at the bud. 

This is also important because an inconvenience like this would put disruption to the flow and time that the volume of work could have been finished. Make sure to also check if there are small pieces of paper fibers that could pose a problem in the future.

Care to avoid repair

Some repairs could be potentially avoided with proper and good maintenance of the office machines. This would include checking the machine for any signs of wear and tear. There are times when only parts of a machine need to be replaced and not the entire equipment. Your company can really save some company expense that way apart from regular checking of the machine and maintenance. The repairs, expenses, and schedule of mandatory machine checking should be kept in a record. That way, there is a point of reference as to when the next maintenance is or what kind of expense the company can foresee in its future. If this is done at a regular interval, you can be sure that it can keep being used in the office and help with the efficiency and productivity at work. 

Additionally, proper maintenance could be holistic if the standard maintenance procedure is followed. These are the step-by-step procedures usually found in the owner's manual to ensure the maintenance is correct or performed in a way that would be adverse for the equipment. 

Usually, maintenance of equipment or computers is done by the IT department, but it's also a good idea to be knowledgeable about it. That would cut down the waiting time for the IT to come to one's aid and also would be good if they are not readily available.

The next important thing is that at times we neglect the maintenance and care for computer or equipment cables. This is something most people don't even think about but would really keep the stress away and avoid fire or accidental tripping. There are a lot of ways that we could manage the messy cables in the office. One is the use of a cable raceway, which is a tunnel-like product where cables can be kept near a flat surface. 

We can also use cable ties or fabric cord covers to keep unnecessarily long cables in its place. There are also cable trays and wire ducts which are very useful. On an individual workstation, there are also desks that come with cable management ports which is more convenient.

Fortunately in Flexispot, there is a product that can also help you keep the mess of cables off the floor and off your desk. With the Cable Management Tray CMP502 that comes in either black or white, you will avoid the stress of a messy desk and keep all your computer cables in a single place. If you have pets or children, this is a great product to have. So they can stay safe and play safely even under your desk.

 It is non-flammable and controls electric shock in your workspace. This would make your workstation safe and conducive to efficiency. It is very easy to install. Just mount it into your desk and screw it in place to assemble. Lastly, it is built to last so you save money in the long run and benefit for even longer.