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22 Game-changing Employees Perks in 2022

26 January 2022

You need to understand that your workers are the most valued assets in your company. After all, a company or firm cannot exist without its employees.

Apart from the salaries, there are various ways you can explore to make your employees more productive and engaging.

However, you can only get the desired result when you understand what and how to do (it) per time.

Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition

This is a direct shot to skyrocket the productivity of your employees. Who doesn't want to be recognized or commended for a job well done?

A thank-you can make a huge difference in your day. It has the magical potential to accomplish something truly incredible - make you happier.

That's a perfect employee perk there!

It's like a bridge that connects you to your employees. Though you're far from them, they can feel your presence.

Personalized Bucket-list Experiences

Employees no longer see wages as their primary agenda for working.

They want something deeper and more intimate - companies that genuinely care, value, and appreciate them at large.

You see, that little investment in your employees is a huge investment in yourself.

Care and Appreciation

All you need do is let them see the genuineness of your appreciation.

Send them a simple DIY greeting card on their birthdays, wedding anniversary with their partners, or promotion at work.

Is any of your employees on the sickbed? Show that you care by sending him a bouquet with a quick recovery note.

Home Office Budget

Home Office Budget

You can introduce a budget to mitigate the time and financial investments involved in building a home office from scratch. That's a relieving perk!

You can help them secure high-quality and comfy ergonomic office chairs, standing desks, gadgets, and other office supplies that suit them most.

Creating a budget to supplement purchases of monitor mounts will also go a long way for a more uniform and clearer view of all the monitors in the home office.

Employee Discounts and Rewards

Employees want more than just a fat income; they want to work for organizations that give them the freedom to live the way that suits them.

That tells you how vital the perks discussed here are to your company's growth.

For a more personal effect, you can design award catalogs for your employees, keep track of their achievements, and offer plaques and trophies in recognition of those feats.

Wellness Program

Your healthcare is our top priority at flexispot.

You can invest in the wellness program of your employees by getting them fitness chairs and bikes that'll give them the most thrilling work experience.

Healthcare Insurance

An impeccable feeling comes with the assurance that you and your loved ones are covered in the case of a serious accident or illness.

You can save your employees from the financial crisis by introducing healthcare insurance.

Office Perks

Office Perks

It would help if you made sure that the office is designed to your taste - a loving place to be - and that's where we introduce some top office perks.

You know, it would be cool when your office exudes a vibe that resonates with your personality.

If you're a fan of the game, you can walk through our catalog for various gaming chairs to support your back posture while sitting for long hours.

It'll also give you a highly productive stay at work. After all, investing in your wellness is bound to bring nearly triple return while working.

Your employees will also appreciate that there are gourmet-quality, healthy food choices they love.

Vacation or Paid Time Off

Time is man's most valuable gift.

So it's not a bad idea for your employees to have some time to themselves.

Give them time to be free from the hustles and bustles of work.

Give them time to relax, go on vacation to tourist centers of their dream, sipping a glass of cappuccino as they appreciate the beauty of nature.

Meanwhile, there's also paid time off!

You'll be paid for relaxing and exploring the world during your free time.

This new perspective may even lead to new market opportunities and creative ideas.

Performance Bonus

We earlier said that salaries are not the primary agenda behind many of our employees working today, but that's not to trivialize the place of monetary incentives.

It remains very important, and there's a potent employee perk here too.

All you need to do is appeal to the psychology of your employees by linking monetary rewards with the emotions that spur them to work harder.

They know that there's a load of monetary rewards waiting for them. It's a simple but powerful approach.

Paid Sick Days

This is a very potent perk.

It allows the employees to reclaim their most important treasure – time – while demonstrating value and care.

An advantage of this is that your office is healthy and immune during cold and flu season.

Retirement Plan, 401(K) Plan or Pension

Retirement Plan, 401(K) Plan or Pension

Many employees find it pretty difficult to start financial planning by saving up during their years of service. To them, it's a mystery.

It's only when their employers spur them in making financial plans for the future that they can take the final leap.

Retirement plans like 401(k)s are simple and convenient ways to accomplish this.

If you're an employer and you're wondering how to do this, we've got you covered.

You need to help them save more by introducing subsidies on their savings and finding economical ways to give rewards.

Employee Development Plans

Just as we have the idea of "tour of duty" in the military, employment has gone beyond using the workers and "discarding" them once grey hair starts setting in.

As an employer, you need to fashion out a way to build a mutually beneficial rapport, and that's another perfect employee perk.

This means that the company will take responsibility for interested employees' professional and personal development during their years of service.

Flexible Work Arrangement (WFH)

When your employee knows that you run a flexible schedule where he can conveniently balance his professional and personal life without one affecting the other, he's bound to give his best.

They know that they aren't required to put their careers on hold to focus on their personal life, and vice versa.

This is more valuable to them than gold - than the paycheck could ever be.

Discounted Access to Company's Products and Services

Discounted Access to Company's Products and Services

Depending on what the company produces, discounted access should be available to employees on its products or services, which is an exciting perk for employees.

This led to the idea of "dogfooding" - that a company rest assured of the quality of its product should be “eat its dog food."

That solo practice can make your employees have a deeper sense of inclusion in the company's running, and that comes with the result of higher productivity.

Gym Membership

Imagine yourself working 8-10 hours per day at your cubicle. You're physically and mentally worn out.

You have a fitness team, but your tight schedules don't allow you because you'll be too tired when you get home, and the cycle continues the next day.

What's the way out?

Your employer can introduce daily or weekly voluntary exercise activities during work hours, which signals that he cares about your overall wellbeing.

You can keep your immune system strong and highly resistant with our fitness equipment.

Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition costs have experienced a sharp surge since the last decade, which calls for urgent attention.

The magic here is that you'll be saved from both the real and opportunity costs.

As an employee, you can work while enrolled in a school; and that saves you the tuition fees and the alternative costs of being unemployed.

Childcare Assistance

Many families in the US have two parents working, which shows how essential childcare is with hundreds of thousands of workers.

Having a childcare assistance program introduced for your employees will be so relieving, and it'll have a reactionary effect of making them more productive.

Stock, Stock Options, or Equity

Stock, Stock Options, or Equity

Your employees will have a deep sense of control and ownership in the company's running and success.

It also helps strengthen the emotional cord that binds the employees to their jobs, which is important for any productive workforce.

You're simply telling them that they're also an integral part of the company that you can't do without.

Commuter Assistance

Employees spend way too much time commuting to work.

Naturally, an employee will choose a job with lower pay but with a short commute over one with a long commute and higher pay.

If an employer introduces a commuter aid for his workforce, it'll go a long way to relieve them of physical and mental stress. That's like a magnet that attracts and manages employees.

Diversity Program

An employer needs to be more intentional to ensure cultural fit. You need to put a square peg in a square hole while recruiting, and how do you do that?

You have to evaluate prospective employees based on their skillset or versatility and how perfectly they fit into the company.

Though it takes time to cultivate a culture of diversity and inclusion, the resulting harmony and productivity will be well worth the effort. Could you give it a trial today?

Paid Parental Leave

In this 21st century, our professionals tend to feel like they have to choose between an exhausting career and a loving family life.

Having noticed this, some companies have created programs that allow the coexistence of career and family.

You can now inject paid parental leave, extended maternity, and paternity leave into your workforce.

With that, your employees will be less mentally and physically drained, more focused on work, and aggressively productive.

Employees Happy

Cheers to Making Your Employees Happy

The labor market is very dynamic. It evolves every minute.

Therefore, you need an all-knowing hand that'll give you the step-by-step guide on how to maintain a long-term relationship with your employees, and that's what this article just gave you.

Follow the guide and see the magic at work as your employees go ballistic while working.