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Ergonomic Solutions as a WFH Lifesaver

19 April 2021

When talking about a work-from-home setup, different reactions can be derived from it. Some workers endure a love-hate relationship to this kind of setup. Why do they react that way? That may come from the fact that most workers at home do not have a basic grasp and understanding of ergonomics. 

They simply get a chair or try to work on the floor and at the kitchen table. You might have missed the simpler times back in the office and those comfy recliner chairs. Once you change your mindset and take a different approach to your home office then it might help you maximize the benefits of a work-from-home setup. Remember that a healthy workplace is a positive work environment. 

When you incorporate ergonomics, health and safety concerns would lessen. A non-ergonomic environment may cause various health issues. Carpal tunnel syndrome, sore back, tendonitis, and chronic cold and flu (due to lowered immunity) may come as a result of inadequate or non-existent workplace ergonomic processes.

To counter those, it is necessary to have a good work area that considers all those ergonomic features. Confused about how to set up a workstation that is tailored to your needs? Check out FlexiSpot's line of workplace essentials and see what you can add to your current workstation. 

The Role of Ergonomics in the Work Environment 

The proper arrangement between the job role or function and the worker is called ergonomics. It involves looking at things like the work climate, physical environment, psychosocial environment, and technology in the workplace.

Poor ergonomics is a significant contributor to both acute and chronic occupational injuries. Back strain caused by poor lifting technique is an example of an acute injury due to inadequately applied ergonomics.

Conducting an ergonomic risk assessment will help organizations understand and review the work systems and designs present in their workspace, as well as to understand if they are complying with the current legislation in this area.

Why Ergonomics is Needed in Your WFH Setup

The absence of workplace ergonomics can lead to a greater risk for exposure to various health risk factors. You may experience back pains, neck pains, overall soreness, and poor body posture. If you leave them unnoticed or you just let the pain pass, you are in for a more serious threat. 

When you continue on the non-ergonomic work setting train, you are causing greater damage to your body. These can leave an impact on your nervous and muscular systems. Those you thought of as simple pains can result in injuries such as muscle strains, back injuries, tendinitis, and rotator cuff injuries. These are just some of the dangerous health issues you can encounter if you keep doing your usual routine.  Instilling ergonomics can do wonders for your experience. 

What are the Advantages of Ergonomics?

1. An ergonomic setup can make you more productive

2. It can increase your savings and lessen injuries

3. You do not have to worry about health risks

4. You get to do the job in a more satisfactory manner

5. You enjoy and feel comfortable working at home

Many individuals are customizing their "workstation" because many of us are working at home right now (and maybe we're not expecting it). For some, that means sitting behind a desk, and for others, it means repurposing the kitchen table or sitting on the sofa during work hours.

We have some tips for setting up an ergonomic workspace at home. Although it is ideal to be able to purchase the necessary equipment, this is not a requirement. We have included some DIY work-from-home ergonomic hacks that you can use with items you probably already have at home.

Ergonomics is known as involving the design and arrangement of objects that people use to communicate as effectively and safely as possible. Working “efficiently and safely” is easier with an ergonomically configured workspace. You will be able to concentrate more on your job if you safeguard your body from injury (or chronic pain), which will make you a more productive and effective worker.

How to Transform Your Work Area into an Ergonomic Workspace

It will take some effort on your part to set up an ergonomically correct workspace at home. You probably have access to or may order, a variety of things at work to assist you in achieving the most ergonomic setup. If this part confuses you, head on to FlexiSpot's website and see what products you can buy from them to make your workstation better. 

Things to Consider When Setting Up Your Workstation at Home

  • Choose a Right Desk 

Setting up a home office is simpler when you use a real desk. Many people, though, are using a "desk" due to the peculiar existence of many work-at-home conditions right now. Make sure your desk is not causing you any issues with your stance. 

Your desk should be able to accommodate your elbows, feet, and thighs comfortably. You should not have to squeeze your legs together to fit in, and your knees should not rub against something. If you cannot comfortably fit under the desk, try a different "desk" before you find the best fit.

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series of FlexiSpot might be the one you are looking for. There are other options for desks and chairs on their website. Explore them now!

  • Get a Computer Set

Laptops are a powerful processing choice due to their portability. Laptops, on the other hand, may not be very comfortable to use. The biggest issue with a laptop is that the screen and keyboard are connected, making true ergonomic keyboard and screen positioning difficult.

Although working on a laptop for a short time is acceptable, doing so for longer periods (such as the entire workday) is not. When working on a laptop, there are certain things you can do to change the ergonomics. Even if you have a desktop computer with a detachable keyboard, mouse, and display, you must still position it correctly to avoid injury.

The placement of your computer monitor, even if you are on your laptop, can be made ergonomic through FlexiSpot's MonitorStand Workstation. Try this product and maybe that can solve the discomfort and make your monitor level within the proper range. You should be able to see the display from at least an arm's length away. You will not have to shift your head from left to right because you will be able to see the whole screen at once.


Ergonomics seeks to change work conditions and workspaces to reduce the risk of injury or damage. As technology advances, so does the need to ensure that the tools we use for work, rest, and play are built to meet the needs of our bodies.