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FlexiSpot and IKEA: Which Brand Offers the Best Set of Standing Desks?

07 April 2023

It goes without saying that a completely or partially sedentary office life takes its toll on the health of office workers across the world. Other than battling different varieties of body pain, chances are excellent that you become obese as a result of excessive sitting all day.

However, you can win this battle and live a healthier life when you opt for the best height-adjustable standing desks built by Flexispot. On that note, this article will walk you through a comparison of Flexispot's products and IKEA's products and the two most reliable and popular brands in the ergonomic space - Flexispot and IKEA.

All the peculiarities and unique attributes of Flexispot's height-adjustable standing desk and three IKEA standing desks will be fully addressed to further help you understand the extent to which Flexispot has gone to give you premium value. Let's go!

Highly Functional IKEA Standing Desks

Headquartered in Sweden, ROL ERGO AB has been in the business of building ergonomic office products since 1985 and has further brought IKEA desks into the limelight.

IKEA standing desks are designed to ensure that you live healthily by improving and supporting the full stretch of your legs, boosting your blood flow, and getting rid of stiffness around your lower and upper back region.

Rodulf Sit-Stand Desk By IKEA

Priced at $459.00, the rectangular-shaped Rodulf Sit/Stand Desk is one of the best IKEA electric standing desks that a modern workstation should have. It brightens your mood and keeps you refreshed and fully energized both physically and mentally.

All you have to do is switch your sitting position to standing or vice versa using the button. And apart from this, the desk has an incredible 10-year warranty. This shows that the manufacturing company is convinced of its longevity and top-notch qualities.

You can also choose to electronically adjust the tabletop's height from 27½" to 46" to give you a friendlier posture. Even if you're a fan of decluttered workspace, you can trust the cable management net under the table top to do the magic for you.

To avoid sustaining any dents or scratches, the tabletop is made of acrylic paint, and fiberboard coupled with honeycomb paper filling, particle, and plastic edging. Furthermore, you can easily wipe the desk clean using a clean fabric or mild soapy water.

The Rodulf standing desk is available in a white frame and rectangular desktop and it has undergone a series of tests. It has been certified by different experts to have met the requirements for stability and durability, so your safety is guaranteed while using this masterpiece.

BEKANT Sit-Stand Desk By IKEA

Originally priced at $629.00 for the whole setup and $490.00 for the frame, the BEKANT Sit/Stand Desk is specially made to withstand years of rigorous use without sustaining any crack.

The Oval-shaped BEKANT Desk is not only a reliable IKEA electric standing desk because of its smooth surface that can outlast all forms of office work but also due to its unique cable management system that keeps your cord in one piece.

The surface is made of melamine foil, plastic edging, and particleboard, so it is stain resistant, highly durable, and simple to tidy up. It also works perfectly for tall folks since you get to electronically change its height from 25 ¾" to 49¼".

Meanwhile, the desktop is made of particleboard while it also gives you 154 lbs loading capacity.

The legs of the desk are made of polyester powder coating, aluminum, and epoxy. This means that you can easily move it across the room without causing dents or scratches on the floor. It is also whisper-free, so you can move it without disturbing other folks around you.

The cable management unit is made of stainless steel and 100% polyester. However, you have to regularly check the desk to ensure that all the fastenings are well tightened and, if need be, retighten the loosed ones.

IDÅSEN Sit-Stand Desk by IKEA

Designed by Jon Karlsson, the IDÀSEN Sit/Stand Desk is priced at $799.00 and its frame is available in both black and gray. Its surface is made of veneer not only to improve its usability and friendliness but also to make it more durable, stain resistant, and easier to clean.

The oval-shaped desk has a 10-year warranty policy plus a loading capacity of 154 lbs. Depending on your height and preferences, you can easily change the height of this height-adjustable standing desk between 24½ inches and 50 inches.

So how do you do that? You can use the handle to give yourself a perfect position for both standing and sitting.

The desktop is made of fiberboard and with a dimension of 63"×31½". You can also change its height setting between 24¾" and 50". So, there's no doubt that you are in for a treat!

Flexispot Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7)

Do you know that Pro Plus Standing Desk E7 has been pronounced safe and healthy for office and home uses? Among other certifications, BIFMA has endorsed Pro Plus E7 to be perfect and danger-free for your workplace and home office uses. Well, this feat wouldn't have been achieved without the desk's maximum ability and capacities.

The icing on the cake here's that the pre-sets are quite easy to program and you can install the entire setup without a helping hand. So why not level up your productivity by investing in our Pro Plus E7 today?

Even when your office gadgets, stationeries, and other accessories are unequally distributed on the tabletop, there's no cause for alarm because the desk's stability and sturdiness are second-to-none. In other words, it cannot wobble or collapse even when you're executing different tasks at a time.

When raised to the highest level, that's when the sit-stand desk becomes 100% stable and strong. You can also pair the desk with a keyboard tray as this function also offers you full control of your workstation.

The Pro Plus Standing Desk is tall but if you're taller than 6'4", we will advise that you get a monitor stand to make the setup comfier for you.

Now, let's talk about its capacities. The Pro Plus Standing Desk E7 has a weight load of 355 lbs. Apart from monitors, the E7 Desk is also built to accommodate other devices such as printers and dual speakers.

The Pro Plus E7 also supports a clutter-free workplace and can fit in workplaces or home offices with limited floor space in the room. And if you're looking for a standing desk that'll perfectly accommodate the entire family, the height range of the desk from 4'2" to 6'4" has you covered!

With $469.99 and its free shipping policy, you should go for the Flexispot Pro Plus E7 today!


This article gives an honest review that will help you make a sound investment concerning IKEA and Flexispot products. Therefore, you have all the important yardsticks at your disposal.

Practically speaking, it is no gainsaying that Flexispot standing desks is far more reliable and durable than any other brand. In terms of desktop dimensions, weight capacity, maximum load, and minimal noise level, the Flexispot desks effortlessly outrank other brands.

There's also a guarantee that you won't experience stability issues while using Flexispot desks because they are widely known and acknowledged for their rock-solid and sturdy construction.