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Best-Selling Standing Desk Converters from Flexispot

30 June 2021

You have heard all about the benefits of standing desks and felt that you need one. However, the price tag can be too steep for someone who is on a budget. Fret not, dear reader, because FlexiSpot has got your back, literally, with the Standing Desk Converters that can turn any regular table into one that your health can benefit from.

AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters M7MB - 35"

Spread out on an additional desktop with plenty of room for your computer monitor, documents, and desk supplies. Flexible setup choices, such as a 17-inch laptop or a full-sized keyboard and mouse, are also accommodated by a laptop cutout atop an enlarged keyboard tray. With the adaptable step-less height adjustment, you can set the desk to the exact height for you. It's also easy and convenient to lift with just one arm, especially for people with back, arm, or wrist problems, thanks to the single handle instead of two. While comparable risers extend outward when raised, taking up room and increasing the risk of tipping forward, FlexiSpot risers raise and lower vertically, saving space and providing better stability. We recognize that by purchasing FlexiSpot, you'll be making it a big part of your professional life, and we'd like to repay the favor. That's why our desks have been put through over 6,000 lift/lower cycles and come with a free 3-year guarantee and round-the-clock assistance. We've got you covered!

“This is fantastic! I had been suffering from lower back pain as a result of spending 8 hours a day in front of a computer at work, and I just needed to give it a shot. My doctor advised this desk converter to help me with my back discomfort. With its varied height adjustment options, it definitely helps to relieve my pain. I don't have to stress about my work for the rest of the day anymore. It is quite strong and large enough to accommodate a large monitor as well as a laptop. Additionally, the raising and lowering of the bed are quite smooth. It appeals to me greatly.” - Johnny D.

“My hopes for the FLEXISPOT were exceeded. On the lower level, I have a wireless mouse and keyboard. On the upper level, I have my laptop and a 20" flat screen monitor, giving me the most flexibility: monitor, PC just, and expanded view utilizing the laptop and monitor combined. It takes very little effort to raise and lower the desk riser. The monitor is at eye level when the riser is lowered and I am sitting, reducing eye strain. Furthermore, it is practically ready to use right out of the box. Standing desks are an underappreciated office tool. I prefer to exercise early in the mornings, and nothing is worse than sitting for 8-10 hours after a strenuous leg workout. I had a medical concern as well since I was experiencing numbness in my toes. Coming from a family of diabetics, I assumed that despite my healthy lifestyle, my family history had caught up with me. But, once again, it was sitting that was to blame. As we become more accustomed to working from home, I believe that everyone should consider purchasing a standing desk. Obviously, sitting in traffic is unhealthy, but there were times when we commuted to work when we did get up and move around to break up the boredom. The kitchen is only a few steps away from home, and the bathroom is possibly even closer.” - Miles E.

“I highly recommend you get this desk for the following reasons...

1) The instructions were very clear and it only took me about 10 minutes to set up the desk riser

2)The packaging was very neat and nice! Everything was wrapped perfectly and it was really easy to take it out all the parts and assemble everything

3) It doesn't scratch your desk at all and is very sturdy. I have a glass desk and it was very easy to set up the desk riser on top of it

4) 4) The desk riser allows you to work while sitting and standing, which I find quite useful at work and school.

It is well worth the money, and I strongly advise you to purchase it.” - Kerby B.

Aesthetic Sit-Stand Workstation M6 30"

The workstation was designed by leading US designers with flexibility and simplicity in mind, as well as a sleek, modern look that blends into any workstation. Cutouts for holding containers make it simple to arrange pencils and other desk essentials. Our extended (11.2") keyboard tray accommodates workstations with more versatile layout options, such as a 17-inch laptop. A gas spring hovering mechanism and a sophisticated "X" structural design enable adaptable stepless up-down adjustment.

Users up to 5'11" height can use the sit-stand workstation if it is placed on a 28" high desk. It can accommodate people up to 6'3" tall if placed on a 31" high desk. With the pleasant viewing angles provided by this sit-stand workstation and quick-click monitor mount combo, your productivity will soar. The F2 stand accommodates 17" to 30" screens weighing up to 15.4 lbs, while the F5 stand accommodates 17" to 30" screens weighing up to 11 lbs.

“I'd experienced a number of other adjustable desk risers over the years, but they never seemed to be "right enough for me." The desk converter is incredibly robust and good-looking for the money I paid for it. This has undoubtedly been the best for me, thanks to its incredibly quiet motors that keep the desk riser incredibly stable when in motion. My job doesn't allow me to leave my desk very often, so I'm trapped sitting at my desk for hours with my espresso and water right by me. However, because of the desk riser's superior stability when going from standing to sitting, I can quickly transition from standing to sitting without spilling my drinks all over the desk. Because I can work better when I take frequent breaks from standing to sitting and back, this wonderful desk riser allows me to be more efficient in my job. It's been quite beneficial.” - Jake N.

“When you lift this workstation up, it seems really light. I only wanted to make that point clear for people who prefer different brands. With this one, you can't go wrong!” - Jem T.

You do not need to throw away a perfectly good desk with the standing desk converter! So head on to FlexiSpot and look for the best deals that we can offer that will fit your budget.