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Flexispot Standing Desks are Ideal for Engineers

16 July 2021

Being an engineer is no easy feat. If you are an engineering student, we can only imagine the hardships that you must be going through just to finish your projects. While any desk might suffice for you, why not invest in an ergonomic solution that would save you more money and save your health as you reach your goals? Luckily, FlexiSpot is always here for you with our array of ergonomic standing desks that can keep up with all of your engineering needs!

Height Adjustable Drafting Table Ed1B

Drawing blueprints for extended periods of time is exhausting and can quickly sap your creativity. Using our electric adjustable drafting table ED18, you can stay motivated and invigorated as you write, sketch, or design. It's been engineered specifically to handle all of your huge sketching and coloring jobs while allowing you to transition from sitting and standing in a snap of a finger.

“Assembling this was quite straightforward. It is a wood veneer that has been laminated over compacted timber. It was executed flawlessly, with no bumps. It is quite adaptable. It appears to be quite robust. The level can be simply altered with the assistance of a companion. In general, I adore the appearance of this workstation in my art area! It is unquestionably a must-have for creative types!” - Ally P.

Vici Quick Assembling Standing Desk

FlexiSpot E9 is delivered in a single container and boasts a revolutionary speedy style that allows effortless delivery. You do not need to waste countless hours just to get this great desk installed. Insert the elevating pillars into the factory-installed horizontal beam and secure the legs, and you're ready to use it!

“I split a workstation with my hubby. With our differences in height, an adaptable desk is a necessity. I appreciate how beautifully packaged everything was. It was a breeze to assemble thanks to the clear directions. Most importantly, altering the desk height is straightforward as well. This desk is fantastic! High-quality construction, ease of assembly, and a stunning minimalist look. This has always been the ideal complement to my home office while I am working remotely. Additionally, I can save the elevation we desire for the next session. Indeed, the quality is quite high. In general, I adore it and highly suggest it.”

“It's of excellent quality, and the ability to choose preferred heights is quite convenient, especially if you share your office with another person! I was initially working at our dining table, but after a few days, my shoulders and back began to suffer, and I knew I needed to shift somewhere ergonomic! This desk is quite useful because it can be adjusted to fit any seat and is ideal for standing. I just received my desk and I really adore it! I was apprehensive when it arrived because of the package being so large, but it wound up being quite simple to assemble. It feels quite snug, and I appreciate the upright option. I occasionally work 12-hour days, and having to sit for that long was destroying me, so this seemed like a health saver. For the performance of the goods, I believe the price is well justified. It works quite well, and I adore the amount of desk space. In general, a fantastic investment!” - Luke L.

“When you spend the entire day sitting, it's quite simple to become distracted and exhausted. Utilizing a standing desk and the ability to move about has significantly aided in my ability to stay engaged and motivated. Who would have guessed that standing would generate such a significant effect?

This workstation features three memory settings for rapid adjustment. Perhaps one of my personal favorites is the "A" button, which activates a timer to remind you to rise when a specified length of time has passed. This is very beneficial for me because I am prone to being avaricious and sitting for far too long while typing. The alert helps me maintain my composure.

In general, I'd really commend this workstation; it's a wonderful purchase, particularly for those of you who work remotely. It's critical to maintain movement, and this assists you in doing so. Additionally, assembly was quite simple, in my opinion; just be sure to have a drill available.” Nick S.

Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk - 55" W

This ergonomic standing desk might seem like it is only meant for gaming but you can also use this for your engineering needs! The basic desk legs guarantees a swift and silent movement as you decide to stand or sit down as you game and work.

“This desk's height adjustability is incredible! It adapts nicely and assists me in maintaining appropriate posture, as I game and sit for extended periods of time. I adore the overall style of the desk. This was something I appreciate since a sleek and black style could never go bad! My former workstation was too low for me; however, this one was ideal! You should give it a try to determine the distinction. It is perfectly robust and discreet with each motion.” - Blake H.

“I blew all of my extra money on this and I am so glad that I did! I'm experiencing fewer bodily aches now that I can stand and sit whilst playing. My respiration is not harmed because I am extracting more air from my chest now that I have improved my posture. I'm not sure if that's the primary reason, but I adore this desk! I'm not feeling nearly as awful! Now, I'm winning far more tournaments as a result of my enhanced attention.” Jessie C.

“The style is just elegant for a gaming desk. Now that I'm standing for work, my blood flows appropriately. My consecutive wins have been ablaze as a result of how much healthier my legs felt. With this, I have the sensation and appearance of being at an office. This fundamentally altered the scenario for me. When I stand, I am able to complete numerous activities more quickly. A fantastically comfortable workstation.” - Clark J.

Finding the best ergonomic standing desks that can keep up with your work and studies should not be that hard. That is why FlexiSpot strives to create standing desks that would make you healthier and happier the more that you use it.