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Flexispot: Supporting the Mental Health Behind Ergonomics

10 June 2021

Mental health and awareness for it have been on the rise for the last few years. 20 years ago if you mentioned that you had a problem with your mental health you would get stares, maybe even judgment. You would get the “stop being sad and just be happier” statements from those in your life. 

Now, everywhere you go whether it is work or someplace fun is built to support people with mental health issues and afflictions. People feel more comfortable coming out of the shadows and sharing how they truly feel. More people than you think are affected by their mental illness each day. Per SingleCare.com, over 970 million people worldwide are affected by mental illness since 2018. 

We all have suffered from mental illness in some way. Whether it is depression, anxiety, or even worrying someone doesn’t like you, mental illness has been at one time happened in our lives. 

Some people don’t pay much attention to their mental health. They tend to ignore it or focus on other things but the reality is the less you pay attention to your mental health needs, the more you are at risk of it affecting your physical health. 

Not many of us even know all the mental health issues that have been discovered and people suffer through. Per the SingleCare.com article, some of these mental health issues include:

  • Anxiety: This disorder is often characterized by constant worry, fear, and also stress that can interfere with you daily.
  • Depression: This is most commonly know as a “persistent low mood”. It tends to also include harsh sadness and thoughts that can potentially scare you mentally.
  • PTSD: This is one of the most harsh and consistent afflictions of mental health disorders. This particular disorder is caused by an extreme and traumatic event that continues to cause mental anguish throughout their lives.

One place that people experience their mental health issues the most is at the workplace. Working can be hard enough as it is, but when something triggers you it is very hard to focus on the task at hand. Mental health issues tend to be always creeping around the corner, waiting to strike. 

They affect us without warning and most of the time without mercy. Many companies have started to be more understanding when it comes to their employee’s mental health. Some companies are even encouraging their employees to take time off for a “Mental Health Day''. Days, where you can take your mind off, unwind and focus on what makes you happy, is a great way to add more productivity to your job when you are there. 

Your mental health and workplace environment should blend naturally.

A lot of companies are also finding ways to improve their employee’s mental health while at work. Employers are providing free mental health resources to enjoy on your break or even ways to contact online therapists while at work to help with stress levels.

One thing that some of the smarter companies are doing is looking at the office furniture they provide. Many studies have shown that ergonomic office desks and chairs provide amazing benefits to the people that use them. One of the best benefits of this is how ergonomics can increase a positive change to your mental health. 

Ergonomics has been proven to increase your mental and physical health while you work. 

With so many retailers out there it is hard to know what one to go with. One of the best ones to go with is FlexiSpot. 

Its mission is to provide ergonomic office items to all workplaces in the world. They strive to continue to share the benefits of ergonomic items and the amazing benefits it holds. They believe that there is always a healthier way to work than the standard office environment. They are passionate about transforming the standard and conventional workspace into a more active environment. 

FlexiSpot continues to build products that support wellness and productivity. Their devoted commitment to wellness at work drives the designs of every office item they produce. 

Every day at FlexiSpot their design team is imagining, designing, and bringing to life revolutionary ergonomic solutions that have helped people lead a healthier and more productive life while they work. FlexiSpot’s research and development team is built with forward-thinking engineers who use the latest ergonomic technology to turn their ideas into viable products that make productivity healthier in your office or home office workstations. 

Some of their best and popular products are their ergonomic office standing desks and ergonomic chairs. One great way to help your mental health is simply by updating your regular office desk to an ergonomic standing desk. The Kana Bamboo Standing Desk is a very popular choice for most first-time ergonomic standing desk buyers and even their seasoned customers. This desk offers so many great things and has some truly fantastic benefits. Some of the features include:

  • A choice between a rectangle or curved desktop
  • Sizes ranging from 48” X24” to a larger size of 60” X30” 
  • An automatic keyboard used for adjusting the height of your standing desk
  • A desktop made from true environment-friendly bamboo sourced from sustainable forests. 
  • Easy to assemble frame and desktop to help you get started enjoying your ergonomic standing desk faster. 

Another amazing thing about this desk is that in addition to the rectangle or curved bamboo desktop, you also can choose to have a distinctive curve-shaped desktop on their exclusive oval-shaped legs. This stylish design is sure to help you create a blissful home office or workplace environment.

Whether you work from home or work in the office, you should be striving to create a work environment that both improves your mental focus and mental health. How we feel at work is just as important as how we feel at home. 

Many people tend to forget that or don’t feel it is important, but it is. We should all feel comfortable and safe at work. This is again a big reason why companies feel that they shouldn’t overlook an employee who is in emotional stress. 

We all want what is best for ourselves, we just sometimes forget that or forget to look within ourselves when we are dealing with our mental health issues. Having support from places like your employer or even a company willing to guide you such as FlexiSpot will make you feel better knowing they are in your corner. Having someone who is an advocate for your mental health speaks volumes about them wanting to help you. 

FlexiSpot has been advocating for several years towards people’s health, and more importantly towards their mental health.

 They feel confident that when it comes to improving your workspace or your work from the home environment they are the best choices.

They have partnered up with many large companies of the last few years who have believed in the mission that they provide for a healthier tomorrow for us all. FlexiSpot has been constantly researching how it can be a step ahead of their competition. 

FlexiSpot feels that if they can make a difference in people’s health even further than they have, they can potentially help the world towards being healthier in the workplace. They feel that ergonomics are a perfect way to help combat the mental issues we all suffer from. The first step is finding a way to make that change and FlexiSpot is a great first step. 

It is a big reason why FlexiSpot wants to be incredibly helpful when it comes to a new or seasoned customer. Their amazing customer service is there to walk you through any questions, concerns, or curiosity that you may have about ergonomics. They are informative and provide a friendly ear to anything you want to know about ergonomic office items. 

FlexiSpot’s customer service is highly trained to be your expert in the ergonomic world. Whether it is wondering how ergonomic works or even what are the best ways to customize your ergonomic office desk, they will happily provide you all the answers you desire. 

You can take a stand against mental health affecting you in the workplace. All it takes is the right resources, the ability to realize you need help, and asking for it. It’s hard to admit that you are depressed or having an anxiety attack but people are more understanding than you think. 

Working on your mental and physical health with help you have more focus and better energy. Using ergonomic office items will be a great step towards helping you feel more calm and relaxed while you work. The company you work for will be very helpful when it comes to helping you and maybe even providing the ergonomic office items for you. 

Another great resource for you will be FlexiSpot’s help. They will be there for you to help you find the best in ergonomics and get you towards the proper steps of working on your mental health while you work. For more information and products with FlexiSpot, please visit www.flexispot.com