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Four Flexispot Gifts for Your One and Only Boyfriend

01 November 2021

Boyfriends pamper their girlfriends and boyfriends alike, all year-round. The other end gets a bouquet of roses, a box of chocolates, a shiny piece of jewelry on their birthdays, on Valentine’s Day, or whenever they throw tantrums and their partner has to step it up. While the receiving end also has its own way of showing love to their significant others, October 3 is that one day in the year dedicated to make the boyfriend extra special. 

You may have not known of the holiday until now, but yes, every year, boyfriends are celebrated on the third of October. It’s not too late to make your significant other the happiest and buy him something that he can actually use daily.

Fluorescent Racing Style Chair 1325

Fluorescent Racing Style Chair 1325

Your boyfriend will be thanking you for this ergonomic gaming chair that will definitely be a handsome addition to his playing station. He’ll probably be the envy of his mates, especially if he says that it was a gift from his partner. These are for all those late hours he spends playing Call of Duty or Valorant, that even though he’s immersed in the game, he’ll remember how comfortable he is all thanks to you. 

This gaming chair can be reclined into four angles: comfortable work mode, reading mode, watching movie mode, and taking a rest mode. It has a rocking pressure adjuster and a rocking function controller that will allow your boyfriend to smoothly rock the chair. 

The chair’s design is a craft that originated from the famous Suzhou Embroidery, which delivers one of the oldest embroidery techniques in the world. The design made the chair pattern vivid and the whole back look more integrated. And hold your horses, because it also has four special-designed fluorescent straps between back wings and lights the night in the dark. 

The seat has an extra-thick high-density foam; the lift is SGS certified, and it has a high-quality metal base. It’s definitely a perfect gift for Boyfriend’s Day. 

Under Desk Bike V9U

Under Desk Bike V9U

Is your boyfriend a fitness junkie? Has he been busy lately that it’s been hard for him to find time and work out? Whether or not he has a consistent workout routine, we’re sure your boyfriend will love an Under Desk Bike or the Flexispot V9U. Not only can it be an additional calorie burner for him, but this desk bike will also help his mind stay alert during his Zoom meetings with the boss or when he’s trying to finish the day’s report. It’s the right match for his standing desk already in the home office. 

Once you get the bike, you or he won’t need to install it. It comes assembled right outside the package. It also has easy-rolling casters so no need to carry it as you can just easily glide it on the floor until it reaches the area where your standing desk is at. 

This desk bike features a height-adjustable seat with a user-friendly pneumatic adjustment level that will move it up and down with a gentle press. Its premium build quality, cushioning and design, according to Flexispot, make the seat the most comfortable out in the market. It also has eight resistance levels for your boyfriend to easily adjust which level he is comfortable with. The LCD display will show track time, distance and calories burned. This also has a whisper-quiet operation that your boyfriend can pedal away quietly and smoothly. 

The bike comes in white and black so just choose which one you think your boyfriend will like because any color between the two will most likely fit your boyfriend’s home workstation. 

Folding Treadmill 01

Folding Treadmill 01

Another exercise option for the home workstation is Flexispot’s folding treadmill. A quick browse on the site will give you nine treadmill options so obviously, you won’t run out of this exercise equipment to choose from. The 01, in particular, has a brilliant innovative 2-in-1 folding design. It’s no ordinary treadmill because it has exercise modes: one as an under-desk walking treadmill and two as a running treadmill. The handrail can be folded and used as an under-desk walking treadmill with a speed of 0.5-4mph. This pace is perfect for walking while you work or study. Another mode is when the handrail is raised and the running speed ranges from 0.5-7.5mph. It’s a piece of exercise equipment that will help your boyfriend get his cardio done for the day. 

What is great with the Flexispot Folding Treadmill 001 is that your boyfriend doesn’t even need to have extra space in his room to store one. It can be placed under the sofa, corner, or bed. It’s easy to fold because all you need to do is rotate the knobs. Another great feature is its low noise motor designed for a home environment. The treadmill noise will most probably be at the same volume as your boyfriend’s conversation without bothering anyone else at home. It also has easy buttons to press for switching programs and modes, starting and stopping the equipment, and increasing and decreasing speed. The boyfriend will also be able to count calories burned for a period of time, the distance covered, how many steps it accounted for and the speed—all to be flashed in the treadmill’s multifunctional LED display. 

The running belt has dimensions of 15.8" x 41.3,” a space that is shock-absorbing and non-slip to give anyone a sturdy workout experience. There’s also a holder in the handrail where your boyfriend can put his mobile phone or pad to listen to music or watch a movie or series. 

AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters M7L- 42"

AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters M7L- 42"

Last but not the least is the AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converter or the M7L-42.” 

Help your boyfriend stay efficient with his remote work by upgrading his work set-up with a single piece of equipment. This desk converter can easily give him an extra spacious work surface. You may add two desktops in the upper desk level and a keyboard or a laptop on the oversized u-shaped keyboard tray that accommodates flexible setup options. 

The height can easily be adjusted from 4.7” to 19.7.” It’s easy to raise and lower it vertically, all while making sure it’s stabilized. It doesn’t outward to make sure that your devices won’t topple forward. Another option is to remove the keyboard tray and just use the upper desk platform. It will most certainly make your boyfriend’s long hours of work more convenient and comfortable.