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Furniture Ideas For The Ideal Gaming Station

06 June 2022

With the increasing growth of the gaming industry, playing games has gone beyond what it used to be. It's now a fast-growing moneymaker that requires long hours of commitment and a handful of winning tactics.

While the inherent fun is not extinguished, these long hours of sitting take a toll on our bodies. It thus makes gaming start to seem like no fun at all. But many gamers still find a way to play through these pains.

The good news is that you no longer have to suffer the pains of staying in a position for long periods. All you need to do is switch up your gaming furniture. And then, you can sit back and watch your station become the ideal gaming station.

Care to know how? Then follow this piece till the very end.

Why Prioritize Gaming Furniture?

Aside from gaming gadgets, every true gamer knows that the next thing on the priority scale should be gaming furniture. At the same time, most do it for aesthetics (and in all honesty, gaming furniture, especially the chairs, is a true beauty). There are a few others that understand the need to prioritize gaming furniture.

Whether you engage in PC gaming, Console gaming, or VR gaming, there remains the need to sit in a single position over long durations. The only difference is the level of stillness required for each gaming type. While PC gaming is the least flexible (except when playing with a joystick), Console gaming is more flexible, and VR gaming allows for the most movement.

Either way, you require furniture that will provide you the most comfort when playing in all these positions. With comfort comes a higher level of productivity. It also reduces the risk of inactivity-related health issues.

Peculiarities Of Quality Gaming Furniture

Peculiarities Of Quality Gaming Furniture

There is no blanket rule to finding a quality gaming chair. While comfort and ergonomics are seemingly a must, the quality of your gaming chair can only be peculiar to you. In other words, finding a chair with all the features that will make for a worthwhile experience is the true definition of quality. And knowing these convenient features is the first step to choosing the ideal gaming furniture.

Here are some features to take into consideration when shopping for suitable gaming furniture:

Optimum Flexibility & Adjustability

Maintaining the same position for hours can have adverse effects on your health. It could result in problems with the spine. There's also the risk of obesity and diabetes in the long run due to accumulated body sugar. But most importantly, staying in the same position can affect your chances of achieving the best results while gaming.

Due to these reasons, every experienced gamer knows that quality gaming furniture allows for optimum flexibility. It would help if you had a gaming chair that is flexible enough to sync into different gaming positions. At the very least, the chair should have these three adjustment settings: a reclining function, height adjustment, and a tilt feature.

A gaming chair must, of the essence, be paired with a desk. And this desk, like the chair, should be flexible and adjustable. A flexible desk will have height adjustment settings to change your position as frequently as possible. It will allow you to play games while standing, sitting, or squatting.

Please note that a chair and desk are flexible and ergonomic does not necessarily mean that they'll be compatible with each other. Even at its lowest, a chair can be higher than a standing gaming desk. So you have a duty to ensure that the pieces of furniture you've chosen are not just flexible. They should also be a good pair for each other. That's what makes them of optimum gaming value.

Height & Body Compatibility

Gaming chairs come in a variety of heights and sizes. You have to find the one with dimensions proper enough to accommodate your height and size.

The gaming furniture you select should be compatible with your body frame. If the chair is too small for you, it squeezes parts of your body. This can cause pain to your hips, cramp your legs and restrain the easy flow of blood. An extremely big chair might seem like a good thing on the surface since it'll allow you to wriggle freely in your seat. However, if you play virtual reality games, a really big chair might not be the best option. Too much wriggling in a large seat can cause the chair to be unstable, and you'll fall off the chair.

Before, tall people, especially the tall ones, had difficulty finding a chair that suited their height. But in recent times, you'll find that ergonomic brands like Flexispot have designed chairs with a wide height adjustability range. There are chairs built specifically for persons with a big body spectrum. And for short gamers, there's ergonomic gaming furniture on the Flexispot store for you.

Head and Lumbar Pillows

One of the ergonomics of a gaming chair is its head and Lumbar pillows. These pillows provide enough posture support for your back, neck, and spine. They will keep you going at your game for hours without feeling a single ache.

Leather gaming chairs are designed with tiny yet firm pillows that provide lumbar support. Chair seats made of mesh material, on the other hand, have lumbar support made of breathable mesh material. Both lumbar support designs are good, but people find that one provides more comfort than the other. You need to test both designs to see which offers the best lumbar support for you.

Cushion Comfort

The material of gaming furniture goes a long way in determining the level of comfort you'll enjoy. For the chair, it's advised that you use memory foam. It is soft enough to offer quality comfort and firm enough to provide the necessary support. Memory foam is also very durable. Unlike other materials, it can last a long period without sagging. Another quality chair cushion material is cold foam.

The standing desk must provide some level of comfort too. Thus, it would help to consider the available tabletop materials for the desk you intend to buy. While glass enhances the room's appearance, wood and bamboo are more durable.


Armrests, especially when they are well-built, provide excellent care for your arm and wrists. This makes the feature necessary for gamers who spend time tapping away at keyboards and gaming pads.

An armrest can be well-built where it allows for easy adjustment. It should have height adjustment features and still give room to be positioned at varying degrees from your body.

Setting Up Your Gaming Station With Flexispot

Now that you know the features that make for quality gaming furniture, here are a few Flexispot gaming furniture. These pieces of furniture embody all the already suggested features. You'll most definitely find something suitable for your gaming station. Take a look.

Ergonomic Gaming Desk With Mouse Pad EC1/EN1

Ergonomic Gaming Desk With Mouse Pad EC1/EN1

This ergonomic electric height adjustable gaming desk is made of eco-friendly material. Note that for every Flexispot desk made from wood that is sold on the website, the company plants a tree in its place. Also, note that the desktop has passed the safety testing and certification required for products by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Thus, the product is not just eco-friendly; it is also safe and of premium quality.

The tabletop is made of a 1" chipboard. This chipboard is available in ten (10) wood grains and solid colors: White, Bamboo, Maple, Black, Mahogany, White Wood Grain, Graphite, Special Walnut, Grey Wood Grain, and Marble Grey. The top gives you durability and an asymmetrical pattern at a budget-friendly price.

Additionally, this desk has a 154lbs lifting capacity, which is ideal for gaming gadgets. The desk lifts smoothly, and the powerful motor operates quietly. It is stable, has a wide surface, and is ideal for every gamer. Plus, the surface is covered with a mousepad, making it easier to play PC games.

Gaming Desk GD1B

Gaming Desk GD1B

Now, this is some gaming desk as it, without a doubt, was built with every avid gamer in mind. The desk has a fixed height of 29.5" and is built with a stand just above the desktop. This stand is wide enough to hold a large or two small monitors. With the monitor(s) in place, one can still conveniently put a book, a lamp, or possibly a plant pot on the stand.

With a stand so wide, the desktop is even wider. It is made of carbon fiber and has room to hold several gaming gadgets with its 165lbs maximum weight capacity. However, the highlight of this desk seems to be the gamer-oriented features. These features include a headphone holder, cup holder, and a controller stand.

Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk 48"

Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk 48"

Nothing prepares you for battle more than the Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk. The desk is built with an ergonomic design that naturally conforms to your body, providing more support to your wrists and elbows.

The tabletop is made of premium carbon fiber. This carbon fiber gives the tabletop water-resistant, stain-resistant, and non-slip protection. Consequently, all your gadgets sit firmly on the desktop, even during heated gaming sessions.

You'll also find the anti-collision function pretty helpful as it prevents injury and enhances safety.

Gaming Chair GC02

Gaming Chair GC02

The Flexispot GC02 gaming chair is highly ergonomic. It is built with a 2D armrest, a 90° - 135° reclining feature, and a detachable headrest and lumbar pillow. With these features, your neck, back, and body is guaranteed optimal bliss while gaming.

This chair is also super durable. The seat is made of top-quality PU leather that is firm and still soft enough to provide a cushion effect whenever you sit.

Please be rest assured that this chair has excellent body compatibility features. The seat has a width of 14.6"(in)/21.3"(out), a depth of 20.5", and a weight capacity of 299lbs. These features make the chair suitable for gamers with large body spectrums.

E-Sports Chair With Headrest And Lumbar Pillows 8521

E-Sports Chair With Headrest And Lumbar Pillows 8521

On the surface, this Flexispot E-Sports gaming chair seems to be identical to the GC02 gaming chair. But Flexispot took the production of this chair a step further.

It has an all-time 300lbs carrying capacity, making it more ideal than other gaming chairs. Also, it has a wider adjustability range of 90°-155°. The armrests are padded and thickened, whereas the seat has a soft flat cushion.

But the highlight of this chair is its massage feature. Just below the seat is a retractable footrest. And on the backrest is an adjustable massage lumbar support.

These two features combined offer the ultimate gaming chair comfort, relieving you of fatigue and allowing you to enjoy long gaming hours without discomfort.