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Furniture Testing to Ensure Quality and Safety

08 June 2021

We often buy products because of their use and how nice they look. But sometimes it's also a wonder as to what it takes for these products to make it into the shelves, showrooms, and websites we frequent to purchase things. Personally, I am an avid fan of decors and redecorating so the ones I usually go to are home improvement stores. Sure they advertise this and that features but how will we know if it's worth the money we pay for it.

Product testing is a strategy taken by manufacturers or companies that sell products to quantify and test the certain attributes, performance, and safety of the things they would like to offer the public. It is at times known as comparative testing or consumer testing. This was created during the times when mass production was at its infantile phase. 

This is also a good endeavor to protect consumers by making sure that the things marketed towards them through advertising really deliver what it claims to do. This is usually done by an independent laboratory paid to test the products, a government agency, or the manufacturer of the product itself.

Why is this important?

We will tackle the various advantages in every point of view: the company, the consumer, and the government. First of all, the company has to make sure that the product has all the right specifications during conceptualization or concept design. 

This is also done when a product is new and would need to be presented to management or investors to be approved for manufacturing. During this stage, it would also be checked if it is viable to manufacture and would benefit instead of being a liability both to the consumer and the company.

As for consumer protection, the product is tested so that it can be assured that it is safe for use and would endure the wear and tear of the product's utility. That is without risk of injury. At times it is also tested to see if it's sustainable for the environment. This is to ensure that the product. would not have any adverse effects on mother nature or to the health of its user.

Some government agencies also do product testing like the FDA to ensure that the product is safe and is effective for whatever it claims to do. There are also certain laws that must be followed. Hence, product testing is necessary to ensure that the standards that are being enforced are met and that the law governing these standards has been abided by.

Different product testing has many uses too. For example, cars are crash tested to make sure that airbags work and that the design of the car would have some sort of leeway for the driver and passenger to survive even if an accident is due to human error. In this type of testing, the product undergoes stress ‘ abandon, and other forces that are expected when a product is used. 

There are also tests that are done to recreate product damage of returned goods. This is to improve on it and release a new version that is better than the last one. The specifics of the product are also laid out in testing so that each manufactured product is the same and all batches are uniform. 

As for furniture testing, assessments done are the following prior to releasing it to the public for purchase:

Mechanical testing- this test encapsulates a wider one but mainly mechanical testing is to determine if the materials used for the product are fit for it. It is also where the materials are tested to see the response it would have to different forces or actions. The hardness of the materials, fracture toughness, impact testing is also covered here.

Chemical testing- This also tests the raw materials of the product most especially the chemicals used on the product like the top coating of desks or surfaces of a furniture. Thus is to make sure laws and regulations regarding the use of chemicals in products are fully complied with. 

Finish testing- This tests the finishes that are used in the furniture. This is to ensure that both the aesthetic and safety of coatings and finishes make the value of the furniture worth the money it is going to be purchased for.

Textile testing- In this test, the textile and fabric used are safe and sturdy for long use. Testing the effect of cleaning materials on the fabric, checking the strength of the seams and fabric, colorfastness is all important factors that need to be considered in furniture. 

Flammability testing- Furniture companies need to make sure the safety of their products. This includes fire safety. In this test, they make sure cigarettes don’t start fires with the materials used on the product and how long the fire spreads if ever. 

Electric safety and performance testing – This type of testing involve the electric aspects of the product. One example of this is the keypads to FlexiSpots Height Adjustable Desks and the USB ports for charging that are built into the office desks.

Performance test or Fit for use test- This is the most encompassing test because not only can it be used to improve a product, it would also check the veracity of product claims. This is also done to test the product against competing products and confirm which aspects set the product apart.

You can check the About Flexispot tab on the website for more information regarding the test that the furniture goes through to make sure you would have value for your money. One product that you can observe how painstakingly thought of and created is the Ribbed Low Back Armless Swivel Desk Chair 1391L11. 

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