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Gamer Guide: Why Your Gaming Desk Matters

23 July 2020

When it comes to finding the most ideal gaming setup, it can get overwhelming to try and find the right accessories. Chances are when you’re looking to improve your gaming setup you’re bombarded with the more popular (and often expensive) upgrades like a gaming chair, headphones and various PC builds. One thing that you’ve probably never really given much thought about is your desk. But is your desk really that important to your gaming setup and overall gaming experience? In this article we’ll be exploring the importance of your desk height and if gaming desks are something worth investing in.

More than just a setup

Now when it comes to your gaming setup, it’s all about finding ways to improve your gameplay. While technical aspects like your RAM and SSDs might be your main focus, it’s going to be impossible to enjoy your brand new setup properly if you’re experiencing back pain, neck pain or even carpal tunnel. This is why apart from upgrading what makes your PC run, you should also look into how you’re stationed at your setup. Placing a priority on this isn’t just about comfort, it’s about ensuring that where you play allows you to maximize your playing experience and allows you to play long hours without resulting in horrible aches and pains. With esports finding its way to the mainstream, studies have found that more players are experiencing symptoms like back pain, carpal tunnel and even a newly coined term, Gamer’s Thumb or as it’s medically known, De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis. This condition where tendons that move your thumb become inflamed. And while these symptoms may be a cause of great concern to all sorts of gamers, the solution to relieve these issues isn’t too difficult to address.

This is where ergonomics comes in. Ergonomics is all about transforming your space in order to allow it to fit with your needs best. By changing up your space to accommodate and fit your body better, you not only save yourself from all the aches and pains of playing long hours, you also give yourself a chance to improve your overall gaming experience. Most gamers have a tendency to focus on their gaming chair as the be all and end of upgrading into ergonomics. One thing that’s often overlooked is the importance of your desk and desk height. Upgrading your gaming desk helps prevent eye strain, neck pain and even the notorious Gamer’s Thumb.  Apart from this ergonomic gaming desks also provide you with support and stability for both you and your gaming setup! Gaming desks are often designed to provide space enough for you and your gaming setup, allowing you to comfortably play without causing discomfort and possible injuries. A gaming desk has also been credited with helping gamers correct their positions and improve their posture. In the long run your setup isn’t just about improving your gaming, it’s about finding the right tools to help your overall health!

What’s the best gaming desk? How do I maximize it?

Now that we’ve briefly explored the benefits of upgrading ergonomic aspects of your setup, let’s dive into upgrading your desk into the best gaming desk for the ultimate gaming setup. Before diving into the best gaming desks in the market, let’s explore the ideal height for a gaming desk. The most ideal position is dependent on your height and should allow you a resting position where your arms and elbows lie straight on the surface of your desk. This ensures that you are neither leaning forward and reaching when it’s too high or low. If this is a little confusing, you can try the Ergonomic Calculator. This tool calculates the most ideal desk height in proportion to your height. To use it, simply input your current height and see the most ideal desk height for when you’re sitting and standing at your desk!

Now that you know what desk height works best for you, let’s look at gaming desks that can adjust to you and improve your posture and position. The FlexiSpot Electric Gaming Desk allows you to adjust your desk at a push of a button! Easily adjust your desk to the most ideal height with its dual motor function, adjust your desk quickly and with an amazing stability even while transitioning. For an even better upgrade check out the FlexiSpot 63” Gaming Desk, while it has the same features of the basic electric desk, this gaming desk provides you with more space and additional features such as a desktop that’s full-covered with a mouse pad for easier and limitless movement, a headphone hook and cup holder to ensure that you’ve got everything in its place and even a cable management grommets and cutouts to ensure that all your chords are arranged and in order.

No matter what gaming desk you choose, always remember to find the one that works best for your needs. Ergonomics is all about ideal customizations that work for you! For more tips on ergonomics and other lifestyle hacks and tips, checkout the FlexiWellness Center

FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Gaming Desk