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Height Adjustable Desk and Underdesk Bike: Essentials for Remote Work

29 June 2020

Say "aye" if you have been doing these things: Working from your plush bed or the couch and finishing things without even standing up to stretch once in a while. We are all guilty of working like this. In fact, according to a UK study, 19 percent of remote employees worked from their sofa and 11 percent from their beds.

Now it sounds harmless, even fun. But wait until the back and neck pain start to creep in. You see, working in an unergonomic situation and sitting too much will pose negative effects on your body. Plus, a sedentary lifestyle will bring in a slew of other ailments that you could have prevented in the first place.

The Healthy Swap

It's not too late to make ergonomic changes in your home office. You can start by using ergonomic furniture like a height adjustable desk. You have two options for this: You can either get a desk with a single motor or dual motors. If you need a guide, read this article so you can buy the desk that fits your needs.

A standing desk will allow you to alternate between sitting and standing. With it, you can take off the pressure from your lower back so you will fend off body pains in general. Another positive effect of standing more is improved blood circulation, an important factor for leg health and strength.

Pedal to a healthier you

But if you want a full blast ergonomic twist, go with the combination of a standing desk and an underdesk bike. This healthy bundle will help you to stay active even if you are staying at home.

This article says that both the body and mind can benefit from a standing desk. You will experience a boost in productivity and mood and a decline in body pains. As you move more, your posture will also improve because it will enable you to work with a neutral spine.

Steven John, a journalist from Business Insider, shared his experience with the desk in this article. He wrote, "You really can type, write, read, have a call, work on a sketch, or complete any other activity usually reserved for a non-bike table or desk while pedaling on a FlexiSpot. The bike is quiet enough not to distract you during use, not to mention the fact that it won't bother nearby coworkers or be picked up on a phone call."

He added: "It's also stable enough not to vibrate or shake as you spin, so you won't churn out typo-ridden emails or handwriting that your elementary school self would scoff at."

Another good thing is that the underdesk bike will not take up much floor space. It is slim and compact and can be stowed away easily. You can just wheel it to one side of the room if you want to change your working position.

Stay healthy and productive

You can better perform duties for the people around you if you are strong and in good physical condition. Even if you spend substantial time sitting and working before a computer, do know that there are still opportunities to maintain a healthy working environment.

Stand and pedal away -- accomplish these and more with ergonomic furniture that will support you as you transition from a sedentary lifestyle to a more dynamic one.