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Home Office Combo Products To Make Your Working From Home Experience Top-Notch

20 March 2020

Working from home can be a draining experience. I should know as I've worked from home for the better part of the last 5 years. But you should also know that it can be a fulfilling experience if you do the right things and have the right tools.

It's easy to get distracted when working from home. Distractions abound and it's almost impossible for you to reach full productivity without making some major changes in the way you work, and what you work with. My first two years of working from home were not terrible, but it wasn't exactly great either. I was constantly missing out on deadlines, I was constantly losing work, and it seemed like I was always running out of time.

But those were, to a large extent, the least of my problems. I had more pressing issues. The first was that my back was beginning to hurt from sitting in the same position for hours, and my posture was getting rather terrible. I was also starting to put on some weight.

But, almost three years later, all those problems have now disappeared. How? Well, I invested in my personal well-being and bought some furniture. What furniture? Glad you asked.

Value Electric Height Adjustable Desk EN1 W/ Monitor Mount

Basically, this is a home office combo featuring the standing desk and a monitor mount. Standing desks are great for you if you want to get free from back aches. They allow you to work while standing and thus free your spine from the strain of being cramped in one position for hours.

The Value Electric Height Adjustable Desk is an especially great choice for a standing desk because it's electric powered. This means that you don't have to exert any strength on transitioning from sitting positions to standing positions. It's super quiet and has programming that allows you to save fixed positions. That way, you won't have to find the perfect height for you several times a day. You'd have found it only once.

The desk also comes with a monitor stand. This way, when you're transitioning from sitting to standing positions, you don't have to worry about your monitor toppling over.

Value Electric Height Adjustable Desk EN1 W/ MonitorStand Workstation

If you don't want a monitor stand with the standing desk, you could also get a MonitorStand Workstation. If you're self-isolating or are forced to work from home, this would be the more sensible choice. The MonitorStand Workstation comes with a UV light sterilization feature. That means that you can sterilize your pens, phones, books and other stationery quite easily. If you're looking for a way to keep your hands virus-free while working, then you should consider purchasing this home office combo product.

ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters 47" M3B W/ Monitor Arm

If you think an actual desk is too bulky, then you can get the classic riser standing desk converter. It's small, it can be placed easily on your desk, and it comes with a monitor arm.

The standing desk converter is manual, and this means that you don't have to connect it to a power outlet. The desk can be lifted easily, even if it has a maximum weight of 35 pounds resting on it. The desk fits the height of most people, and it has space-saving vertical adjustments. Importantly, it will work just as well as a standing desk. You'll be able to work while standing and while sitting, and this will invariably make your posture better.

All-in-One Desk Bikes - Deskcise Pro

A desk bike?

Why not?

If you're stuck indoor all day and cannot get out, you're likely to put on some weight. And while one might say why don't you just exercise at home, it isn't always that easy. Some times, you have so much to do that you really don't have an hour or two for jumping jacks. That's why a desk bike may just be the solution. You can work, exercise and even let off steam at the same time with this piece of furniture.

This desk bike has transformed the lives of many home office workers, and it could be the catalyst to solve your home office lethargy-related issues as well.