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How Bamboo Office Products Can Help You Save the Planet

15 December 2021

Every time we switch from non-sustainable textiles to bamboo, we are helping to preserve the environment. And, oh, how wonderful it feels. If you are wondering how bamboo office products can help you save the planet, you just have to look at the benefits bamboo has on our environment.

In fact, by purchasing sustainable bamboo items for work, you are not only providing yourself with exquisite comfort, but you are also helping to preserve the environment.

It's a Relaxed Approach to Environmental Protection

Bamboo is an environmentally beneficial material. It protects our soils, maintains our seas, and purifies the air we breathe. It grows naturally, renews itself nearly instantly without replanting, minimizes soil erosion, and decreases or substitutes the use of numerous critically rare resources indirectly. It also saves our lives.

 Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

Our Soils Are Saved

Every year, the United States produces almost 22.5 billion pounds of waste after consumption of products, which is eventually disposed of in landfills in the United States or the oceans. The EPA estimates that only 16.3 percent of products like linens and pillows get recycled; the bulk of the rest ends up in landfills, and the majority of the material is non-biodegradable.

Bamboo is a completely biodegradable material. It keeps landfills and ecosystems healthier and cleaner across the planet. Bamboo's characteristics allow it to break down naturally into the soil, resulting in cleaner soils. It's less taxing on the landfills, healthier for soil quality, and produces less unusable byproducts.

This is why FlexiSpot prioritizes bamboo materials for our office products like the stunning Kana Bamboo Standing Desk. It has better tensile strength than steel and is a natural material that will not harm the environment at the end of its life. It is important to consider such safe materials for your office so that you are not adding to the environmental degradation in any manner. This is especially important when you can find great sustainable office products like the Kana Desk for your workplace instead of resorting to unsustainable materials.

It Protects Our Oceans

The land is responsible for 80% of contamination in the maritime environment. Nonpoint source pollution typically arises as a consequence of runoff, making it among the most significant causes of ocean contamination. Many tiny sources, including septic tanks, vehicles, trucks, and boats, as well as bigger sources, including ranches, farms, and forest areas, contribute to nonpoint source pollution. Pollution from nonpoint sources may contaminate river and ocean water, making it dangerous for people and animals to drink. This pollution is so serious in certain regions that beaches are closed after rainstorms.

Bamboo doesn't need to be reseeded or uprooted after harvesting, and it doesn't need pesticides or herbicides to regrow either, so it contributes significantly to soil health and prevents harmful chemical runoff or water that may damage our seas and rivers.

It Purifies Our Air

It Purifies Our Air

Carbon dioxide levels and air pollution into the atmosphere are increasing and becoming worse by the year. Air pollution is widely considered the planet's most pressing environmental health concern, responsible for 7 million fatalities per year. Air pollution is linked to a variety of disorders, including asthma, cancer, lung infections, and heart disease.

Bamboo has evolved into a powerful instrument for purifying the air we take in. When non-sustainable fuel sources such as oil, gasoline, natural gas, wood, and coal are burnt, there is significant carbon dioxide discharged into the environment. This carbon generated from fossil fuels reacts with the oxygen in our environment to generate carbon dioxide during burning or combustion. Bamboo trees consume 45 percent more carbon dioxide as well as create 35 percent more oxygen than a comparable tree stand.

Benefits Us All

Bamboo is something that we can all appreciate. Anyone who uses bamboo office products can help save the planet since it all contributes to the more environmentally conscious world.

Organically Grown

Organically Grown

Pesticides have different health impacts depending on the kind of pesticide that is being used. Some pesticides have the potential to disrupt the neurological system, while others might simply cause eye or skin irritation. Some pesticides can cause cancer, while others may have an effect on your body's endocrine or hormone system. When any plant fertilizers are touched, breathed, or mistakenly consumed, they may irritate or harm humans and pets. The poisoning is caused by nitrates, which are found in many foods. Nitrates are a kind of nitrogen that is readily absorbed by plants.

Bamboo grows without the need for pesticides, fertilizers, or chemicals. When opposed to non-sustainable, chemically destructive cultivation that other textiles may need, it leaves no hazardous leftovers. Bamboo is a clean bamboo product since it adsorbs nitrogen but does not contribute harmful chemicals or toxins to the environment.

Natural Self-Renewal

Climate change, soil erosion, desertification, fewer crops, floods, and higher greenhouse gas emissions may all occur as a consequence of the loss of trees and other plants. Forests still occupy around 30% of the planet's land surface, but they're rapidly vanishing. Forest degradation and deforestation are two examples of potential risks. Agriculture is the primary driver of deforestation (but the poorly built infrastructure is also posing a significant danger), while illicit logging is the primary cause of deforestation and degradation. Every year, we lose 18.7 million acres of our forest, which is the equivalent of 27 football fields each minute.

Bamboo grows back after being chopped down, and it regrows quite quickly. There is no need for reseeding or dangerous chemicals; all that is required is excellent, clean soil, sunlight, and water. Furthermore, the bamboo lifecycle is continually in action, enriching and renewing the surroundings around it. Almost every component of a harvested bamboo tree is utilized to manufacture a range of bamboo goods when it is harvested. Every component of the plant may be used. The soil is where bamboo's long-term viability begins and finishes.

Erosion Is Avoided

Erosion Is Avoided

When hardwood forests are chopped down, and their stumps are burnt for fertilizer and to make space to grow crops, the topsoil of the ground and the essential nutrients are carried away by rains, resulting in erosion. The eroding soil eventually clogs streams and rivers, posing a threat to humans and animals that live downstream.

Bamboo roots regenerate and stay in place following harvest, reducing erosion and assisting in the retention of minerals for the next harvest. Bamboo can flourish in dry climates when other crops fail due to droughts, and since its roots are left intact after harvesting takes place, it helps retain moisture within the soil. Bamboo trees are eco-friendly and grow in a wide variety of climates, from low marshes to higher altitudes in the mountains.

Best Bamboo Office Products

AlcoveRiser Bamboo Standing Desk Converters

AlcoveRiser Bamboo Standing Desk Converters

A bamboo desktop that is sustainable and long-lasting: Every workaholic's dream comes true with the AlcoveRiser Bamboo Standing Desk Converter. It features a natural bamboo finishing that is eco-friendly, has strong carbon dioxide absorption, and needs 5 years to attain maturity without any use of fertilizer. What's the greatest part? It grows new bamboo shoots after being chopped. This means that you can do your part for the environment and get a desk that will make you healthier too!

Height may be adjusted as needed: With adjustable height options, you can set the desk to the exact height for you. This makes it easy to fit into any office and accommodate all kinds of people. If you are planning on getting standing desks for the office, it can be a good idea to go for sustainable options that have adjustable features to suit everyone's needs.

Preventing a quick fall: Lifting mechanisms that are not braced may unexpectedly descend and smash into place, particularly when fully loaded. FlexiSpot risers avoid this thanks to a uniquely designed bracing system that assures smooth, uniform functioning at any height, even when fully loaded, substantially boosting safety and dependability.

Removable keyboard tray with quick removal: You may use the standing desk with or without your keyboard tray, thanks to the simple one-step connection and release.

Unrivaled Stability: The desk's carbonized 2H lacquer surface covering protects it against water, scratches, and insects. The steel tubing is coated with powder, which adds to the frame's longevity by keeping scratches and stains at bay.

Best for laptops: With a 34.1" wide desktop right above the keyboard tray, a 17" laptop may be used easily. It also has a quick-release mechanism that allows you to remove it fast and simply when required.

In Conclusion

It is important to seek out sustainable office products because businesses need to do everything they can to help the environment. Using eco-friendly best bamboo office products can help the environment in the long run, and it is better for you too!