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How Can Remote Teamwork Efficiency Be Improved?

21 July 2021

Remote collaboration is difficult since working remotely does not always ensure rapid dialogues and responses. There are, however, a few basic improvements you can make to increase remote team cooperation and grow your organization.

How to Make Remote Collaboration Work Better

Working remotely may have advantages or disadvantages. Among them are the following:

  • There is little to no commuting.
  • Gasoline cost savings.
  • You can wear almost anything you choose.
  • You may be able to plan your timetable.

Remote cooperation, on the other hand, can be frustrating when you are separated by space and can only communicate through displays. Employees that work away from their offices are more difficult to control. 

It can impede your ability to complete tasks as a group and prevent you from forming genuine professional relationships. Here are a few disadvantages of remote collaboration.

  • If one of your coworkers sleeps in or does not show up on time, it might hurt productivity.
  • Maybe you do not feel like you are forming genuine bonds with your coworkers.

We have prepared some tips and remote work tactics for you to explore to make your remote team cooperation far more pleasurable and efficient. 

You can not only make yourself more comfortable while working, but you can also make yourself more comfortable with the people with whom you work.

Several Tips to Improve Remote Collaboration

  • Create a Relaxed Workspace

When working with a remote team, you are likely to spend most of your time at a desk, with few opportunities to get up and move around. 

As a result, if you want to improve your experience, we recommend improving your workstation to enhance your comfort and productivity.

The best option is always ergonomic furniture. These pieces of furniture are designed to help you rather than hinder you. 

You may work more efficiently and contribute more effectively with a remote team if you adjust to your body.

If you require a chair, the FlexiSpot Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B is one of the best ergonomic seats available. It has a lot of adjustable features and molds nicely to your body. 

You can adjust fantastically to your body and promote healthy posture with ease. Plus, the bottoms include wheels so you can roll your way to productivity. 

It boasts dependable ergonomic support, a breathable mesh back, and passive lumbar support that relieves pressure on your body at home and work.

Remote collaboration improves dramatically when you are as productive as possible. Your desk has a big impact on how you work, and a standing desk could help you get more out of your day. 

The Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series is an ergonomic sit/stand desk that allows you to switch from sitting to standing with a single button press. Standing desks have been shown to provide several health benefits, and when you are at your best, remote cooperation is much more fun.

  • Establish clear objectives

It is easier to collaborate with a remote team when you are at ease in your office. However, without clear goals, the entire team will be unable to be productive. 

Set simple goals for the entire team to achieve and a deadline for each of them. Assign a specific part to each team member and begin to work!

You can keep track of your successes on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, depending on what works best for you. 

When it comes to marking milestones, communication is crucial, and you can never speak too much. Completing things as a group strengthens the community and the business.

  • Ensure that everyone is using the same programs 

Using standard programs is another recommendation for working with a remote team. Numerous programs provide online platforms designed expressly for work-related reasons. As a result, the team will not agree on the program to utilize.

You can lay out the established team programs to use so that there are no misunderstandings, and all jobs are accomplished in the same manner. 

Platforms like Google Drive, Zoom, and Microsoft Word are used by many remote collaboration teams.

  • Establish a regular meeting schedule

There are few opportunities to meet face-to-face because you cannot interact in person. Working with your remote staff to arrange a time when you can all gather for video call meetings is a good way to handle this problem. Again, the number of times you all meet is up to you, and the length of time depends on the objective of the meetings.

To develop a pattern, we recommend creating a solid schedule for these recurrent sessions. 

Everyone will be able to stay as productive as possible in this manner. You might want to allocate some extra time for socializing or discussing other topics. You can benefit from these periodic video conversations for both work and social reasons.

  • Be wary of misunderstandings 

Remote working can lead to miscommunications because there is rarely any in-person communication. There is a lot of chance for error if you communicate with each other exclusively through email, text, or any other written form. 

You can never be too clear while talking. Organize all of your thoughts as simply as possible. Do not be scared to ask inquiries if you are on the receiving end. It is preferable to bother than to have a disgruntled client, boss, or team member.

  • Set aside time for team-building exercises

There is little time to form relationships with coworkers when working behind a computer screen. As a result, if you are going to hold regular meetings, you might as well include some time for team development. 

This is not only a great method to connect with your remote staff, but it is also a great business approach.

Because you cannot get too engaged with remote team building, you will have to get creative. Unique ideas include virtual home tours, pet introductions, and multiplayer gaming activities.

  • Use many platforms and create separate discussion channels 

When everyone on the team uses the same communication platform, messages can get lost in the shuffle. 

You can categorize each discussion channel and find material much more quickly in the future if you create distinct discussion channels.

This concept also applies to submitting work in general. Using a variety of platforms makes it easier to submit content based on its genre. 

This prevents completely unrelated projects from being stored in the same database.


The concept of remote collaboration is relatively new. You can establish a better team with better communication fundamentals for an overall better business if you discover how to increase remote cooperation.