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How do Vibration Plates Help Women with PCOS

23 April 2021

PCOS or Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome. It is today’s the main problem of some women. Women who experience PCOS suffer from hormonal problem causing drastic changes with their physical appearance- from facial hair to uneven skin tone- these are the changes that occur in the bodies. In some cases, women who have this condition experience baldness. They have more male hormones. This imbalance in their hormones result to changes in their menstrual cycles too. They are also prone to Diabetes and heart diseases.

So, in today’s article we will discuss PCOS and how Flexispot’s Vibration Plates can help a woman survive the ordeal- from low self-esteem to drastic physical changes and the effects of it to a woman’s mental health.

Let’s begin the discussion.


Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome- a problem with hormones that affects women aged 15-44; Personally, I have experienced this condition for years already. Diagnosed at the age of 17. I had different symptoms and indications which showed that I have the condition. I got a lot of facial hair, my middle torso especially the stomach area is larger compared to my forearm. I got dark patches on my skin although I am fair-skinned. This gives an impression of uneven skin tone. Just like me a lot of women experience problems that are caused by PCOS.

PCOS has 3 features that are known by women who experience such condition which are:

-         cysts in the ovaries

-         a large amount of male hormones

-         skipped monthly periods

Due to the extra male hormones that women with PCOs suffer from, this stops her eggs cells from becoming mature enough to trigger ovulation thus the disruption of the menstrual period. Most of the time, she experiences fewer periods but there are moments that when she has it, severe bleeding takes place.

What are the causes of PCOS?

Doctors don’t exactly know the main causes of PCOS but they link this condition to insulin resistance, genes, and inflammation.


Experts say that PCOS runs in the family. Historically speaking, the genetic basis of PCOS was reported in 1968. In this report, it was stated that nearly 55%-60% of the first degree relatives of the patients share the same condition such as baldness and hirsutism (the condition excessive hair growth).

Insulin Resistance:

Insulin is created in the pancreas that helps the body use sugar from food for energy. When the cells of the body can’t use insulin properly, our bodies require insulin increase hence the pancreas makes more which creates more male hormones.


Inflammation is characterized by swelling parts of the body; a woman with PCOS an increased level of inflammation in the body especially when she is suffering from obesity. Some doctors say that a woman with PCOS should lose weight so she may avoid inflammation


The next part will be about the common symptoms of PCOS. For years, I have struggled with these things too. Proper medication for PCOS is expensive and it will take a long time because it’s a lifetime condition. Once a woman with PCOS is triggered by stress, there are possibilities that cysts will grow again despite the medications that help her ovulate and avoid having missed periods.

The following are the common symptoms of PCOS:

missed periods

darkening of the skin making it look like you have an uneven skintone

hair growth (most women with PCOS have thin mustache above the lips)


weight gain

male pattern baldness


What are the effects of PCOS to a Woman:

Underlying conditions like Diabetes Type 2 and Heart disease are prevailing to most women suffering from PCOS. Aside from that, the abundant male hormones in the body of women with PCOS create havoc on her body and her mental health like:

-         Infertility:

Women suffering from PCOS find it difficult to ovulate with the mature eggs that are eventually fertilized although medically speaking, there is no proof still that a woman with this condition suffers from sterility- the incapacity of a woman to a bear a child- there are cases where women who suffer from this condition, still manage to get pregnant but after a thorough treatment and monitoring of her OB-Gynecologist. With the right fertility treatment, there is a high chance that a woman could bear a child despite this condition.

On the other hand, there are things that we should take note of:

  1. PCOS can bring the high risk of pregnancy complications
  2. A woman with PCOS is at risk of miscarriages
  3. high blood pressure
  4. gestational diabetes

-         Having the following risks of:

   high blood pressure

   high blood sugar

   low HDL or good cholesterol

   high LDL or bad cholesterol

-         Endometrial Cancer:

This comes from the thickening of the menstrual lining caused by the

inability to ovulate every month

-         Depression:

A woman who suffers from PCOS also suffers from anxiety and depression caused by the hormonal changes; most PCOS patients tend to have low self-esteem

Looking at the symptoms and causes of PCOS, women with this kind of condition should not lose hope and sulk over. There are medications that treat PCOS without making you spend too much. There are also alternatives that women may try such as losing pounds. It’s because obesity is also a challenge for women with PCOS. Hard fats block the organs responsible for ovulation. With this, proper diet and eating the right kinds of food would help a woman with PCOS


The Right Diet and Natural PCOS treatment:

In order for a woman to regulate her menstrual cycle, it is recommendable for her to lose at least 5-10% of her body weight

A woman with PCOS can treat her condition with low-carb diet and exercise. Most women with PCOS are endomorphs hence, it’s also recommendable to use products like the Flexispot’s Vibration Plate Exercise Machine VB1 which has a waver that causes muscle contraction and full body vibration. Even at a stationary position, you can enjoy a full body wellness. This vibration plate as well has a wide range of level adjustable speed that can make you maximize your workout routine!


All in all, with the right choice of product such as the Vibration Plate Exercise Machine VB1, you don’t need to worry about treating PCOS naturally. A woman deserves to be beautiful and healthy. So, never lose hope and let’s work that out.