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How Flexispot Can Change The Way You Think About Your Desk Chair

23 June 2021

Enjoying your office desk chair shouldn’t be something you ignore.

Sitting is something we do just as much as sleeping. It can take up most of our day and the time doing it adds up over the year. On average, the typical American will sit at their job anywhere from 6-8+ hours a day. Looking at the math and taking into consideration most people work Monday through Friday, that comes out to 45 hours a week. Continuing to add those over months and years, you can see the number of hours you spend sitting add up very quickly.

One thing everyone wants to take from sitting is how comfortable they are in a chair. This is even more true for an office chair, as you will be distracted from working if you aren’t enjoying sitting in it. Even though you are at work, you want to feel like you are just as comfortable as you would be at home. This is even more true with the current situation of most of us working from home, due to COVID-19. 

The pandemic has made it to where we have had to adapt to a makeshift office area. This is especially true with an office desk chair. Most people have just used the standard spare chair they have or just setting up shop in their kitchen. To feel uncomfortable while you work, especially in your own home is something no one should have to deal with. 

Focusing on furthering your career is hard enough, but sitting there feeling uncomfortable and putting your health potentially at risk would make anyone unhappy. Office chairs should feel just as comfortable as if you were sitting on your couch relaxing to your favorite movie or TV show. 

Most people are not realizing that they could have the comfort and reliability they need with an ergonomic office chair. Ergonomic office items are becoming the best thing for people in the last few years. The health benefits alone are the reasons why people are making the switch. 

Standard office chairs have been known to cause more problems than they do solutions. Studies have shown that prolong sitting in a non-ergonomic chair can cause many issues, such as:

  • Poor posture
  • Lower back pain issues
  • Flare-ups of existing injuries
  • Obesity
  • Poor blood pressure 
  • Putting too much weight on your hip joints
  • Poor muscle strength 

People find it hard to believe that all of this can happen, just by sitting in a chair for more than 8 hours a day. The truth of the matter is that we were not meant to sit for long periods. We descend from ancestors who spent most of their days doing physical labor and hunting for their food. Now with advancements in technology and society, we have things much easier than we did over 100 years ago. 

With that being said, the luxuries we take for granted add more to the health risks we may get by sitting in a non-ergonomic office desk chair. 

Another thing people don’t realize is that using non-ergonomic office items also affects your mental health. 

Per a 2020 article from CWC, ergonomic home office furniture can improve mental health in remote work areas. In this article, they mention “Ergonomic furniture is designed to reduce significantly whatever pain or discomfort that employees may feel while working, most notably at home. So, when employees are not experiencing pain and discomfort, this naturally puts them in a better mood, improves their mental health, makes them more productive, and less stress is emanated at home that could also affect other family members. Good mental health snowballs into other positive effects. This also leads to greater job satisfaction.”

Providing better mental health in the workplace has been more of a priority to companies in the last few years. Mental health is just as important as physical health. Your mental state overall can affect your physical health. Common mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and paranoia can be things that could be elevated over time without properly finding a good balance with your physical and mental health. 

Having a proper balance of both while you are working will be such a game-changer for anyone. With working from home, some people can struggle with this. When considering looking for an ergonomic office desk chair or even an ergonomic office desk, you will need to find a retailer who will have your best interests at heart. One of the best companies out there that checks all the boxes by providing ergonomic items and focus on health is FlexiSpot.

FlexiSpot has made it its mission to provide customers with healthier alternatives to their typical office chairs and desks. 

They specifically design ergonomic items to provide you a comfortable solution while you work. 

FlexiSpot has been changing how people look at their office chairs. Most people who have experienced an ergonomic office chair from FlexiSpot have raved about their experience with the change to an ergonomic office chair. 

It has them thinking “why didn’t I get this office chair sooner!”. FlexiSpot makes these ergonomic office chairs knowing that it is going to be one you want to stick with. FlexiSpot’s well-designed ergonomic office chairs have been a springboard for people to start making the change to a complete ergonomic office workspace. 

When FlexiSpot speaks to their customers the first they want to do is listen. They want to know what their goals are with an ergonomic chair. Are they looking to save money? Are they looking to get the best model? FlexiSpot walks through all the benefits of each chair with their customers, going over the benefits of each one with their amazing customer service staff. 

Ergonomic office chairs should be your throne when it comes to your office workspace. With FlexiSpot, they want to make you feel like royalty but make sure you're having a positive impact on your physical and mental health. FlexiSpot provides several different styles of a chair from the standard ergonomic chair to ones with L-shaped backs and headrests. 

These chairs have been a great way for FlexiSpot to connect with people who are new to ergonomics or more experienced. The chairs that FlexiSpot creates are making the people who buy them feel some of the effects within the next few days. 

The reviews about FlexiSpot’s chairs speak for themselves. With all the impact they have made with small businesses to much larger companies with thousands of employees, it motivates FlexiSpot to continue to provide designs that will always make their chairs ones that you will want in your office or home. 

Having a company that wants their customers to not only experience their product positively but also stand by the need of their customers is pretty incredible. That says a lot about a company and how they want to impact the people who do business with them. 

Some businesses are out there to produce and sell products. What sets FlexiSpot apart from other companies is that not only do they want to sell these products to you, they want to make sure you’re making the best choice for your health. 

One thing FlexiSpot does with their ergonomic chairs that makes them the best choice is their dedicated design team who spends countless hours working. They spend so much time making sure that the designs are ergonomically revolutionary that they benefit FlexiSpot’s customers immediately. 

FlexiSpot has pioneered its journey towards ergonomic office items and health also by learning what hasn’t worked in the past. Ergonomic office items are fairly popular now and with FlexiSpot being one of the leading providers of these items, they want to make sure that their products are providing the best and healthiest options for anyone who buys them. 

It’s crazy to think that something as simple as changing up your workspace can be that much of a benefit to your health. FlexiSpot feels every office work should feel they are in the right hands when customers choose them. They feel that when you sit in their chairs, you are sitting there achieving your goal of a better tomorrow. 

Sitting here reading this you are probably already weighing out your options on what might be the best option for you. The great thing is when partnering with FlexiSpot you won't have to think too hard about the right choice. Their site alone has so many choices for you to find the best ergonomic office chair. The fact that FlexiSpot has already partnered with such great companies as Overstock.com, Home Depot and many more shows the value they bring with their products. 

Now that you feel a bit more informed about your chances with a better and healthier work environment, how will you take your first step? Will you ponder on the decision to start now or wait to tell later. The good thing is you are already in a better headspace thinking about what to do next. 

Having the mindset for a better and healthier life is always the best step. The great thing is now you have a wonderful resource for getting started on finding an ergonomic office chair that is right for you. Remember, when it comes to providing yourself with a healthier alternative to your standard office chair, FlexiSpot will be there. Check out all the ergonomics office chairs and desks here on FlexiSpot’s website.