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How to Be a Good Writer

05 August 2021

The pandemic made many people stay at home to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. As such, even employees are allowed to work from home and more freelancers are thriving to have that advantage of working remotely in the comfort of their homes.

With this situation existing for more than a year now, malls find fewer people going shopping and staying for a longer time and online selling is getting to be popular these days. Many individuals find it a lucrative kind of business because more people buy online instead of going out and heading to the shopping mall or supermarket to buy their basic needs.

As online shopping makes waves in the business industry, online marketing also comes to the fore to advertise seller’s products and services for online customers. Consequently, online marketing becomes in demand vis-a-vis content writers who will put these marketing strategies into words for the special media and different websites.

Content writing is also getting more in demand these days as most of the transactions buying and selling are done online.

The so-called digital nomad is also now a by-word in cyberspace. They are those who work anywhere in different settings such as resorts and travel to many destinations while working on their tasks. They earn money while at the same time enjoy traveling to many parts of the world.

Writing is a productive task because you produce a product, that is, an article where ideas are written with different purposes such as to inform, entertain, and persuade a target audience or public.

For the greenhorn, writing is a difficult and lonely task. You have to squeeze your mind to come up with good words especially when you want to advertise a product and be able to sell. It is a lonely task because a writer is usually alone when he is writing to be more focused and to be able to come up with a good finished p[roduct.

Writing need not include high falutin words to express your ideas. It may not trigger scanning in a dictionary to find out the meaning. Otherwise, the reader may be irked and stop reading the article because of the difficult vocabulary words. As Rudolf Flesch, once editor of Reader's Digest had said. “Write in plain language.” That is, use words that are intelligible for a high school student up to a college-level reader.  

Why is this so? Well, readers are usually busy and they want a readable article that is easy to understand and the words are simple and not high sounding. As a writer, you want to get your message across. As such, the more effective way is to express your ideas with simple words in well-organized sentences. I mean, the sentences should be in logical order so as not to confuse the reader which of the ideas are more important than the others and they should be written chronologically. For example, you are teaching your reader how to assemble the product he bought from an online store.

In order for the reader to know the steps in installing the different parts of the product, the steps must be chronologically arranged in order for the consumer to correctly follow the steps, what the first thing to do, next, so on, and so forth.

Aside from the organization, as a writer, you must know the grammar rules behind every sentence pattern you use in the composition or article at hand. Grammatical errors make it impossible for the reader to read and understand your ideas, especially those who are native speakers of English and others who know how to speak and write English. So be aware of this. Other reminders are:

  • Avoid run-on sentences. A run-on sentence is a sentence that has no appropriate punctuation mark in it. That sentence may be split into two sentences with proper punctuation marks such as period, semicolon, or a comma. 
  • Avoid writing sentence fragments. It is not a complete sentence because it is written either with just a subject with no verb or only a group of words with verbs. It does not have a complete thought. For example, “the huge white bird in the garden” is just a subject and has no verb to complete the thought.
  • Verbs have to agree with their subjects. It means that when the subject is single, the verb to be used is also in the singular form usually with “s” at the end of the word. For example, “She makes me smile.” The pronoun “She” is the subject and “make” is the verb with an “s” at the end of the word “make” because the subject is in a singular form.
  • Avoid double negatives. For example: “They don’t have no teachers. “ The word “don’t is already negative and “no” is another negative word that makes the sentence confusing.
  • As much as possible, avoid commas. This may confuse the reader and may give another meaning to the sentence.
  • Avoid long sentences as they are hard to read. Make your sentences ‘short and sweet.’
  • There is nothing self-explanatory (Flesch, R.). As a writer, you must explain to the reader some sentences that are worth your explanation to avoid double meaning and confusion.
  • Use a simple high dictionary for plain language.

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