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How To Design a Traditional Style Work Place

22 March 2021

Traditional interior styles are all the rage right now, and especially for workspaces. At a time where most people have been working from home, the need for a cosy, welcoming home office has risen. Anyone who knows, a home office is a sanctuary that helps you get work done but also speaks to your personality and the type of worker you are.

Features of traditional styles

Figure 1: Traditional style home office

Traditional style interiors for homes and home offices have been redefining the scene as more people opt for a classic, rustic feel to their home and office. The curving and symmetry in traditional interior design styles is a marvel. The designs complement the colors to bring out the elegance in unmatched detail.

Over the recent past, more people have opted for the consistency and beauty that comes with having a traditional style workplace, bookshelves and furniture in their home. It’s bringing the old back as many of the designs today have inspirations from the 19th century.


Figure 2: Timeless rustic office space design

One important thing to note about traditional, classic styles is how to strike a balance. Usually, a mismatch results in a catastrophic space that you’ll not want to look at twice.

A traditional style of furniture is far from subtle. Even when it adopts simpler designs, it is hard to miss the furniture's beauty and radiance. The rustic colors and reclaimed wood bring out an overall rich and classic feel to your space.

Working in traditional styles in your space and traditional furniture requires a tinge of expertise just so you can effectively utilize the best of both worlds.


Features of traditional styles


Figure 3: Traditional style standing desk

  • Design

    Traditional styles and furniture have distinct symmetry and draperies. The furniture mimics 19th-century styles, and the use of reclaimed wood brings out the colors and timelessness of the furniture. In a room, traditional styles utilize decorative embellishments from floor to ceiling.

    The main textures utilized in traditional styles are leather, wood and textiles. This always aimed to create a comfortable look that is elegant and fit for life in the countryside, city or suburbia.

  • Décor

    The décor in a traditional style interior and furniture harmonizes the space into a seamless rhyme. It is an effortless feature of a traditional workplace which livens the space and makes it more inviting as you’ll spend a lot of time there.

    Traditional styles are kind to framed art and photographs and welcome decorative accessories into your space. It’s a ‘go crazy’ with floral patterns, mouldings, rugs, floral arrangements but keep it classy and classic.

  • Colors

    Rich tones work the best for a traditional style. They emphasize the elegance and luxury of that royal rustic feel to your space. Rich neutral tones and light pastels especially work for the main colors. With this down, you can then pick the accent colors to compliment and accentuate your space by matching all this to other elements you intend to have in the room.


My traditional style home office


Figure 4: Home office

A home office is a place you’ll spend a lot of time thinking up ideas and drawing up plans. With that in mind, you need a space that is elegant and inviting. Calming tones that put you in the mood to innovate and create.

Home offices have been a must-have for people running businesses from home and even those that exclusively work from home. The work from home culture is quickly catching on, and people favour their home offices more than their office spaces.

Now, for the space where your best ideas are born, your home within your home should naturally carry an elegance that motivates you. Naturally, for a space as personal as a home workplace, you need to decorate in a way that suits your style.


Figure 5: Rustic Home office

Traditional styles and furniture infuse the space with familiarity and lively tones that reflect the space's sanctity. Rustic interiors have become popular for achieving this. If you’re looking to work on your home office, consider rustic, classic and traditional interior styles.

One of the main concerns people have about a traditional home office style is that it might look old and boring. You couldn’t be further from the truth; however, that’s not to say that traditional styles work every time. It all comes down to how you put it all together; too much of everything could make the space stuffy and uninviting.

However, done right, traditional style rustic home offices have the potential to make you enjoy your work and increase productivity. The historical design elements of a traditional style bring lively back into workspaces.


Benefits of a traditional style rustic home office

  • Enunciates harmony and order

    The orderly aesthetic of rustic, classic office space is predictable for a reason. The harmony and order beget consistency and gives you a calm space. In a traditional style office, everything seems to go well together and eliminates chaotic aesthetics.

  • Fit for royalty

    It’s a little piece of royalty with you in your workspace. Since traditional designs are inspired by 18th and 18th-century furnishings, there is a lot of regal influence. The ornate furniture, combined with technology in today’s case, define your home office.

  • Props to the details

    Traditional styles have character, and you can see it in the details. They make a grand statement that accentuates a space and inspires big idea thoughts. With a classic, rustic home office, you don’t need to worry about minimalism when it comes to accessories.


The era of the standing desk


Figure 6: Standing desk in a home office

Perhaps the latest entrant into an office and home office spaces. Standing desks are now a fad advocating for healthier workspaces. It is an open secret that sitting for long hours can have adverse health effects. Your posture is also crucial, and standing desks have come in to offer a switch from sitting all day.

Moreover, the world is in a state of fitness consciousness, and therefore, everyone is looking for the best ways to improve their quality of life. Work is inevitable, so a standing table is a great solution to help you stay healthy and get your work done.

Not to be left behind, standing desks have also stepped into the classic, rustic, traditional style feel for their designs. Combining modern technology and traditional styles yields the best modern and traditionally inspired home office. Not to mention the elegant finishes on the reclaimed wood.


Finding the right ergonomic standing desk

It’s one thing to know what you need for your home office; it’s another to find the right furniture for your space. How do you determine the best standing desk for your home office?

First, do some research into the kind of style and overall feel you want for your office. The styles in rustic, classic and traditional styles also vary with the different tones and accessories that you can use. You can then research the best standing desks that combine the rustic elegance and modern look for your workspace with this done.

Here is the new FlexiSpot standing desk you can check for inspiration:

  • Flexispot Theodore standing desk at $499.99


Figure 7: Flexispot Theodore Standing Desk

This is a classic tale of old meets new. The Flexispot standing desk combines traditional style with technology. It is an elegant desk that accentuates your home office and sits perfectly in any space you assign it. This standing desk’s rustic elements give it a timeless look that is amplified by the modernity of the fitted USB port. It is a height-adjustable and effortless piece of furniture that makes working from home a lot more enjoyable.

In addition, the Theodore standing desk is smaller than regular desks and will fit into any type of room you have. It also has a three-step easy installation and quite affordable.


How to make your current workspace rustic and elegant

There’s barely enough time to start a redecoration project right now, and even with time, finances are stretched quite thin. Don’t fret; you can transform your current workspace to achieve a rustic and elegant look.

A rustic standing desk is a great place to start. If you want to go with an adjustable desk for your space, choose a standing desk that allows you these features. To save on space, you can opt for rustic stools to complete the space.

You can achieve an effortless rustic look for your home office by changing a few things and inviting in the liveliness and elegance of a traditional design interior.