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Handling Life's Difficulties

24 August 2021

One of the most painful shifts in one’s life is difficulties and certain changes. They either make us or break us. Human life is ever-changing and evolving, and that forces us to be highly adaptable. Difficulties don’t only come once in our lives like a rite of passage, but come in various stages of our lives and sometimes a few at the same time. This is the reason why, not only should we build resiliency, we should also be able to learn the patterns, causes, and our own behaviors that lead to that difficulty. Only then will we be able to try to mend it.

Acknowledging what life has thrown at you through its already rocky ups and downs and winding roads is the first step in overcoming it. Most times, when something comes towards us fast instead of coming beside us it would trigger our fight or flight response. Some would steel themselves and fight head-on while some would welcome it then let it be. While some, overwhelmed, will run away from it and even deny its very existence hoping it will all blow over and disappear.

Some circumstances do resolve by themselves when you leave them alone. However, most of the time when we refuse to acknowledge something for far too long, the time will come when it would be too late to mend it when it gets worse. So when a difficulty you find a bit daunting comes, it’s best to take a step back for a while, breathe, ground yourself to the present, and acknowledge it.

That said if you can acknowledge the presence of difficulty you must also be able to acknowledge how it makes you feel. Ask yourself why it makes you feel that way and if there was anything within your own control that could’ve changed the course of events. 

That way, you would know how to best avoid it and save yourself from the inconvenience and any pain it brings. If there’s none, accept that it’s not your fault hence the only thing left to do right now is to resolve it. 

During this time, you also have to be able to distinguish if that certain difficulty is real or only perceived. That once you have gained clarity and accurate information, everything will come to light as your burdens also become light.

The earth has been around 4.54 billion years and humans have been in existence for 6 million years and 90,000 years ago humans were able to solve their problems by using tools. Whatever you are going through, nine times out of ten someones somewhere has also gone through something similar.

That said, you are not alone in whatever you are going through. Who knows, you might find the same circumstances in self-help books, support groups, non-government organizations, even on the Internet.

There are a lot of avenues for research and support that would help you manage and cope with your situation. You can also reach out to experts and ask them for their opinion. You can ask family and friends, especially those who are older than us.

Not only are they more experienced, but they might also be connected to someone that can help or would have prudent advice or two for you. It is very important to know your own limits, that way you would know when to ask for help. Don’t let cynicism drown you, there would be people out there willing to help so when they reach out accept the help that you can get.

It is good to be able to accept help, but it does come with a limitation. That said, it is still up to you how to make something out of the situation. A well-prepared plan or course of action will be beneficial in the long run. The course of action must be cost-effective, efficient and the results must be positive. It is not good to rely on luck and blame a negative outcome on bad luck. When planning, you have to make sure to cover all the bases, have a cushion to absorb risk, and another course of action if the first one fails.

Once you have gone through a survival phase, it is time for you to thrive. This might mean unlearning the habits you have accumulated while you are surviving and replacing them with a set of habits that will guide you to success. While doing that, you need to take care of the most important thing in your life which is yourself. 

Make good eating and sleeping habits. Hydrate well and nourish your body with the right nutrients. Exercise or engage in a sport that you truly enjoy. Nourish your mind and soul with the things or people that make you happy and at peace. Surround yourself with good people and the right kind of people that makes you want to be the best version of yourself. Because that version of yourself is your truest self.

You would not be able to help others, do the things you enjoy, or explore everything that could be possible if you do not take care of your body. Eat according to what your body requires and not just to make yourself feel full. For example, if you have lines on your nails, your body might be deficient in zinc so eat oysters and other seafood. 

If you’re depressed you can eat food that will help alleviate the symptoms like berries, dark chocolate, greek yogurt, etc. You will find Google very handy in looking for specific foods to eat for what you lack. Exercise helps not only keep your body in an attractive shape but also releases hormones that boost your mood and make you strong physically and also internally.

You don’t need to go to the gym to keep fit but it does help. At home, you can follow a certain regimen recommended to you or what you have found to be good for you. During the times that you can’t, there are also alternatives available. At FlexiSpot, the Vibration Plate Exercise Machine VB1 is a fun, easy way to maintain your weight. It stimulates your muscles and improves both the blood circulation in your body and your metabolism.