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How to Support Your Back Every Day at Work and Home

19 January 2023

So many people experience back pain because of their daily habits, which is why it is a common reason why they frequently visit the doctor. The pain can vary depending on the cause, but it can range from shooting pain in the upper portion of the back or an ache in the lower end.

Either way, the consequence of back pain often involves missing work, having trouble sleeping, and missing recreational work. It's safe to say that back pain can become a nuisance that gets in the way of you enjoying life.

Individuals with a desk job who sit for hours are more prone to developing back pain. However, it can also stem from injury, medical condition, being overweight, or a sprain. Whatever the cause may be, it is time to change your daily habits and adopt various strategies to reduce back strain and ache.

Providing Support to Your Back

If you experience back pain frequently, chances are that your daily habits might be causing it. We often engage in activities and routines that increase the strain on the back and lead to pain in the upper and lower portion of the back. This is why it is important to provide support to yourself back at home and when you are at work.

If you don't, it can worsen the pain and lead to even more problems. If not treated, the back problem will significantly reduce the quality of your life. Medical intervention might become necessary; in some cases, you might also need surgery.

Hence, before the back pain gets worse and the problem deteriorates, it is time to take steps to relieve back pain. You don't necessarily need medication to provide relief, but there are certain strategies you can adopt at home and at work to provide support and relief. They will also increase your productivity at work. In this guide, we will go over all of them.

Ways to Support Your Back At Home and Work

Here are some self-help strategies you can adopt to minimize your back pain and provide relief. These will help you maintain a healthy and pain-free back for a long time. In fact, they will ensure that the back pain does not return. Take a look at the following strategies:

Improve Your Posture While Working

You should focus first on your posture, especially while working. Posture is everything when it comes to managing back strain. If you have a sedentary desk job, you must invest in an adjustable, ergonomic office chair. The one from FlexiSpot features an adjustable backrest, thick pillow headrest, and memory foam cushion for ultimate comfort. This is the best chair to have to prevent back pain.

When you sit and work, you should keep your back straight and against the chair. Shoulders should be relaxed, and your legs should be positioned in a way that your knees are at a 90-degree angle. Additionally, your forearm should be parallel to the ground while you are sitting at a desk.

All of this will reduce pressure on your spine and back. As a result, you will be less likely to experience pain in your back, shoulders, and neck.

Don't Slump Over Your Desk

Slouching and slumping over your desk are the main causes of back aches. Hence, you should sit up straight on your chair, so your ears are right above your shoulders. Another way to prevent slouching and slumping is to have your monitor at the same eye level. This way, you won't be bending your neck and back to move forward.

Exercise More Often

One of the best ways to support yourself back at home and work is by exercising regularly. This leads to a plethora of wonderful benefits. Even if your back is hurting, work out. You'll be surprised to see how this can provide relief to you.

Regular exercise and movement of the muscles will help reduce tension and inflammation, reducing back pain and the frequency of back aches. This is also because exercising strengthens the spine and back muscles.

Watch Your Weight

As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons why people experience backaches is because of being overweight. If you are on that end of the spectrum, it is imperative that you watch your weight and do your best to reduce it. Being overweight carries various negative implications and puts you at risk for dangerous diseases.

Hence, you should practice mindful eating, dieting, and exercise regularly. This will help manage back pain and allow you to reduce weight. If you want to control your back pain, you must control your weight.

Get Quality Sleep

If you are an insomniac or someone who sleeps late, it's time to change that. One of the most important daily habits to adopt is getting plentiful quality sleep each night. This can help you feel physically and mentally better. In fact, when you sleep the right way, it can relieve and prevent back pain as well.

For example, you should sleep with your knees on a pillow. Additionally, keep your back straight. Doing this will reduce back pain if any, because it heals the injured muscles and reduces inflammation.

Check Your Desk

Besides your chair, your desk should also be at a decent height. This will help keep your back straight and your spine aligned. This is because you want the monitor at the right height. The top of the monitor should ideally be two inches above eye level.

This will reduce strain on your neck and eyes as well as help you stay productive while at work. You should consider getting an adjustable desk to help you get your monitor at perfect eye level. FlexiSpot has a wide range of them.

Take Frequent Breaks at Work

It is essential that you take breaks at work to stand, walk, and stretch your body. It will give your back a break and reduce pressure on it. Walk around in your office and socialize with coworkers. This will help you stay mentally fresh and productive as well.

Set an alarm every hour at work for you to get up and move. Or, you can just increase your water intake since you will be more likely to take frequent bathroom breaks in this case. This would also help you stay energized and hydrated.

Increase Your Calcium and Vitamin D Intake

Weak bones are one of the leading causes of back aches in older individuals, especially women. This is why you should keep your bones and spine strong by increasing your vitamin D and calcium intake. You can do this by eating food rich in these vitamins and minerals.

For example, you should eat more eggs, milk, leafy greens, cheese, beef liver, and vitamin supplements. However, consult your doctor before consuming supplements.


Stretching is quite important in relieving back pain and pressure. It is also great for preventing pain from occurring. You should stretch since that reduces muscle tension. You should stretch whenever you have the opportunity to. For example, you should do it after working out, before bed, or even when you take small breaks from working.

Standing, sitting, or lying down in one position for too long can have negative effects on your body, specifically your back. Relieve the strain in your muscles by getting up, walking around, and doing some stretches. This will also help you stay active and increase blood circulation in your body.

Quit Smoking

If you smoke, the one habit you need to let go of is this one if you want to support your back and relieve pain and pressure. Smokers are vulnerable to back pain because they have fewer cells in their bodies to carry nutrients. It also amplifies their back pain because smoking increases inflammation throughout the body. This is why nicotine consumption is a big link to back pain.

Reduce Your Load

A significant way to support your back while at work and home is to reduce the load you carry throughout the way. These could include carrying backpacks, heavy briefcases, heavy books, and pots. Regularly holding and carrying all of these can strain your back greatly.

Even while working out, you should be mindful of how much weight you lift. Additionally, pay attention to your form while lifting to reduce accidents and strain on your back.

Final Words

There are many self-help strategies you can follow in order to support your back and reduce pain if you have any. These will also help you stay healthy, productive, and rejuvenated. Follow these strategies and notice the positive change in your life.

One thing you should definitely do is invest in an excellent office chair, such as the one from FlexiSpot. It will tremendously help in managing and preventing back pain due to the lumbar support and headrest it provides. For more information, visit their website.