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How's Your Self-Esteem?

08 July 2021

When I was in high school, I was bashful and I was like a sensitive plant that droops and folds when people around focus their attention on me or tell me to recite in front of the class. When my teacher told me to come in front of the class, I usually felt nervous, shaky and I felt like I melted with shyness. For those high school years, I was not able to change and overcome my inferiority complex.  

To make up for this, I studied hard and tried to be on the honor roll so that my classmates and my close friends will still be around me even if my personality is not really active and appealing. With my high test scores, I am always invited to any group activities although I was always an unobtrusive figure.  

When I was a freshman in college, I was surprised to see that there was a big difference in the way students interact with one another. College students are more independent and they do not usually join big groups to study or to review for the tests. They usually do their own ways independently although you still have to have some close friends to enjoy your college life.

During my college education, I realized that I do not appreciate myself as a person and I lack self-confidence. I feel that I was inferior compared to others and that I feel unhappy even though I still have some friends. My self-worth or self-esteem was low. I guess that my low self-esteem was basically due to my family being poor, financially strapped, that my only consolation was having them on my side for moral support.

Self-esteem is the way you regard yourself or self-respect in simpler terms such that it hinders you to make progress with yourself as if you cannot adapt yourself to any situation especially when other people are involved. It is indicated (https://www.verywellmind.com/) that self-esteem is characterized by some factors such as:

  • A feeling of being belong to a group
  • Self-confidence
  • Identity
  • Feeling of security

In my case, I lack self-confidence due to my social status and maybe also due to my upbringing. I am not sure about it but I felt I cannot do more than others and I felt I was always left behind although I tried to change this kind of attitude.  

So in college, I worked harder to change my personality so I could adapt to a new environment and to new classmates who had different personalities that I had to consider for making friendships and good rapport.

The first thing that I did was enroll in a public speaking course. I zeroed in on this because it was my biggest problem that I could not speak in public even in front of my classmates when it was necessary to do so at the professor’s request. I felt afraid especially when everyone’s eyes were focused on me while I was speaking.  

The next thing that I did was to try to make friends with some of my classmates by talking to them about our school life and tried to break the ice when I got an opportunity to do so. It was some kind of an experiment for me. But in a way, I was successful because I was able to have a friend who lived near my place.

There are also other ways to enhance your self-esteem that would make you more confident with yourself and that you also have some abilities and skills like the others. Some of those ways are:

  • Being conscious and aware that lack of self-confidence is one of the negatives thoughts that we should not dwell on
  • Think and talk positively. There is no other way to be a better person than to make a change, yourself, especially your attitude toward yourself.
  • Eliminate guilty feelings and forgive yourself

It was found that low self-esteem could lead to mental health problems such that you should do something about it. One of the ways to improve self-esteem is to engage in physical exercises that make our minds focused on something positive. Exercising in any form will enable us to veer away from negative emotions and thoughts about ourselves and would promote mental health.

There are fitness and workout machines from Flexispot that you may want to purchase to alter your mood and thoughts while being physically fit. For example, the Home office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9 is a combination of a desk and a bike wherein you could do your office work while cycling or exercising on the bike. It will ensure that your mind is busy with nothing else but your work and exercising. In this way, you train your mind to be more positive and you become more productive.

This product has awesome features that are mind-blowing. For example, this desk bike makes you more active even in isolation. It means that even when you are alone, you still think of good things rather than negative things. The desktop is spacious and moveable so that it could be moved up and down or sideways so that you will be more comfortable doing your activities in freer movements. The desktop also has sufficient space for your laptop, books, and other essentials for efficient work performance.

This desk bike can be easily moved from one space to another with its smooth-rolling casters such that you can work in any setting you would be happy to be in. The seat is adjustable with an easy push of a lever that does need getting off the bike to do it. 

Cycling is easy, smooth, and quiet. Aside from working, you can also do other activities such as reading your favorite coffee table book or watching your friend’s video that makes a fun day for you. The eight (8) resistance levels allow you to change the setting for more intense exercise.

The desk bike is also easy to install which could be done in a minute. Why not visit the website now to learn more about other products. It’s just a click away!