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Intense Exercise: Ergonomic or Not?

16 July 2021

Intensity in a Workout

When someone is shedding some pounds or making himself fit and healthy, he sometimes tends to hurry up or put too much pressure on the equipment. When this happens, he might be just exposing himself to some ergonomic injuries. 

You might be one of the people who experienced that thing before. Think of the first time you tried using fitness equipment. Did you experience putting much force or intensity when you were exercising? If yes is the answer then, you need to take extra care the next time you try using the fitness equipment again. This is because there are countless possibilities of you getting hurt in the process of shedding some pounds. 

So, if you are an office worker who wants to keep an active lifestyle in the office by using some fitness equipment then it is also possible that you might hurt yourself while trying to cycle as you do some office work. This could also bring ergonomic problems. Yes, it is difficult to keep a healthy lifestyle when you face a lot of pressures at work and there are not many offices where workers could use fitness equipment and office furniture in one just like the desk bike or fitness chair that you can purchase from Flexispot. Hence, there are a few people like you who know how to maintain the right movement and put the suitable intensity on the fitness equipment,

So, as we move along now, we will discuss the disadvantages of putting much intensity on the fitness equipment that you might be using. 

Sufficient Workout Intensity

There are disadvantages when you put too much pressure on your workouts. However, these are just some of the things that might happen to you if you would not maintain the proper speed and observe proper posture when you work out. 

First, when you put much pressure on your body when working out, you might do sudden and forceful movements that could damage your nerves. This happens to people who always feel pressured about toning their bodies or losing some weight. If you watch some bodybuilders do their routine, some do not feel relaxed but they feel the pressure. Hence, if you see them in photos or videos, they seem to frown a lot instead of smiling while doing the routine. 

Yes, people have different levels of intensity when they exercise, however you would notice the difference between someone who enjoys working out and someone who is pressured to be fit and healthy. As a result, the one who feels pressured tends to make fatal mistakes when exercising. This is because they tend to forget the proper position when lifting some weights or execute a routine improperly. This one is considered not a minor mistake because making a simple mistake when lifting weights could cause someone's life. Hence, it is important that you feel relaxed, especially when lifting exercising. 

That is why the best piece of equipment for you is like the Under Desk Bike V9U from Flexispot. This piece of ergonomic equipment has an 8-level resistance that helps you stay focused and well-balanced to avoid falling off the equipment. Aside from that fitness equipment such as the Desk Bike V9U is sturdy and could carry weight as heavy as 300lbs. Thus, you can ensure that it could make you feel comfortable. So, with this feature, you can ensure that you can be able to lessen the intensity and feel the enjoyment of losing some weight and staying fit. 

Aside from that, it is important that when you are exercising, you observe the proper posture and stance. When you exercise with a trainer, he would tell you the proper level of the hands or feet. The right angle and distance of some body parts. This is to avoid injuries or the improper result of your exercise. An example of a routine that needs the exact angle and position is when you are toning your shoulders. When you are using the dumbbells to tone your shoulders or make them look less flabby, you need to lessen the weight of the dumbbells then make sure you put them on the chest level this is because when you do weights and the position of your hands is incorrect, you tend that your muscle would be bigger or would look muscular instead of it being fit. This is the reason men and women have different fitness plans because every person has different needs.  

The same goes with other fitness equipment of Flexispot. When you observe the proper distance and angle, you can shape and tone your body properly. 

With this, you must remember to check first your BMI and the suitable fitness plan for you. This is because knowing your BMI and the most suitable fitness plan for you could help you achieve your ideal weight so you would not be pressured in keeping your body healthy but would enjoy your fitness journey. 

Next, the other way to achieve injury-free exercise is to choose the appropriate pieces of equipment for you. Avoid making DIY equipment because you might not be able to achieve the right ergonomics of these pieces. Hence, it is advisable to purchase the right ergo equipment for you just like the exercise equipment from Flexispot like the AB Rowing LCL that was created with the right ergonomics and measurements. By using it you could revolutionize your exercise. This is safer compared to making DIY exercise equipment. You can also ensure that you will be able to maintain the proper ergonomics when you use the right pieces of equipment. These are just some of the things that you could follow when exercising so you can avoid ergonomic injury and damaging the product. 

Final Thoughts

When we are very determined in losing weight and achieving a fit and healthy body, we feel the surge of energy within ourselves. Hence, we tend to put much force when we are exercising. This has a lot of disadvantages hence we need to relax and learn to enjoy our weight loss journey. Imagining that our weight loss routines are as relaxing as our meditation on the standing desk. You may also imagine that the weight loss routine is as swift as our movement on the sit-stand desk. All these things would be possible with Flexispot-the provider of the best stand-up desk and ergonomic chair products.