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Interior Design with an Accent Chair

29 April 2021

Do you find your living room dull and uninteresting?  Does your interior design evoke a good mood or good vibes, at least?  If you say no, then it’s time for you to make some changes in your interior decoration whether it is in your living room or bedroom.  Many people believe and it is scientifically proved that our surrounding influences us mentally and emotionally.  For this reason, a good interior design is the best next thing to think about seriously.  If you don’t believe it, try to analyze the inside look of a particular restaurant or a fast food chain. Since most of them are family oriented, the interior look is usually colorful like red and white colors to attract customers especially families with kids.  The pieces of furniture are also simple, with long benches so that family members can gather in one table and seating is sufficient for all family members.  This seating arrangement enables them to eat together face to face and sit side by side.  

Aside from the seating arrangement, dominant bright colors, fast food stores also provide good lighting that everyone can see every action inside the store. Parents can clearly see their children actively roaming around the store after eating.  For night clubs where intimate conversations are usually held, the interior is dimly lit sometimes and the furniture arrangement invites small talk with tables and is soft  and comfortable to sit on. The mood is more intimate and romantic.

At home, living rooms are usually the focus of  interior design and decor because it is the place where family members gather on weekends to watch TV or play online games together.  As such, the dominant color of the living room could light or pastel colored.  However, it usually depends on the owner as to how the interior design will be to create a good mood or good vibes for everybody.

In creating a positive outlook in the living room or bedroom, a stylish or a classic accent chair can do magic.  Accent chairs had been part of any interior decoration or design tracing back to medieval times that spells royalty and nobility.  The St. Augustine Chair is the oldest chair in the world. Chairs from around the world have evolved and transformed as time went on until today.

When we think about an accent chair, it usually relates to”side” chairs  that gives more aesthetic delight and creates a different mood when placed in a particular corner of a room.  The design and colors of an accent chair also imbibes a certain personality and mood to the general atmosphere in the room.  The accent chair differs from other pieces of furniture  with its exquisite color and intricate designs that makes it stand out in a particular setting.

Some Types of Accent Chairs

  • Armless chair -  As the name suggests, it is different from the common chairs we see around.

  • Lounge chair -   Wider body with soft and thick cushion that offers more comfort. When you want to sit longer to watch TV or play online games.

  • Tufted chair - Intricately designed and are related to European style of furniture.

  • Sculptural chairs -  Visually refreshing with unique designs but not as comfortable as other types of chairs.

Choosing the Accent Chair For You

There are ways to know if the accent chair you found is ideal for you. Below are things that could guide you.

  • Match the design to your personality. If you’re the type of a person who is  usually energetic, then design must be bold and stylish.

  • The color must complement with the dominant color of your room. 

  • Promote balance with your new accent chair.

  • Functionality must be enhanced. If your accent chair functions as a corner chair for reading books, then it should be more comfy with something like a pastel color that light and pleasing to your eyes.

Some popular colors of accent chairs are blue, gray, and pink. Blue color imbibes calmness and serenity.  It  is the color of the sky and ocean.  So it means depth and wisdom.  Accent chairs in blue color attract good mood and meditation.  You can sit on your blue accent chair near the window in the middle of the quietness of your surrounding and try to reflect on your thoughts.

Gray color which in between black and white, means balance and being neutral.  A gray colored accent chair will definitely enhance balance in your living room where  colors like red or white are dominant  in your curtains or your pieces of furniture.

The pink color of your accent chair symbolizes love and affection, friendship, and harmony.  The accent chair with the pink color will be great to be placed in the living room where everyone converges and interacts with one another.  A pink accent chair will enhance harmonious relationships between family members and friends.

Knowing something about the color symbolisms is a smart way before buying a nice accent chair for your living room or bedroom.  There are many furniture shops that  you can visit to see different kinds of accent chairs. FlexiSpot is an ideal store for accent chairs that you should not miss.  

The Scalloped accent chair 1049 is a great find for your accent chair needsIt comes in different popular colors of pink, blue, and gray that will surely embellish your living room with a different personality and mood.  It is made of velvety-soft upholstery that is stain-resistant.  The chair is also a thickly padded seat with a spring coil system that enhances comfort and coziness.

The scallop edge and barrel back design brings aesthetic feeling with durability trusted by millions all over the world.   The wooden legs underwent 100,000 times fatigue tests giving assurance of pleasant and satisfying sitting  experience. When you buy this wonderful accent chair, it goes with a one-year warranty.  Is it not worth buying?

You can check it out at FlexiSpot where a wide array of exciting products awaits you.  It’s just a click away!