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Is it a Good Idea to Work From Your Bed?

10 August 2021

Considering that many of us now work from home, this move has meant saying goodbye to the typical workplace and hello to the home office in the bedroom, or rather the bed. 

Though working from bed is a convenient option because it eliminates the need to get up and dress, doing so daily may have bad repercussions.

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Why You Should Not Work from Your Bed

When you work in bed, your production level is not optimal; in fact, it is closer to below average. Why? Our bed is for resting, relaxing, and doing things that are not work-related. 

We have blurred the lines between personal and professional when we put our job to bed. These hazy lines lead to another reason why working from bed is not a good idea: relationships.

Bringing your work to bed, whether you work in the morning or late, can cause problems if you share a room. This might have a long-term and short-term impact on your connection.

Another important reason to avoid working from bed is the harmful effects it can have on your body, particularly your posture. When working in bed, there is no back support, at least not in the way that an office chair can. 

It does not matter how many pillows or cushions you use; there is never enough to provide the necessary support without causing problems down the line.

Working in bed should also be discouraged for the following reasons:

Mental Health and Mood

Bedrooms are notoriously dark unless they have floor-to-ceiling windows. When you work in a gloomy or dimly lit environment, it might affect your work mood as well as your mental health.

A cute little girl is lying on the bed, resting after a hard day of work, watching a movie on the laptop, and eating fruit.


Laptops, notebooks, pens, papers, and a variety of other items are frequently used in our job. These can carry germs and bacteria from where we have placed them down, and it transfers over when we work in bed. 

Not only are germs from our equipment transferable, but we also contribute to the dust that might accumulate from our dead skin cells as we work and sleep in our beds.


Working from or doing work in bed has an impact on your sleep cycle and association. Our minds become stimulated, and we find it difficult to separate work, sleep, and personal life.

Many health practitioners advise people who work from home not to work from their beds. If at all possible, check out hybrid office furniture, which is ideal for individuals who do not feel they have enough space for a proper work setting. The most important thing is to avoid working from the bed as much as possible.


Create an Appropriate Workspace

What comes to mind when you think of an office? We usually conceive of an office as consisting of a desk and chair; but, with the trend toward building ergonomically sensitive workspaces, many work-from-home employees are looking for a good setup at home.

Employees who used to have a standing desk at work may now purchase a standing desk that is inexpensive, well-made, and perfect for any location. A standing desk is a great addition to any bedroom home office because it takes up very little space and can be used for more than simply writing. 

You can discover a matching office chair that can also be used as a lounge or sitting chair once you have chosen your ideal workstation. Some chairs can be used for more than just office work, so comfort and functionality do not have to look drab or official.

The presence of furniture is simply one component of establishing a decent workspace; the other is the creation of an appropriate environment. This could mean getting rid of distracting stuff or introducing those that are more "work-related." 

Consider investing in a whiteboard if you used to have one at work because these minor changes can make a major difference in one's mental state when working from home.

Office Furniture with a Twist

What does "hybrid office furniture" imply? This is where contemporary meets utility to create the perfect workspace. Consider turning a side table into a workstation. A chair that can also be used as a lounger is one example of furniture that can be used as office equipment.

What Difference Does It Make?

Many organizations are adjusting to the realities of their workers' work lives by allowing them to work entirely from home or adopting a hybrid work arrangement. To ensure efficiency and privacy, professionals who choose to work from home must set up a comfortable and ergonomic workspace.

When not in use, hybrid office furniture resembles standard room decor; nevertheless, move that side table or adjust that chair, and you have a working desk and chair.

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Wooden Top - 48" W

Using the Right Equipment

Working from your bed can pose lots of threats to your health and affect your posture. You would need furniture or equipment that is suitable for your work activities. 

Ergonomic products are beneficial and will surely promote a healthier lifestyle. Even if you are working a sedentary job, a piece of ergonomic equipment will safeguard your health and keep you active. This is where a standing desk from FlexiSpot comes in handy.

The Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Wooden Top - 48" W provides the ideal working from home alternative. This revolutionary workstation is such a versatile and practical standing desk that not only helps you be more productive by keeping you from sitting all day, but it also stands out because of its many features and elegant design. 

It adjusts from your ideal sitting position to the optimal standing position with the touch of a button, all while keeping your monitor, keyboard, and mouse in the most ergonomic positions for efficient and effective work.


Getting up, getting dressed, and sitting at a desk can be disheartening, but the advantages are substantial. Making a conscious effort to not work from bed can help you achieve success on many levels, including emotional, mental, and productivity. 

Allowing your bed to stifle your productivity, mental health, or well-being is a bad idea. Instead, get economical and elegant hybrid office furniture to create the ideal office away from the office.