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3 Ways to Keep Your Children Healthy During the Pandemic

04 August 2021

The pandemic shocked the nation as it wiped out millions of people for the last year and counting. 

Everyone is told to start living healthier lifestyles to keep their immune system strong enough to fend off becoming infected. However, more attention were required for two age groups; the children and the senior citizens. While they may be a huge gap in age, they are more similar than what you thinks. For instance, both immune system for their ages are not strong enough. The children are still developing their immune systems. As for the seniors, theirs are deteriorating. Furthermore, both need special care and attention to help them manage this pandemic. 

For today, we are focusing on the age group that is the future of our generations. 

There is a lot of discussions nowadays about children's fitness because of the pandemic. Individuals that are concern want to know ways to assist children in becoming more healthy and active.

Becoming healthy and active refers to a person who consumes nutritious foods, engages in regular physical activity, and maintains a healthy diet. If your child is healthy, their bodies functions well, look excellent, and allow them to do all sorts of activities, such as play around.

Educate your kids to lead a healthy lifestyle. Begin while they're still youthful. This assists kids in avoiding dangerous options and forming lifetime negative behaviors. It is critical for families to provide and be role models. Ordering your children what to do is not necessarily effective. Children have to witness you making good lifestyles as well.

Let us start the quest towards a healthier child with these tips.

children eating healthy food

1. Healthy Food is Always In, Junk Foods are Out (Sometimes)

Eating healthy can be hard for children especially when your household only cooks boxed mac and cheese, frozen delis and pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As the parent, you must make the effort to prepare home-cooked meals using the healthiest ingredients. Starting them young will help develop their taste profiles and come to love the freshness of fruits and vegetables. 

The internet is also a goldmine of amazing information regarding healthy recipes. There are even websites that will put all the macro-nutrients per serving so you have an idea what you are putting into their bodies. If you are worried about the taste turning off your children, seasoning your meals well is they key! Dashes of herbs and spices can help bring out the flavor of the meals while masking the veggie taste that some kids cannot stand.

Preparing a variety of healthy foods gives a growing body all of the nutrients it will need to fight off infections and diseases. However, there would be days that might call for unhealthy yet delicious treats. Sometimes in life, you need to have a little fun and eat that pizza and ice cream, just on special occasions though.

If you are adamant on staying the healthy path, look for better alternatives for their favorite treats. Just remember a number of factor must be considered such as it can be more expensive than the regular ones or its taste would not be the same. Finding the perfect and healthier snack substitute would not be easier so take you time for some trial and error. 

child resting on mother's lap

2. Your Kids May Not Have Full Control of Their Bodies Yet

At times, children may be to afraid to tell you that they are feeling unwell or still not understand their bodies. This is why you must teach them how to be open to you. Making them recognize some body cues can also be important for them to develop healthier habits. 

For example, once they are full from eating, their bodies will feel satiated but never uncomfortable. Do not berate them right away if they did not finish their meals. What you must do instead is properly store their leftovers so when they get hungry, you can just reheat what they have left. 

Speaking of berating your children, be the parent that would never shut down your kids if they inform you that they are feeling unwell. While most kids may pretend to be sick, listen to your gut instinct. While it could stem from plain laziness, there may be some things that your children are not talking to you about.

children painting3. Get Active as They Study

Learning is a crucial element for growing children. It helps them develop viewpoints and form strong opinions that they would hold onto for life. 

While a regular classroom setting has images of children sitting down as the teacher is around, keep sitting while studying at home to a minimum. Using the dinner table can help but in the long run, it can become distracting and quite messy to study there. As a parent, you must invest in inexpensive yet quality studying furniture for your children. Take the Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk by FlexiSpot for example. For those who are not informed yet, sitting actually kills your children’s concentration. To mitigate this, the Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk can help your child focus as they study. Furthermore, the easy-adjust feature of this study desk makes it ideal for any children. It allows them to stand up or sit down after a while. 

FlexiSpot also takes into consideration the materials that your children might be exposed to. That is why we only construct our desks with a quality and sustainable chipboard that is safe for children. The Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk also grows with your beloved child as well, making this a better investment than the kitschy study tables with cartoon characters on it. 

Final Thoughts from FlexiSpot

A child’s health should be every parent’s concern and priority especially with the pandemic still looming above our heads. While these can be steps that you can take to keep them safe from the threat of the virus, parents must remember that the only way to protect their children from COVID-19 is through vaccination. It makes the world of a difference once you let your guard down from vaccines and let the vaccine safeguard your family.