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Level up your Ergonomic Home Office Now: Here are Some Things You Might be Missing

29 May 2020

Do you have an ergonomic home office set up? If yes, working from home must be heaven for you! But for those who are still making use of their old kitchen table and sofa as makeshift workplace, hear your joints begging and start checking products to suit your needs.

If you want to level up your home office set up, having a standing desk or a posture-correcting chair might not be enough. You might need to check other products or accessories that may complement the one that you already have.

What can you say about a monitor stand?

One of the essences of ergonomics is aligning your equipment to fit your body and contribute to your efficiency as a worker. A monitor stand can surely make your life easier. It is an ergonomic rule to place your monitor directly in front of you, about one meter away.

MonitorStand Workstation is one of the best of its kind. It does not just alleviate neck pain but also provides ample storage for your office supplies. It also has an integrated UV sterilization that helps you combat invisible viruses. You just need to place your belongings like mobile phone, pen, calculator, or keys at the bottom of the stand and it will disinfect them. This would be very helpful especially now with the COVID-19 pandemic.

How about a CPU holder?

CPUs are just one of the home office equipment that people sometimes forget and just left on the floor. But you shouldn’t forget that it is the heart of your work and you should take extra care of it.

One of the safest products in the market is the Adjustable CPU Holder. It will securely mount your CPU beneath your desk and will keep it safe from accidental damages. It will save space from your floor. This holder also swivels for 180 degrees and give you easy access to its USB ports or backside cables.

Do you need some under desk drawer?

You always need space – whether in the office or at home. You'll need storage to keep your office supplies or any confidential documents. You'll need drawer that's separate from the drawers who have at home because you wouldn't want to include your task list with your undergarments.

If you're looking for storage with extra features, try Under Desk Drawer by FlexiSpot. It's a sleek-looking drawer that can be easily mounted to your home office table for extra storage. It has an excellent security and privacy features. You can keep your most-treasured documents or personal belongings there without worrying that it may be stolen. It can hold up to 20 magazines, which indicates that it's heavy duty.

Do you have a dual monitor set up?

What's the worst thing that can happen if you have a dual monitor set up? It's not knowing where to look while working. But with the use of some special mount you can absolutely configure what you want to do with your monitors.

Dual Monitor Mount is a tried and tested mount by FlexiSpot that gives you the freedom to choose the way you want your monitor to compliment what you are working on. You can place your monitors' side-by-side for a widescreen effect, back-to-back, top-to-bottom, or anywhere you want. It also includes a cable management system that hides your wires away.

Setting up for an ergonomic home office may be costly, with all the equipment you need to purchase, but it is an investment that can give you a bigger return in the long run. Remember that you need to be physically and mentally healthy before anything else. Change and improve your lifestyle simultaneously with the beautification of your home office.

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