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Look Alive, Sunshine: Build Your Child’s Morning Habits for a Great Day Ahead

23 April 2021

A long time ago, your mornings were spent solely on hitting the snooze button and groggily getting yourself out of bed to prepare for a long day of work ahead. Your breakfast probably consists of getting take-out breakfast sandwiches and shots on shots of espresso to keep you fueled and running. This morning routine is working for your lifestyle albeit it needs a change or two. Nevertheless, your routine occasionally never fails you.

Once you have your own children though, your mornings would never be the same.

There are mornings where your kids are angels who do what they are told without any bribery. Everything runs smoothly on your household and it feels like you are the best parent in the whole wide world. Other times, there is no denying that everyone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Your phone is missing. Your partner is asking where is breakfast while your kids are either crying or running around the whole length of your house. If this scenario keeps going, nothing would ever get done. So, you huff and puff to give it all your might and get everyone in line. Surprise, it did not work and now you are also stressed. Oh, your mornings were definitely easier when you only needed to take care of yourself.

 Remember, your momma did not raise a quitter. Right? So go stand up and compose yourself. Let your loving authority take over the room and follow these steps for your kids’ great day ahead!

Sleep Away Your Morning Troubles At Night

First things first, make sure that your children get enough hours of sleep. This way, you are setting your kids to be the little angels you want them to be every morning. While adults like us can just take a few melatonin pills at night to get some rest, it would be best if your children doze off to Dreamland the natural way.

To give your kids a great morning, their sleep routine must be on point.  Before going to bed, teach them how to clean their bodies and face- like a thorough brushing of their teeth, rubbing essential oils like lavender to relax them, and slipping onto comfy pyjamas. 

Once your children are all prepped for bed, this is the time for your parenting skills to shine. Tuck them into their bed and if they ask you to check for monsters under the bed, do it. It may seem silly to you but in doing so, you build their trust and ease their minds. After you are done checking, offer to read them some bedtime stories. The theme of your story is crucial because you do not want your children to be so delighted by it that they never get some shut-eye. Opt for the relaxing bedtime stories that have simple climaxes. Your intonation also matters as it is best to make your voice as soothing as possible-- as if a lullaby is being sung to them.

Speaking of lullabies, if reading bedtime stories do not work, sing and see their eyes close. Remember, their nighttime routine should be a relaxing experience. It would be best to lessen any noise and distractions at this hour so that your kids would only focus on your bond and getting some well-deserved shut-eye.

Fast Happiness With A Quick Breakfast
Before your kids hop on the shower, prepare their favorite breakfast. By doing so, your children would have a boost of energy as well as a more cheerful disposition. Your favorite meal always guarantees good vibes for you right? Treat your children the same and watch excitement take over the sleepiness. 

But let us be honest, preparing their favorite breakfast early in the morning can sometimes take a painstakingly long time.  As tempting as it may sound, steer clear from quick fixes like sugar-filled cereals in the morning. After all, a hearty and nutrient-filled breakfast is still the best way to nourish your kids’ growing bodies. 

To make it easier for you every morning, meal prepping the night (or even the week) before is the way to go. Scour the internet for the easiest breakfast meal preps that your children would also love like the overnight chia pudding or a breakfast sandwich that can be stored in your freezer. Simply reheat or microwave in the morning and you are guaranteed to have the most nutritious breakfast everyday-- also knowing that you made it with all of your love just makes it even more special.

After eating their special breakfast, your children can now go take a shower to freshen up without a hitch. You can also use this time to prepare their lunches to save more time when they are ready to go to school. If you are feeling a bit drowsy, the time left can also be your quick recharge.

Out The Door Troubles No More

Ever had the unfortunate moment where while you were en route to  their destination, your kids suddenly remembered they forgot to bring their homework. This situation is a headache because not only are you running out of time but you also have to make sure that your children would not get a tardy slip at school.

To avoid any of that hullabaloo from ever happening again, commit your whole family to preparing the week or night before. This not only saves you a lot of time on mornings that you need to quickly get out of the house since it also includes the children for much of the decision-making process. It may seem like such a small detail but as time goes by, your children will be masters at making their own decision, all thanks to this parenting tip.

You might also consider getting some organizers like FlexiSpot's Metal Storage Cabinet 004&002 to place along the way to your door. Having sturdy hooks on your wall will also make getting out of the door a swift affair since there is no need to look around the house anymore. In the end. you save time and are assured that no one will forget to bring their projects or assignments while en route to school or work.

Final Thoughts

Through taking your time and correcting any mistakes in your morning routine, your child would absolutely absorb this everyday procedure. After all, building a habit takes a lot of months to adapt and perfect. Do not be so hard on yourself and especially your child since everyone encounters some mishaps from time to time. Just remember, you are always doing what is best for your children and that alone makes you the best parent in the whole wide world.