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Make Your Dreams Come True!

27 May 2021

Have you achieved your dream? Each one of us has a dream that we want to accomplish in the future. Whatever it is, determination and resolve keep us going until we find it and achieve it. On the other hand, sometimes there are hindrances that are uncontrollable that stop us from conquering our dream or ambition. 

Never Give Up

Financial constraint is one hindrance to success. We dream big but in reality, we have little to pursue it. Sometimes it is really frustrating that you can have the thing that you want even if you work hard. But of course, there are people who pursued their dreams and were successful. 

I think it is a matter of holding on to your dream no matter what happens and who knows it comes to reality. For example, I was watching an interview with a fashion designer based abroad. 

He was so successful that even the high profile celebrities like Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez among others, were his clients.

I became interested in how he became famous and successful so I continued watching the interview while binging on my favorite snacks: fresh fruits in season and walnuts. I was already sleepy when he was asked about how he was able to achieve his dreams.

He revealed that he came from a big family, a brood of 8 (eight). The fashion designer was really fond of watching movies especially with lavish costumes on the set and after watching them, he tried to draw and sketch the costumes he saw in the movies. He started with that until he finished elementary school.

In high school, he won an art competition and was able to save it for his schooling. He did not stop sketching dresses until he made his mom as his model for his sketches. His mother was a dressmaker. With some money he received from the scholarship, he bought cheap dress materials and asked his mom to sew some dresses based on the sketches and designs he created.

He became popular in the neighborhood and his mom wore some of the dresses even for Tiktok. Then this fashion designer became popular and had his own cult following and clients asking him to make dresses for them. He was really happy but he thought that it was not enough. 

He saved money and came to the city to pursue studies on fashion design in one of the best fashion design schools in the city. After graduation, he tried to apply for an assistant position with a famous fashion designer. He gained more experience from his job. He wisely saved more money to achieve his ultimate dream of studying at Parsons in New York City.

With more years of working and gaining more experience from his job, he acquired some properties in his hometown and he also put up a dress shop that was being managed by his mom.

After a few years, he decided to sell his property in his hometown to be able to go to New York City to pursue his dream of studying at Parsons. 

It was a dream come true for this accomplished fashion designer. After graduating from Parsons, he met a young princess and he was asked to make a beautiful wedding gown for her. The princess was in awe of the dress he made for her. From that time on, she became her regular client for her gowns and dresses.

Inching his way to the pinnacle of success, he enrolled at Central St. Martens in London for a short course relevant to fashion design. The rest of the story is history.

I was really inspired by his story. Now he is a resident of New York with his clients coming from prominent families and celebrities around the world. I was touched by what he said that when he was small, he used to draw on the bark of a tree in front of his house. He did not have a table or desk to work on and they do not have electricity to boot.

Make a Plan

When you want to be a fashion designer, a writer, or an engineer, or a profession that needs scribbling, doodling, or drafting, you need to have an ergonomic table that fits all your needs for a desk. You can accomplish your dream by writing first your plans and how you would eventually achieve them. And that really needs an honest to goodness ergonomic table that matches your thoughts.

If you have not achieved your dreams, these days, everything is possible if only you have the guts and determination to achieve it. First, you have to have an ergonomic table to write down your dream and plan for it before making it a reality.

Check on FlexiSpot on the Internet because this company is into manufacturing home office furniture that is ergonomically designed for the user’s comfort without sacrificing physical well-being.

One of the best desks it offers is the  Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B which is, I think, ideal to have at home or possibly in the office for a more cozy feeling while sitting or standing at work. Some features are really fantastic:

● It has a height programmable control panel that is equipped with 4 memory buttons that can be programmed with up to 4 different sit/stand heights. By simply pressing a button, you can easily switch to your preferred posture.

● The tiltable and versatile tabletop allows you to tilt it from 0°to 40°to achieve the ideal angle for a wide range of tasks including working, writing, reading, drawing, and drafting.

● The tabletop features a drop leaf design that can be extended for more desk space or folded to fit in small spaces.

● It has a spacious pull-out drawer to store home and office supplies that will keep your tabletop neat and tidy so you could work efficiently

● The safety ledge stopper prevents devices, artwork, and paperwork from sliding off the table surface, no matter which desktop angle you’ve selected.

With the great features of this height-adjustable drafting table, I am sure your dream is not too far to achieve and to relish.