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Make Your Makeup Pop With these Tips

28 April 2021

While the pandemic still has the world on lockdown, there are times that doing your makeup will make you feel good even if you have nowhere to go. However, since most of us are working from the comforts of our home, our makeup skills are not utilized at all. This is not a problem though since no one will even see your bare face. The low quality videos of virtual meetings also make it easier for you to get away with a face sans makeup so for now, it is fine to let your skills rust.

But once the restrictions are lifted, you need to brush up on your makeup skills so that you only present your best face forward. You may be excited to go out but now, you are panicking! Fear not though since this article would guide you through a series of easy steps to take the guesswork out of makeup!

  • Preparing The Canvas

- Good skin would always elevate a great makeup look. To start preparing your canvas a.k.a your face, wash it first with a gentle facial cleanser to get rid of dirt and grime. This helps your skin absorb the next skincare goodies that you would put next.

After cleansing, use a serum to target specific skin concerns. Lucky you because a lot of brands have been putting out great but affordable serums with great ingredients as well. A few drops of your favorite serum and you are good for the third step which is massaging your under eye bags with a potent eye cream. These small-but-terrific creams will prevent your concealer from creasing and help it adhere long to keep yourself looking as fresh as morning dew.

Now that you have given your eyes some tender loving care, it is now time to moisturize! Do not skip this step even if you have oily skin too. Your skin would appreciate the boost of moisture which will thereby lessen the production of oil it thinks it needs.

While there are tons of moisturizers available in the market, choose one that is deeply moisturizing while still being lightweight and breathable for your skin. A heavy moisturizer is no good if you are planning to wear a full-coverage foundation since this would have the tendency to slip and slide on your face. But if you are going after a light makeup look, opt for tinted sunscreen for a sheer coverage that would even out your skin tone beautifully.

After you have moisturized, the most important step is also the final one. Even if you are not going to put on makeup, sunscreen should still be a part of your everyday routine. If you find most of the sunscreens to be off-putting (no thanks to the dreaded white cast and greasiness!), Japanese sunscreens are your best bet. Not only do their sunscreens offer protection, it also is the perfect canvas for your foundation because of the oil-free formula.

  • Ace Your Base

- Now that your skin is all prepped, it is time to build the foundation of your look. There are a lot of considerations to make first before diving in. First, consider the level of coverage that you want. Are you after a fresh and natural makeup look? Then a BB cream is your best friend. The BB (or blemish balm) was created by a German Dermatologist named Dr. Christine Schrammek to help protect her clients’ skin after undergoing surgeries and peels. Which is why, BB creams are great for everyday natural looks that would last throughout the day.

For perfectly glam and flawless looks, a full-coverage liquid foundation is the way to go. Find a liquid foundation that is oil-free so that you are guaranteed a base that will last all day. You may also consider cake foundation as this type and formula is created with movie stars in mind. Cake foundation can last through a hot and humid day if applied thinly over well-moisturized skin

In addition to foundations, do not forget to set your base with a loose and translucent powder to keep it looking matte and fresh

  • Precious Arches and the Windows To Your Soul

- The first thing that your peers notice are your eyes. This is the reason why it is considered the windows to your soul while the eye brows are curtains that frame it beautifully.

With your eyes, always consider the less is more approach for daytime looks that are appropriate. You can use earth-toned browns, pinks, nudes, peaches, and some light shimmer to bring dimension to your eyes. Meanwhile, you can save the dramatic smokey-eye looks for night time events that call for glamorous looks that will pop even in the dark. Either way, you must not forget mascara since it will tie the whole look for your peepers.

For the most perfect brows, the natural look is your best bet. Simply following the natural arches of your brows will make a subtle difference to your face. And the lighter you shade your brows, the more you look fresh and younger since dark and block brows tend to age a person.

  • The Trifecta

- With your base and eye makeup on lock, it is time to give some love to your cheeks. While they are three things you can do altogether regarding your cheeks, you can still opt to leave one or two. Just do not forget everything since some color or shimmer on at the highest point of your cheekbones will turn you from dull to doll face in an instant.

Blushers, highlighters, and contour will give your face the dimension that it lost when you put on foundations and powders. If you are confused about the purpose of each cheek product, the blusher is to give a pretty-when-pinched look to your cheeks. This will also make you look younger and more alive. The highlighter on the other hand is meant to give your face the most coveted glow everyone is after. Strategically place it on the highest points of your face and you will be glowing for the gods. And finally, the contour will give your face a chiseled appearance that could rival a model’s bone structure.

While these three are all good together, they can also be great if you opt to just wear one for a livelier face.

  • The Perfect Lip

- Finally, you can go wild or subdued with your lips. Just make sure to prep it very well before putting on any type of lip product.

Speaking of the types, liquid lipsticks provide a full and matte finish that can withstand a sip of martini and some lip-locking. These are hard to take off but are great for long nights without having to worry about retouching.

Lip tints are the sheer alternatives for those after seeking a fresh and just-bitten look. If you want more coverage but prefer a lighter alternative that liquid lipsticks, the regular bullet lipsticks would serve you well though those are not as long-lasting or staining like the first two choices.

Remember, the color on your lips is the cherry on top of your makeup look so never leave the house without one!


With these makeup steps at your hand, you must also invest on a mirror that would make putting your face on easier. And with the Three-paneled Mirror With 2.3 Times Magnification and Led Light MR01 by FlexiSpot, will surely make you say “I am the fairest of them all.”