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Mental Focus with Flexispot: Pedaling Your Workday Away

09 August 2021

Keeping your mental focus can now easily be accomplished.

Mental focus is a struggle and a strength at times. Some days that it works for us, while other days it is very hard to grasp. This can be even harder while trying to balance all that comes with work and life. Work tends to weigh us down, especially on a Monday.

Mondays tend to be the hardest week for most people. Getting your mental focus to its highest levels to accomplish the day is not an easy task. We spend the weekend relaxing, working on some errands here and there, but overall just unwinding from the week we have endured. 

The good thing is once you get that groove of your mental focus where you want it to be, you can tend to stay on track for a while. Some people tend to have a hard time keeping their mental focus going while they work. It is hard to want to continue doing the same task over and over again all week, let alone 8 hours a day and 5 days a week.

Most people enjoy their jobs, but some people tend to feel a job is just a way to pay the bills. 

Staying motivated and mentally happy while you work is something that will hit all of us from time to time. Some days we are highly motivated and our mental focus is laser-focused. Nothing can break that focus. There are other days where you are grasping at straws just to find the mental focus and motivation to get through the day. 

It is a common thing that happens to us all. Sometimes we get burnt out. There are days that our mental health may knock our mental focus off back in a way that it is a bit of a struggle to get back.

Mental health is a strong part of having great mental focus. 

It is hard to want to really do anything if you are suffering from anxiety, depression, or stress. You try to ignore it but in the back of your mind, it is clawing at you for your attention. It is like an excited puppy that if you don’t acknowledge it exists, it will whine at you tell you to give it all your attention.

It is the hardest thing in the world for most people to have to put on a brave face while you are dealing with a mental health issue while you work. Trying to give your all to your job and prove your worth is almost impossible while dealing with the issues your mental health can bring.

Female student in the library

Finding ways to provide yourself with comfort and relaxation while you are dealing with this on the job is helpful when you really need it. There are times when listening to some music, watching a YouTube video, or maybe just playing a silly mobile game will help with that. While these things are great they are kind of a momentary fix. You then also will start to depend on those things and you end up needing them more throughout the week.

Over time you could end up spending most of your time using these tools than working. This will cause your mental focus to shift only to those things that make you happier and you will go towards a downward spiral in your career. This spiral will cause you to lose focus on your career and your work will end up suffering. 

We all want to succeed in our careers, but there will be times we will all face a few bumps in the road. 

Many people have felt that their mental health and focus tend to be diminished more while working from home. Since the last year, COVID-19 has caused people to have to be quarantined and made it where many of us are working from home instead of our normal office environment.  

People who had full mental focus and little to no signs of mental health issues have felt that the isolation of working from home has caused that to go a bit downhill. There are also some of us who have felt the isolation has oddly helped us focus more. Granted, there are always going to be times where no matter where you are, your mental health and mental focus can take a hit. 

The best way to go about it is to find a great balance between your mental health and mental focus. 

It is not an easy achievement, but with time and the proper steps, you will see a change. 

ergonomic office items

One great way to help with mental focus is ergonomic office items such as an ergonomic standing desk or ergonomic chair. In recent years, there have been studies done that have proven that many people who use ergonomic desks and chairs are having a much healthier lifestyle than sitting at a standard office desk. 

Ergonomic office desks, chairs, keyboards, and more have taken a huge jump in the last 5 years. Many different types of development have been done to find what truly makes ergonomic office desks and chairs beneficial for everyone. 

There have been many findings with the research and development of these ergonomic items. Some findings have resulted in bigger companies replacing their entire office space with ergonomically designed office desks and chairs. Some have even replaced their standing desks with ergonomic standing desks. 

You may be wondering why is this something that you should consider and how it ties in with exercise. 

Believe it or not, there is a product out there that lets you combine the benefits of ergonomics and exercise while you work. 

This blend of ergonomics and exercise has had many people quickly switching up their work environments at home, as well as in the office. The reason why people are making this change is due to the opportunity to exercise while you work. 

This isn’t too new of a concept, since many people have used exercise balls instead of chairs to get some form of a flexible workout. Some people have even used ankle weights while they work to go the extra mile with their health while they work. People new to this may wonder what is the best route to take to utilize this new method of exercise and work. What route should they take? Where is the best place to look for how to start?

Sit2Go 2in1 Fitness Chair

Thankfully there is an amazing company like FlexiSpot that has it all figured out for you. FlexiSpot has been very dedicated to ergonomic office furniture and helping people have a healthier tomorrow. One way they have done this is with the FlexiSpot Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair. This particular ergonomic exercise chair provides a super comfortable sitting experience, which will be a perfect alternative to your uncomfortable office chair. 

This chair has it all. It has a breathable mesh fabric backrest that ensures comfort, but also stability each time you use it. You will notice when you sit in this that you will feel the firm seat cushion. This seat cushion provides no pressure support, bringing an enjoyable sedentary experience. 

You also will get to customize this to the particular height you prefer sitting at with the height-adjustable seat. Adjust this easy-to-use seat while you’re standing or even sitting in it, using its one-touch lever.

FlexiSpot stands out among others with this product by having a bike that is always at your feet. With most people, a sedentary lifestyle can bring lots of problems. FlexiSpot has always been dedicated and committed to providing healthier solutions in the workplace. This is one of the many reasons why the Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair stands out among any similar product. 

Productivity is very important in life and while you work. FlexiSpot has broken the mold with this design and has built this as a way to help improve your productivity. This fitness chair cycles quietly and smoothly so it won’t disturb your work or even your co-workers. This will keep your mind alert and active during work or any creative activities. It is helpful with making sure you are staying on top of things with the calorie tracker, customizable cardio setting, durable caster wheels, and ultra-comfortable pedals. 

With the FlexiSpot Sit2Go 2-in-2 Fitness chair, you can start your fitness journey off right without any excuses standing in your way. This fantastic FlexiSpot product makes it so you have an easy way to achieve your health and wellness goals anywhere you use it.

The ideal way you can ease into the fitness routine with this fitness chair is with some light cycling that can be done anytime and anywhere. You can even use it indoors or if you want some fresh air, you can take it outside. 

FlexiSpot continues to excel in providing amazing ergonomic products, customer service, and assistance to help you achieve living a healthier tomorrow while you work. For more information on this product, as well as other amazing FlexiSpot ergonomic items for the office be sure to click here