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Musings from Onassis

06 July 2021

For the millennials, Aristotle Onassis may not ring a bell, but for the baby boomers, it surely will. This man was the husband of Jacqueline Kennedy, the widow of former US President, John F. Kennedy who was assassinated in 1963. Jacqueline Kennedy married the Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis in 1968 who died in 1975.

Aristotle Onassis who was popularly called “Ari” was born in Smyrna, Turkey (today) on January 20, 1906. He was acclaimed as one of the richest men in the world. When he moved to Argentina, he became a tobacco trader and later on became a shipping owner during the world war. He amassed great wealth in shipping and other investments until his death in 1975.

The marriage between Onassis and Kennedy made the former more popular all over the world on top of being one of the wealthiest men in the world. Such popularity brought Onassis in the limelight with the mass media featuring the couple in many of their articles and news videos.

Success Unlimited magazine, its October 1970 issue, published an article about some sound advice from Onassis which I think are worth pondering coming from a man whose achievements made him one of the most successful men in the business industry in the world. Let me share with you some food for thought ideas from Onassis himself, the shipping giant.

  • Take care of your body 

I think this means that we have to make sure that we are physically and mentally healthy all the time by living a healthy life. That is, we eat healthy and well-balanced food with fruits and vegetables. Taking care of our body also includes” clean living” that is, we do not engage in vices such as excessive smoking and alcohol drinking. We take care of our body by having sufficient and quality sleep every day.

  • Eat lightly ( when you have a job to do)

Work is as important as eating food. However, eating too much tends to make us sleepy and laggard while doing our work and other things that we prioritize. In this case, we might not be able to finish our tasks on time or they cannot possibly be done efficiently. If you get hungry in the midst of work, you can eat some snacks to satisfy your hunger without sacrificing the quality of your work or tasks at hand.

  • Enjoy friends in the evening.  

This implies that work is a priority and other necessities to be done during the day. Fun and entertainment can be done after a day’s work because it is also necessary for us to enjoy life at the same time. There must not be dull moments to be able to live a well -balanced life. After all, money is not the only thing that will make us happy.

  • Never talk business while you eat.

In a biblical verse, it says, there is a time for everything. Business and personal life should each have their own time to tackle them.

  • Do not sleep too much.

Sleeping gives us a chance to take a rest in mind and body. It enables us to have clear thinking and to work more efficiently and productively. However, anything that is excessive is also bad. So, sleeping too much may mean less efficiency and productivity. It can also cause delays on our tasks and projects at hand that we want to accomplish in due time.

  • Keep your troubles to yourself.

I think Onassis means that problems are not to be discussed and shared with anybody to keep us from trouble. We should share our problems with our family and trusted friends only. The proverb “Familiarity breeds contempt” is relatable to this particular statement.  We might as well keep our problems to ourselves rather than sharing to other people that may get us more in trouble because of too much closeness and familiarity with others.

  • Exercise and keep yourself trim.

We know that exercising keeps us physically fit and prevents us from getting sick. So it is essential that we do some physical activities that will make us stronger with our immune system always ready to fight diseases that we can contract at any time. Keeping a leaner body will also prevent us from being overweight that could trigger heart diseases and the like.

  • Once you have taken care of your physical appearance, establish a successful way.  

When you are physically healthy, you can achieve every goal or dream you have been thinking of. It is always possible to be successful and reap financial benefits and freedom when you are healthy. On the other hand, when you are sickly, it is harder to achieve your fondest dreams.

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