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New Year Resolution: Start the New Year with the Best of FlexiSpot

17 January 2022

"This year, I'll exercise more often," Or "I'll work hard to get my overdue promotion."

Of course, these statements are familiar.

You’ve probably scribbled down a couple of resolutions yourself. After all, new years are like a clean slate to start over.

We bet you missed out on a crucial resolution this year. Where’s a health workspace on your list?

How could you possibly execute those humongous work goals without the best workstations?

As always, we are here to help you start the year on a good note!

Introducing the flagship workstations that bring an end to all office discomfort. The good news is: you get to save extra on this unique furniture.

FlexiSpot is keen on helping you fulfill all your New Year resolutions about your office setup.

Below, you’ll find a list of products to try out this year. Let’s dive in.

Top Products to Tryout this Year

The new year sale is our way of launching 2022. And as usual, our launch is nothing short of monumental. Some of our popular furniture is up for grabs during this sale. But the problem is, how do you find these flagship products on the page?

This article should serve as a pointer!

In 2021, these workstations introduced our customers to comfort at their best. 2022 is no different! Luckily, they are available at the best prices possible.

Here’s a list of products to check out during the new year sales:

Comhar all-in-one Standing Desk

Comhar all-in-one Standing Desk

Original Price: $499.99

Sales Price: $399.99

The Comhar all-in-one standing desk is as all-inclusive as the name suggests.

Its versatility is almost unprecedented as it combines different beneficial features. It’s popular for spaciousness and a drawer to house all tiny office essentials.

Besides helping you stay organized, the desktop has ample space for a mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

The Comhar standing desk is cute enough to fit into smaller square meters despite the sufficient space. Still, wondering why this desk is on this list?

Then we hope the all-encompassing height adjustment Is enough to make you a believer. This desk is suitable for a shared work environment. So even your family members can enjoy this desk. All thanks to the height preset features that allow you to save different users' heights.

Stability is one of the pros of Comhar's all-in-one desk. The leveling glide on the legs firmly keeps the legs leveled to avoid any wobble.

Interestingly, the mounting process requires little or no effort. In 3 simple steps, you will have your desk standing and ready for use.

Finally, the anti-collision technology prevents any possible accident during height adjustment.



Size: 47.3” x 23.7”

Shape: Rectangular

The thickness of chipboard: 0.5”

Total thickness: 2.0” (Including drawer)

Frame Dimensions (Enhanced 2-stage frame)

Motor: Single motor

Loading Capacity: 110lbs

Leg Section: 2-stage

Adjustable Height: 28.3” -47.6”

Lift Speed: 1”/sec

Noise Level: Under 30 DCBs.

Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk

Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk

Original Price: $439.99

Sales Price: $339.99

Gamers would love this.

Every hour you spend tapping a gamepad ceaselessly can be stress-free. Electric height adjustable gaming desk is another peculiar product to invest in during these sakes.

We’ll tell you why.

This one-touch control standing desk offers a less complicated adjustment mechanism. Switch between heights with ease with just one tap.

But this feature is nothing compared to the carbon fiber texture.

The carbon fiber textured top is water and stain-resistant. So, it can take almost anything you throw at it while gaming. No liquid can penetrate the desktop or cause any damage.

If you are a fan of cool solid colors, this desk will blow your mind. It’s black with a touch of red and no doubt elegant-- to say the least. Besides the colors, the ergonomic structure, i.e., the curved tabletop, offers added comfort.

The curved desktop makes the desk a match from heaven for different body types. And you can rest your arms while you work or play games.

Unlike the regular legs, this desk has a C-leg design to accommodate other accessories like drawers.

And the legs are stable as expected-- after all, it’s a gaming desk. This stability is hinged on the adjustable footpads, which you can always trust to stay level.

Ultimately, the assembling takes a little over 15 minutes. It’s a solid option while considering a standing desk.


Lifting Mechanism: Singe Motor

No. of Leg Stage: 2-stage

Height Range: 29.7”- 49.4”

Lifting Speed: 1”/sec.

Memory Presets: No

Weight Capacity: 110 Lbs.

Input Voltage: 100-240V

Desktop Size: 48” (W) x 24” (D)

Noise Level: Under 60 dBs

Home Office All-in-one Desk Bike

Original Price: $349.99

Sales Price: $299.99

This innovative solution to a sedentary lifestyle was one of the best-selling products on FlexiSpot last year.

Guess what? It’s still capable of working that magic this year.

You can’t afford to give in to the sedentary work life now, can you?

Home office all-in-one bike is a healthy alternative to static work life. This workstation encourages healthy movements to help your burn calories and stay active without losing concentration. It’s like having a workout tool at your beck and call during work.

You can start from light activity to more active ones with a simple control mechanism housing eight resistance levels.

This desk bike has a digital display to show readouts and inform you about your workout progress. Want to share the desk bike with family? That’s not a problem. The pneumatic adjustment lever allows simple adjustments to serve multiple users.

An all-in-one desk bike is a healthy companion for any standing desk. Your workspace needs a healthy revamp and a touch of a FlexiSpot desk bike for more productivity this year.

Plus, it seems perfect to cycle while working without disturbing noise. The whisper-silent operation is indeed laudable.




Color: Black, White

Desk Size: 20 x 22.8

Bike Size: 37.6" (L) x 22.8" (W) x 42.5"-48.4" (H)

Height Adjustable Seat Range: 29.6” - 37.2”

Ideal fit for people: 5’1 to 6’2

Magnetic Tension resistance: 8 level

Shipping Weight: 89 pounds

Batteries: 2AA Batteries required

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.



Color: Black, White

Product Dimension: 37.8” (L) x 22.8” (W) x 29.6” - 37.2” (H)

Seat Height Adjustable Range: 29.6"- 37.2" (75.2cm-94.2cm )

Item Weight: 51 pounds

Ideal Fit for People Between 5’1 - 6’2

Magnetic Tension Resistance: 8 Level

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Original Price: $299.99

Sales Price: $269.99

From pressure tests to multiple customer testimonies, everything points to the fact that Soutien's ergonomic office chair is reliable. Soutien chair is a best-selling product with a 5-star rating based on 130 reviews.

That’s anything but surprising! It offers the ultimate seating experience that makes work a cinch. Its 3D lumbar support and 4d adjustable armrests are one of the many features to expect.

The ergonomically curved back molds into your spine so well, it delivers nothing short of premium support. It has three height adjustment levels, so you can tweak it all you want to suit your needs. For added comfort, the cushioned armrests adjust in four different ways. All with the sole aim of ensuring your arms are comfortable while working.

We used a premium mesh material for the back to keep it airy regardless of how long you sit for work. This maximum ventilation preserves even the most delicate fabric.

After a long day at work, Soutien’s tilt feature takes care of your relaxation. Ultimately, the quality is unquestionable, littles wonder, its durability is assured.


Model: OC10G/OC10B

Weight Capacity:299 lbs.

Width: 27.17”

Depth: 23.82”

Back Height: 22.05”

Back Width: 20.47”

Seat Width: 20.08”

Seat Depth: 16.93”

Seat Thickness: 6.10”

Seat Height Range: 18.5-22 Inches

Arm Rest Height (Lowest Position): 23.62”

Original Back Angle: 106°

Max Back Angle: 135°

Chair Weight: 45.1 lbs.

Adjustable Bed Base

Adjustable Bed Base

Original Price: $499.99

Sales Price: $399.99

Our adjustable bed base is gaining popularity and is rapidly becoming a best seller. Quite impressive for a new product. After a long day at work, chances are you'd want to retire to a bed with optimum support and comfort. This bed base offers those and much more.

Let’s start with the best part,

Sometimes, you want to relax while binge-watching your favorite series on TV or knit. The adjustability feature on this product makes it multipurpose. All you need to do is adjust the head anywhere between 0-60 degrees and relax.

The head isn’t the only adjustable part. With three adjustability options for the legs, you can pretty much reconstruct the bed to suit your needs. You can use the FlexiHome bed base alone or fit it into an existing bed frame for a more suitable appearance. Note that the bed base can only fit into a bed frame without slats.

Oh, and if you are bothered about the adjustment process, you need not be. It’s seamless, and all you need is the remote control; it’s that simple.

So, we’re keen on making your work-life healthy. And your sleep influences work more than you’d expect. Hence, this bed base is another product to consider for a productive work-life in 2022.


Size: 80 x 60

Head Incline: 0-60°

Max. Capacity: 600lbs

Extra Components: None

Adjustable Legs Height Range: 3/6/9”

Underbed storage: 25 cu. Ft

Have a Remarkable 2022 with FlexiSpot

We know how well you have planned to make the year a success. Hence, permit us to seal up your new year resolution with one resolution. “This year, I’ll make my workspace healthy.” There, you have it, the missing piece in the puzzle.

Check here for our new year deals. Cheers to the new year 2022!