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Newly-Designed Accent Chair for Aesthetic Delight and Productivity

02 July 2021

“A chair is still a chair even though nothing is sitting there even when there's no one sitting there.” Do you remember the title of the song that has these particular lyrics? If you are a baby boomer, I surmise that you know the title of the song. For the millennials, I would like to share with you the title which is “ A House is Not a Home” by Luther Vandross. It was also popularized by Dionne Warwick in 1964, for everyone’s information.

An accent chair is one similar to the description of the chair in the song. An accent chair will always be the point of emphasis and accent from an array of different kinds of a chair in a living room. The accent chair has its own aesthetic quality that always seems to dominate and reign over other pieces of furniture. On the other hand, it also has this inherent characteristic of complementing other furniture while it enhances the beauty of any setting where it is placed.

That is the natural beauty of an accent chair, to delight us with its unique beauty as it also conforms to the overall design and decor of the area or setting where it is more oblivious and visible.

Accent chairs became more significant in the 20th century with various intricately and aesthetically designed accent chairs introduced in 1923. Some of the most popular chairs are:

  • Eames Lounge & Ottoman - was designed by the husband and wife team, Charles and Ray Eames in 1956. The chair is visible everywhere from mid-century modern homes to contemporary boutique hotels. This accent chair is a product of Herman Miller, Inc. which became dominant among other designs since its birth in 1923. It is "sleek with sexy curves" made of "molded wood encasement and supple leather that was totally hand-assembled." (https://www.summitdaily.com/).
  • Adaline Accent Chair - was inspired by the English-Wing Back chair of the 1600s. It is high-backed and an upholstered armchair with sides protruding from the back to protect the sitter from cold air." (https://www.manilatimes.net/).
  • Barcelona Chair and Stool - by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was originally designed in 1929 to sit the king and queen of Spain while the stools served as seats for their attendants. The frame was made of the polished steel frame that backed the cowhide leather cushions with leather belt straps to "support the cushion from below" ( (https://www.summitdaily.com/).
  • The Tulip Chair - designed by Eero Saarinen in 1957 innovatively designed with the use of fiberglass with the base made of aluminum and with a rilsan coated finish for a "futuristic aesthetic". It has received a myriad of awards with armed and armless variants in a while, black and platinum finishes.
  • The Louis Ghost Chair - "Using plastic, Philip Starck designed it for a new type of market "unelite" with the transparent chair made of single-mold injected polycarbonate that allows less visual space" It is available in blue crystal, light smoke, light smoke, yellow, green, light blue, opaque glossy white and opaque glossy black. It is sturdy enough to withstand indoor and outdoor weather conditions.”
  • The Ayer Accent Chair - is a remembrance of the French easy chair with closed arms or "Bergere" that evolved into many designs considering comfort and sophisticated French touch to accentuate a modern living space” ( (https://www.manilatimes.net/).
  • The Albry Accent Chair  - its roots can be traced to the 18th century "Slipper Chair." They are long-slung, armless chairs that were first used as women's bedroom chairs. It is very light to see and upholstered with arabesque-printed fabric giving a more aesthetic look for your chosen space “ ( (https://www.manilatimes.net/).

The evolution of accent chairs came with great designs and shapes that are almost unimaginable and adaptable to the modern taste of the generation they are usually designed for. Accent chairs not only add beauty and elegance to the living room or to any space where they are placed, but they also complement the style and design of the entire space. 

At FlexiSpot, accent chairs have evolved too, from beautiful designs to more functionalities as they are created for generation X or the millennials as dynamic lifestyles and tastes dominate today’s society. Accent chairs gain popularity among other kinds of chairs available in the market.

One of the latest accent chairs to dominate the market is the Accent chair 005  which comes in black, pink, beige, grey, and blue colors. It has a wide and thick headrest for a comfortable recline and curbed cushion to provide a cozy sitting experience. The backrest is designed similar to the human spine with scientific decompression that lightens the burden of the waist. The backrest is ergonomically designed, too.

Aside from its unique beauty, the accent chair 005 is made of metallic materials and it underwent a 100,000 times fatigue test. No wonder, it is the most comfortable chair that would ever have.

This accent chair is ideal for your living room for its beauty and functionality. Anyone could use it for its functionality because it is also good for working as a work-at-home employee or a freelancer. It will surely give the relaxing feeling that you would think of more creative ideas and other writing tasks that you would want to do for the day. It will really make your day. Your bedroom could also be a perfect setting for this accent chair as you sit and read your favorable inspirational book, a novel, or a coffee table book to inspire and enlighten you.

There are a thousand activities that you could do while sitting on this accent chair. Sitting comfortably and easily on this chair will lead to a more fruitful and productive day. Sitting for pleasure or for relaxing will be a great experience for you on this accent chair.

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