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Office Olympics Ideas To Boost Employee Morale

30 April 2021

"The Office" is an American sitcom in a mock documentary style depicting the employees' mundane everyday office lives under the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. This beloved TV show has made every viewer laugh, cringe, and, surprisingly, cry as the story progressed. The Office is truly a classic show with lovable characters that every employee can easily relate to how they feel about their work life.

In The Office's second season, the third episode, "The Office Olympics," the Dunder Mifflin employees decided to organize office games while their boss and assistant were away. The office Olympics was a hit as everyone willingly participated.

While you may not be a Dunder Mifflin Paper Company employee, you and your colleagues can still enjoy a good game while working. With a little bit of resourcefulness and a lot of imagination, here are some of the games you can play at your office (granted that you have permission from your boss).

But before you get excited, here are a few things to organize for the fun day ahead of you. Organizing this office event will ensure that everything flows smoothly without dead silences slithering in the middle. So without further ado, start assembling and get playing ;

1. Get permission from your bosses
The first step is the hardest, but this is necessary to assure everyone that your office Olympics has your bosses' approval. This step will keep everyone's job safe as you do not have the risk of suspension or termination once the higher-ups catch the employees in the middle of having fun while at work. Enlist the help of the Human Resources Management to get in contact with the bosses as coordinating with the HRM is a great way to build employee bonds. The HRM would even be more than willing to assist as you give them reasons on how the office Olympics can help strengthen the company's camaraderie, boost employee morale, and relieve pent-up stress.

2. Form an Olympic committee
Once your permit gets the green light, it is time to form the Olympic Committee. The committee's job is to ensure that the event will run smoothly. While a few minor setbacks might be present during the Olympics, the committee is ready with the proper solutions to keep the event fun, safe, and exciting.

Have a meeting with representatives from each department to determine whom of their employees will be a committee member. Then, after you have enough members, divide them into groups that would help facilitate each aspect of the Olympics - from the scoring to the acquisition of prizes, everyone will get moving for this fun event.

3. Organize the schedule of events and get makeshift equipment
With a complete committee, the next step is organizing the schedule of the games. In addition, the acquisition of the makeshift equipment to use for each match is essential for the players to have a great time.

FlexiSpot may be known for the best ergonomic standing desks and office chairs, but those can also be the shining stars for the most outstanding office Olympics your company will have. This is why FlexiSpot's products are the perfect makeshift game paraphernalia that your committee can get.

4. Come up with prizes
The office Olympics would not be complete without the coveted prizes. So prepare the usual gold, silver, and bronze medals for the winning teams and the special participation awards for those who will have better luck next year.

You may even create awards like who has the loudest cheer or the most creative team shirt design to keep the players engaged throughout the event.

After you finish setting up with the Olympics committee, it is time to decide which games the players would best each other for the coveted prizes—worried about not knowing which games to include? Fret not, because in this article are also some awesome office games that everyone will enjoy.

Brain Games
To get everyone excited, have every team guess which games are in the office Olympics through this fun activity.

In a small container, put the pieces of paper where the player can know which game he or she will act to the team members.

The team with the most number of correct guesses will be this game's winner.

You did not only lessen the committee's work; the players are also happy through bagging their first win.

Desk and Chair Soccer
For the next event, the winning team would have the upper hand by choosing who they want to compete with at the Desk and Chair Soccer.

This match would also enlist help courtesy of FlexiSpot's best ergonomic standing desks and office chairs.

To start, set up two Standing Desk Pro Series-Extra large desktops on each end of the playing field. Once the desks are in the right places, the players must remain seated on their Soutien Ergonomic Office Chairs while trying their best to score a goal. In addition to the desks and chairs, have a lightweight ball to keep injuries and equipment safe.

The best team with the most goals will win this exciting match.

Caterpillar Race
The Caterpillar Race would have every team member participate and do their best

The committee must instruct the players to fall in line and stay in a low squat position as if they are almost sitting on the ground.

Once every team is in position, the players must hold the teammate's ankle in front of them as they race to the end of the field and back to their home base. This game would improve the team's dedication to winning as it also strengthens their leg muscles which do not get too much exercise during a typical day.

There you have it! The games listed in this article are surefire crowd-pleasers that would also make the playing teams smile. Not only did you have a great time with your colleagues, but you also boosted the overall morale and happiness at your company through the office Olympics.