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On Writing and Thinking

18 June 2021

I think one of the best authors for me is Rudolf Flesch. He had written many books on writing that I think helped many greenhorn writers to become professional because Flesch had published several books that are really simple but really very informative when it comes to writing in the English language. 

He was Austrian-born naturalized American author who authored several books such as “Why Johnny Can’t Read” and “How to Write, Speak, and Think More Effectively," among others. I was impressed by his books when I was trying to be a writer in the past so I really took time to search for his books in the bookstore.

I found one old bookstore that had two of his books so I immediately got them and purchased them right away. They were “The Art of Readable Writing” and “How to Write Better.” I was very happy to have his books and I found them to be really informative with interesting topics about writing. They were really very helpful to me and with his books, I was able to write some articles that made me earn some money while working from home.

There are tips about writing that I want to share with you so you could have some ideas about writing which might be interesting for you. Here are some writing tips from Rudolf Flesch himself written in one of his books.

  • The best way to transmit your ideas to a particular reader is to plan carefully the beginning, middle, and end sounding of the main topic at the beginning, echoing it at the end, and developing it by natural steps in the middle.

Writing is not an easy task because you can not write a piece of composition in just one sitting when you are a greenhorn and you don't practice writing frequently. So, the best thing for a beginning writer is to write a topic first, then plan with an outline as a draft of how the topic will be discussed and shared with the reader.

You also have to bear in mind before writing that you should know your target audience or the reader that you want to read your article or your composition. For example, you might want to write about interior or fashion design that will cater to young women or female adults. When you want to write about architecture, airplanes, and sports, of course, your target will be young boys or older adults as they are more interested in these topics than women.

When you already have your ideas and target audience, you will have to make an outline having the introduction, body, and conclusion as parts of the outline. In the introduction, you will the beginning of the first paragraph, with a hook, meaning a sentence that will hook or capture your audience to read the article continually until the end of the article. You have to catch the reader’s attention at the beginning of the composition. 

I have this difficulty writing the first paragraph of my article because you really have to choose your vocabulary words and sentences that will surely catch the attention of your readers. Otherwise, they might not read it thoroughly and that would be frustrating for the writer. Although it really happens even with professional writers.  

The beginning paragraph and the ending are the hardest part to write in an article. That is why, planning for the beginning, middle, and end paragraphs is of utmost importance. You can write a good article when you are comfortable and relaxed with a clear mind to start with. If you’re thinking about other things and not focused on your writing stuff, then you might not get the best ideas to write for your article.

On clear thinking, one idea that captured my attention is what Flesch wrote about clear thinking. He wrote, “to approach clear thinking, we need about all the quality of the scientific spirit- humility.” He also stated that “as soon as you have an idea, try to disprove it.”

From my own point of view, I think he meant that when we have a good idea, it does not mean that it is an effective and a sure-fire solution to a problem. We have to think deeply about our idea, suggestion, or solution to a problem and try to negate it so that we can see the pros and cons of that idea or solution. We are sometimes disappointed with our plans that did not work when we tried to follow that idea. So, it is better to try to respond negatively to an idea so you can understand both sides of it.

Flesch also defined clear thinking as ”facing the fact that life is full of difficult problems, that we cannot attain happiness by turning away from reality.” What I understand in this statement is that we have to face reality as it comes because we cannot escape from any event or situation that might possibly happen to us. For example, when we lose our job and find ourselves in a financial dilemma, we have to face that reality and find the best solution to resolve it.  

Although it is not easy to do and you might wait for some time to find another job, you have to accept the fact because that is reality. You cannot get the solution from drinking alcohol or a temporary solution to a problem. You have to face it and attack the problem positively with a sound mind.

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