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Non-Electric Options from FlexiSpot

18 August 2021

FlexiSpot may be well-known for its great variety of electric standing desks that have your health and comfort in mind. But what you may not know is that FlexiSpot also has ergonomic fixed height tables that are as good as its electric counterparts. Fixed height tables are also great if you are after a versatile furniture that can turn into a standard desk for any of your needs

You can take it one notch higher (no pun intended too)! FlexiSpot’s standing desk converters will save you the hassle of stacking up books, boxes, or anything that you can get your hands on to accommodate your height.

If you are having a hard time choosing, here are the best-fixed height desk and desk converters by FlexiSpot!

Fixed Height Table FD1 -47" W

Let us get started with FlexiSpot’s Fixed Height Table FD1 -47" W.

This stylish desk unit can be used as a strong desk, work or function table, or computer station, among other things. The table measures 47 inches long by 24 inches broad and can support up to 220 pounds. It is supported by strong steel frames and a solid chipboard base. Additionally, there is no need for electricity because the desk may be placed and used as needed. This significantly improves your ability to sit and stand.

Play, style, and use as you please-- this is how  Fixed Height Table FD1 -47" W does its job for you.

AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters M7B - 28"

The FlexiSpot AlcoveRiser M7's 27.6" wide by 14.8", combined with straight-up-and-down height adjustment, makes it the ideal solution for shallow places such as countertops, bars, and workspaces. It increases the sit-stand options, enabling you to convert any room into an ergonomic desk that promotes your health and well-being.

“This tool enables me to stand occasionally throughout the day and adjust the height of my screen to a more comfortable position, regardless of whether I am sitting or standing. On top of this, I have a large monitor which I use for my projection, and it fits wonderfully. Assembly was straightforward. For me, the only aspect of the stand that I wish was slightly changed is the keyboard and mouse component. I use a Microsoft Mechanical keyboard and a trackball mouse, and there isn't much place for these two items on this section of the stand. I'm sure it wouldn't be nearly as tight if I were using a standard keyboard. It would be excellent to have a little alternative technical design that places the connecting clips on the back of the lower. Otherwise, reasonable pricing, nice quality and durability, and easily adjustable. I'm not sure why someone would spend so much extra cash on another.” - Kurt P.

“We are quite pleased with the material quality, style, and durability of this table riser. I appreciate how maneuverable it is. That is precisely what I was seeking. The only thing I ask for is for the keyboard tray to be movable or to extend somewhat further out.” - Gigi A.

“It may be configured to accommodate a netbook and two displays, or a controller and two monitors. It elevates effortlessly and gracefully, allowing for use from either a standing or seated posture. It is not small or light, but it is not immobile and is rather easy to rearrange once on the table/desktop. I am approximately 6' tall and it fits me well. It might still function if I were a bit taller—perhaps 6'4". We were so taken with it that we donated one as a Christmas present to a friend who was considering making the switch to a computer workstation. They have indicated that they enjoy it. This is really awesome!” - Tate L.

ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters M4 - 41" Corner

Conserving significant workspace and providing more stability when raising and descending. taking up additional room in your desk and increasing the probability of their falling over. And transitioning from seated to rising is effortless - even with the optimum desktop load of 35 pounds. Hold the single hand grip firmly and raise with only 13 pounds of power. Lowering only three pounds of power. Allows for the use of a full-sized keyboard, mouse, and mousepad while also allowing for proper wrist placement. Ultimately, the desk converter's elegant appearance ensures that it complements any office space.

“Goes well into the corner. Easily accommodates two 24-inch displays. Extremely robust, with a strong build and high-quality components. If I could change one thing, it would be to have a broader keyboard to accommodate my extended roller mouse. It operates as-is but falls approximately an inch over the edge. I really suggest getting this item!” - Queenie S.

“We've used this Flexispot value electric height adjusting table riser for a while and it's helped us increase our productivity. Our preferences are nicely met by the effortless sit-stand adjustment. A product that any manager would consider purchasing for his staff. Making the elevation transitions requires very little work. I assure you! Definitely must give this one a try for yourselves. It operates simply by squeezing the hand bar.” Zeke T.

“I purchased this table riser and received it promptly; I am not particularly adept at building things, but this one is simple. It was completed and now resides in my office. I have a problem with my back aching after prolonged sitting or standing. I adore this desk riser because it allows me to adjust my posture and avoid pain. It is an excellent product! It surpassed my expectations significantly, and I'm awarding it a five-star score with my recommendations.” - Corey A.

“I've been looking for an adaptable desk riser that meets my ergonomic requirements. I should mention how great this desktop converter is. The one I have is spacious enough for someone like me to use my laptop as well, and it is scratch-free, with not a single mark visible on it. I've always had difficulty concentrating for extended periods of time in one place. I became quite frustrated one day and began to try to find a solution. That is how I discovered this desk riser. The desk riser is quite solid, and best of all, it is completely silent. I am now able to sit and stand freely without jeopardizing my work. Additionally, the product is of high quality. Purchase this for your own benefit.” - Zendy B.

These choices are truly made in heaven because of how well everything compliments each other. So, don’t hesitate anymore because these investments are worth every bit of your hard-earned cash!