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Putting up a Meditation Nook Using A Standing Desk

26 April 2021

Meditation is a practice wherein you will use mindfulness as a technique. For years, it has been a great practice of gurus, Reiki masters, and spiritual practitioners across the globe. However, what is meditation? Is it an act of talking to spirits? Is it an act that will transport you to a different dimension? If the answer to these questions is no, then what is meditation?

In today’s article, we will discuss the:

-         meaning of meditation

-         forms and techniques

-         application of meditation

-         the role of the Standing desk in making the perfect meditation nook

for everyone

The Meaning:

It is an activity to train the mind how to focus well and be aware in the inner self.

It is done to achieve the clearest and calmest state of the mind and body. Scholars

Have argued though that meditation was hard to define because of numerous accounts pertaining to it from different countries and cultures. As a spiritual practitioner like me, I may say that meditation can actually not define solidly because it’s more of it has no definition you can’t easily measure it by words but by energy that comes within you although attempts to give its dictionary meaning was done which says: meditation is either a religious activity or an act of calming and finding your authentic self by focusing one’s mind.

Classifications of Meditation:



Concentrative Meditation

includes focusing onto the breath, mantra, idea, or feeling. During this kind of meditation, most meditators keep totally quiet; they focus on something either by staring at an object from afar or by being in a state of “ No Thought” which means you are aware of your surroundings; you know that your mom went inside to check you but you don’t build emotions towards that at all; like you are not moved nor shocked by it.


Open Monitoring Meditation:

includes methods like mindfulness and calm-abiding. It’s almost synonymous with concentrative meditation

Transcendental Meditation Technique:

A 20-minute meditation where the practitioner does the meditation with a mantra as he sits mostly in a full-lotus or half-lotus position. It is greatly practiced a few hours before dawn


In meditation, there are some popular positions such as the full-lotus or half-lotus. These are practiced in Hinduism and Buddhism

Devotional Meditation

It’s a type meditation where meditators use tools such as rosary or chanting beads.


Applications of Meditation:

In the next part of pour discussion, we will talk about the applications of meditation which are in the fields of:


Carl Jung ( 1875-1961; a Swiss psychologist) the early Westerner who explored this Ancient religious practice and advocated ways to increase the conscious awareness ( which is the main purpose of meditation) people

Clinical Applications:

In a 2014 review, it was found that continuous practice of mindfulness and meditation can help a person who undergoes psychiatric treatment and medication combat anxiety, panic attack, and depression. Some evidence also claim that meditation can fight the PTSD (post-traumatic

stress disorder)


Meditation in the Workplace:


As of 2016, more and more companies take initiatives to provide their employees meditation activities to decrease stress among their employers while at work. They provide Yoga and meditation on site. The following companies are:


Apple: each employee takes 30 minutes to spend in meditation while at work

Google: has implemented the “ Search Within Youtself”- a meditation course since 2007.

General Mills: offers a course that involves, meditation, yoga, and dialogue in order to develop the mind’s capacity to pay attention


Now, that we have discussed the facts about meditation, let’s go to the next part of our discussion and that it is how to put up a meditation nook using Flexispot’s Standing Desk which you may customize by putting your desired tools for meditation. First, let’s know the common tools for meditation:

Common Tools for Meditation:


Tibetan Singing Bowls- also known as Himalayan bowls. It’s made from alloy that is infused with 5-7 metals that are connected to the planets of our galaxy namely:


tin- represents the planet Jupiter

lead- represents the planet Saturn

iron- represents the planet Mars

copper- represents the planet Venus

mercury- represents the planet Mercury

silver- represents the moon

gold-represents the sun


Because of the healing property of these bowls in which can repair DNA codes inside our bodies brought by the sound waves. The healing sound opens the energy flows through the body cleansing the organs, helping you eliminate the toxins. In my 1 year of spiritual journey, I have experienced countless healing by doing meditation. I have already detoxified my body and the bowel movement has been better.


Palo Santo Wood- a small piece of wood like around 4-5 inches which you may burn and use for smudging (the act of scraping incense or wood on a smudging plate). Palo Santo wood is a meditation instrument which originated in Ecuador. A great aid when you are having anxiety attack or when you are really stressed. Burn some pieces during your meditation, focus on

yourself and if you believe in this, call the guidance of your angels and spirit guides.


Gemstones and Crystals- For my own meditation, I currently use a Labradorite with me ( a gemstone that is an abundant mineral) which I use for grounding ( grounding is the act of making yourself spiritually strong and unwavering against negativity). These tools can help you focus on yourself. Once you try meditation, you could also use these tools which will help you stay silent and not be affected by outside noises.


Incense Sticks- Incense sticks are fragrant sticks which improves your calmness. They have healing properties because of the herbs, flowers, and spices that are infused in these sticks. Once you burn them, your nerves will start relaxing and you’ll feel more rejuvenated at the end of your meditation.


Now that we have discussed the common tools for meditation that are used for cleansing your space, we will go now to the last part of our discussion which is about the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk (Eco&Pro) which is your best companion during your meditation at your chosen nook.


Kana Bamboo Standing Desk (Eco&Pro)


A product that comes in two shapes: rectangle and curved; you may choose which you think is suitable for your meditation practice.

It is made from natural bamboo materials that were used with the right compression technology. This proves the durability of the product. So, you may put your meditation tools as heavy as 5 kilos ( like the Himalayan Salt lamp) or your crystals and gemstones which can give you a more relaxing feeling on or before your meditation.


This is also:



scratch –proof


It is because of the carbonized technology applied on the coat of the tabletop with a water-resistant 2h lacquer.


This is a standing desk that can carry all the necessary tools without you worrying that these would fall off the table. You can enjoy your yoga pose more.


Final Thought:

Meditation up to these days is still a debate topic by most experts. Despite reports and studies further done some still think that it is part of pseudo-science but with countless testimonies, meditation is already accepted and practiced by most people having difficulties physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.