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Rectangular or Curved: The Battle of Desktops Begins

02 June 2021

Battle of the Desktops:

Whether you choose to be stylish or more practical, choosing the best desktop for you becomes crucial at times. It's confusing especially when the products are all premium just like the ones offered by Flexispot. 

In choosing the right desktop for the office, people consider features that these products must have such as: 

  • design of the desktop

This applies to the ones who look for an exquisite design. This is because some people are after the aesthetics of their product and would love to consider it. As they say, the looks or design of a piece of furniture or equipment adds volume or color to the office space or room. 

  • size of the desktop

This is also considered when choosing a desktop product. This is because not everyone has a large room to put all the office staff or equipment. Hence, some are making sure the things that they would buy for the office are space-saving. 

  • durability and stability

These are also considered when buying the desktop products just like the other equipment. This is because it could affect the budget of the consumer should he buy something that is not of premium quality. The durability and stability of a product could also affect the length of use of the equipment. 

  • price range
  • No one likes to break the bank hence one of the things that are considered when purchasing desktop products is the price range and in doing that some people use credit cards so the payment terms would be flexible. 

So, after we have discussed the things that most people consider when buying the right desktop, we would also talk about how to spot a suitable product for a consumer. The following are the features of ideal desktop products. These are the key features that you might want to consider when buying a desktop product in the future. The following features are:

Consider the parts of the desktop:

  • Safety is the reason people look for desktops that have round edges. This is contrary to the traditional desktops that have sharp edges and might be a safety hazard especially for kids at home. 
  • Make sure the desktops are free from sawdust:
  • Sawdust specks are not safe for people especially because they might contain particles or splinters that could cause harm. It is hazardous because splinters might get stuck or stab the skin that worsens and may lead to being rushed to the hospital if not immediately pulled out of the skin. 
  • Consider the Sturdiness of the Desktops:

Desktops should be able to hold heavy weights and must be free from getting easily damaged. 

  • Desktops should be also scratch-proof and insect-proof:

Using a desktop product that is not scratch-proof might have a negative impact in the long run. Scratches make spaces where bugs grow in after several months. This is the reason there are itch-causing bugs on the table because of the uneven surface of the product. Another thing to consider with a desktop is if it's insect-proof. 

So, now that we know the things to consider about the desktop we will talk about Flexispot desktop products that are well-known to be reliable and have the features mentioned above. These desktops are considered sturdy and could be used for a long time. Further, this next part would give you the chance to choose which type of desktops would you consider using. The most commonly patronized desktops are: 

  • rectangular desktops
  • curved desktops

Rectangular Desktops:

  • At Flexispot, the rectangular desktops are known for being sturdy, scratch-proof, and insect-proof hence one may be sure of spending extra for these products. 
  • A consumer could also choose among 10 various colors of rectangular desktops. Hence, one may choose if he likes to be classic with mahogany or maple. 
  • The rectangular desktops from Flexispot come in different sizes too which are:
  • 42x24"
  • 48x24
  • 48x30"
  • 55x28"
  • What's wonderful about the Flexispot rectangular desktops is they are environment-friendly. Most of these desktops are used in standing desks like the Kana Bamboo standing desk. The desktops used for these standing desks are built using natural sources like bamboo or high-grade wood that ensure the good quality of the product. 
  • Rectangular desktops are used with a standing desk that offers an anti-collision function. This proves the sturdiness and stability of these products. 

Now that we know the first kind of desktop used with Flexispot's standing desks, we would be talking about the second kind which is the curved desktops. 

Curved Desktops:

  • The curved desktops are known for the contoured edges:
  • This could help the user have an easier wrist movement while working on the curved desktops. With the contoured edges, one would be able to get closer to the monitor. 
  • Curved desktops have soft rounded corners:
  • This would add safety for the consumer. Just like with rectangular desktops, curved desktops do not have sharp edges that would be hazardous especially for young users. 
  • These professionally designed desktops come in five astonishing colors which are:
  • wood grain
  • oak
  • white
  • black 
  • brown
  • These stylish desktops to have different sizes which are: 
  • 48x24"
  • 48x30"
  • 55x28"
  • 60x24"
  • These desktops are equipped with dual cable management holes that help one organize his workspace and prevent himself from accidents like tripping over some wirings. 
  • In creating these desktops, Flexispot ensures compliance with the environmental protocols set by CARB and EPA. This means that the products were made safely without causing pollution that could be hazardous to most people. 
  • These curved desktops too are scratch-proof and insect-proof making them safe for the consumer who would use these products in their daily activities in the office or at home. 
  • Lastly, curved desktops are also used in standing desks that offer the anti-collision function. Hence, these products are considered safe to use and would not cause further damage to the one who's going to use them. 

Final Thoughts:

Be as it may, these desktops from Flexispot are to be considered premium quality whether it's rectangular or curved. It would depend on the client's preference however whatever his choice may be, it would the best option with Flexispot.