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Say Oui to The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

29 July 2021

An office chair or desk chair that does not provide adequate back support can cause a massive impact on your back. The pain and suffering caused by stress could have been averted if your workplace chair had proper back support. The ordinary office worker may be sitting on the improper office chair for prolonged periods, triggering significant health problems. Investing in an ergonomic office chair can help you minimize back pain, improve your posture, and boost your productivity. 

When you sit, the strain on your lumbosacral discs is three times greater than when you stand. The lordotic curve refers to the biological inwards bend of the lowest section of your backbone. By covering the gap between your lower back and your office chair, lumbar back support for your office chair promotes proper posture. When you sit for lengthy periods, your body becomes exhausted, and the muscles that help keep your spine in optimal alignment weaken. When this occurs, we tend to lean forward to correct for our strained lower back muscles. As a result, slumping or hunching forward on your desk chair is a standard norm. Sitting for extended periods without adequate lumbar support frequently results in bad posture. This puts strain on the soft tissues and joints of your back.

Define Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic chairs are made to be adaptable to provide safety, comfort, and support to many users. These chairs are highly versatile to provide optimal comfort, even when seated for extended periods. It supports your body weight, posture, and back suitably and adequately. This amount of support dramatically reduces the risk of physical discomfort caused by lousy sitting posture.

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair by FlexiSpot

When it comes to optimal ergonomics at the workplace, FlexiSpot strives for comfort and satisfaction and overall health improvement. Apart from high-quality height-adjustable desks, FlexiSpot provides comfort and injury prevention by offering us ergonomic office chairs, one of which is the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair. The Soutien provides the ultimate sitting pleasure behind your desk, with its 3D lumbar support system, 135° lounge tilt, and 4D adjustable armrests. The Soutien can take anything you hurl at it thanks to its most refined Samhongsa Class 4 Gas Lift and certification by TUV/BIFMA/SGS with over 10000+ pressure test cycles.

Lumbar Support System in 3D

The gracefully curved backrest ergonomically fits the neck and back for optimal headrest and lumbar support, with three height adjustment options and a mild rebound mechanism.

4D Armrest Cushioning and a 45° Backrest Tilt

The adjustable armrests, which are movable in four directions, mold seamlessly to your arms and elbows for ultimate convenience and also allows you to recline in luxury throughout your lunch hour.

Breathable Mesh

Their fine fleece mesh, made from Italian-imported chenille and K+R temperature-sensitive fiber, provides optimal ventilation while protecting the most delicate materials such as silk.


Your satisfaction is the priority. FlexiSpot gives a limited warranty that protects quality or craftsmanship problems on all new FlexiSpot products. All FlexiSpot chairs come with a 3-year warranty so that you can rest easy.

Positive Reviews

The Soutien  has been one of FlexiSpot's bestsellers, and some of the fantastic positive feedback mentioned from their customers include:

  • Ability to be used by different members of the household, mainly both male and female adults
  • Quick and easy assembly  
  • Remarkable comfort; users can sit comfortably for hours without any pains
  • Affordability
  • Adjustable lumbar back support and reduced back pain
  • Very convenient for short power naps
  • Better productivity; longer working, painless hours

Grab your own Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair now!

How are ergonomic chairs beneficial?

Ergonomic office desk chairs offer a lengthy solution to problems caused by inadequate back support. They last longer than other alternatives for back support and come with a warranty, so an ergonomic office chair is always a good investment. 

Increased Productivity

Various studies have found that picking office furniture that is both ergonomically constructed and comfy can also have a significant effect on employee satisfaction and performance.

Posture Support

With its full-length design and support for healthy posture, you can be confident that the chair will help you improve that.

Pain Reduction

Lower back and neck discomfort are two of the most prevalent body symptoms experienced by office employees. Because those crucial pain areas are effectively supported, an ergonomic chair offers increased relaxation and less body discomfort.


Employees come in many shapes and sizes, and investing in equipment that you can modify to your employees' demands will help keep everyone in the workplace comfy and engaged in their tasks.

Ultimate Safety

The fact that ergonomic seats are suitable for office employees was not discovered by chance. Instead, the chairs have been lab-tested and verified to ensure the maximum safety of the users.

Designed for Everyone

There are no limits to what users stand to gain from using an ergonomic chair, but with so many task chairs available today in various shapes and sizes, there is a chair that will fit your workstation and body type. Task chairs are customizable and designed to provide a variety of body types.

Long-Term Utilization

Because the ergonomic chair is intended for long-term usage, you are confident that you will not need to make additional purchases.

Final Word 

Headaches, fatigue, back pain, and poor focus can all be caused by slouching and poor posture. All of these factors might have a significant impact on your work performance. Good posture will improve your performance because it will boost your attentiveness and stamina throughout long seated work hours. When you become mindful of your posture and ergonomics at work and in daily life, you can create conscious connections between back discomfort and the source of that pain. Sufficient back support for your office chair is suitable to your posture, efficiency, and general wellbeing; thus, it is worthwhile to invest in.